Thursday, September 27, 2012

Using a dresser for a bathroom vanity

Well after seeing that bathroom in yesterday's post I remembered that last year I bought a dresser for that purpose!  Then someone wanted to buy it - but it fell through - and it was the middle of winter and so that project was put on hold -

Here is the dresser after it was painted ( it's now sitting in my storage unit along with tons of other treasures I really must get to work on )

God those handles look awful - what was I thinking?  note to self - crystal handles a must!
But the dresser is pretty nice, the drawers are bowed - and though you can't see the legs, they're curved delicately - this photo does not do it justice at all.  The plan was to buy a piece of white marble for the top................and this one would actually fit in the room!
But first we have to change the tiles on the floor and because we have a claw foot tub, it has to be removed and the job seems so overwhelming to me because we only have one washroom now ( I don't recommend that at all - have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this place sometimes, really )
Anyway - I would like to see this reno done sooner than later but in the meantime here are some pretty gorgeous dressers-turned-vanities
I painted the identical dresser and sold it - maybe I should have kept it - love this transformation!

Traditional Powder Room design by Other Metros Interior Designer KannCept Design, Inc.

This is really making me want to renovate that bathroom of mine -

Have a great thursday everyone



  1. What fun photos! And that green one is my favorite. I love the way it's set back in that little nook.

  2. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I think that dresser will be perfect. The images you have a inspiring. My favorite is the green!

  3. Hello gorgeous bathrooms! The dresser vanities add such character. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. I have always like the dresser/vanity look! great examples

  5. Love a dresser made into a vanity. Some of these are to die for... Have fun with your reno....

  6. I'm excited to see your finished project. I absolutely love this idea, wish I had a bathroom to do this with. The green vanity is my fav!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  7. cant wait to see it your inspirations are really something

  8. Are you saying that you and John don't want to spray each other down with a garden hose while the bathtub would be out of commission during the renovation? Hmm. I'm not criticizing you, of course; I'm just surprised... that's all.: P The dresser that is Already Painted Black and Would Actually Fit in the Space is beautiful (and I actually like the drawer handles)!

    I love the pics of the dresser vanities! My favorite is the blue one. I would have voted for the green one, but basins that aren't flush with the vanity make me nervous. Panicky, even.


  9. Gorgeous photos! The dresser in the pic with pink walls is absolutely wonderful and I LOVE the wall paper in the last one. I think you should begin this reno ~ would provide weeks of conversations between you & John. :)

    There's nothing wrong with the drawer handles on your piece. I think it looks beautiful!


  10. I love dressers as vanities in bathrooms, and your dresser will be amazing when has beautiful features! I love the pictures you much inspiration.
    Debbie :)


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