Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere........................

Last month I posted about a sign I had made - where I made John come to a screeching halt on the road to pick up  this piece of wood

and turned it into this

And then I saw what Angie did with her Milk and Cream ( Knick of Time )

isn't it fabulous?

and decided I had to do some more of these when I could find some scrap wood.
Well on Sunday night I spied with my little eye some wood that my neighbour had thrown out in the back alley and asked John if he would go sort through it for me so that I could make some signs.....................

John says - Here you go Suzan
Suzan says - ONE piece of wood?  There's a ton of them out there!
John says - They're filthy - you can't do anything with them
Suzan says - Of course I can
John says - Ok Ok - I'll get more tomorrow

but tomorrow never comes in this house - so that night I crept out in my p.j.'s into a pitch black alley and darted over to the neighbours pile - trying to make out what I could take and as I was rummaging through it all - BANG CRASH SMASH - I dropped the whole pile into a heap ( they were all neatly leaning against the fence ) and just like a cat burgler, I froze, took stock of my surroundings and made a mad dash back to my house holding two precious pieces of rotting wood, with my heart pounding in my chest - and just as I made it to my side - a GIANT - and I mean GIANT raccoon runs across my path - Dear God - I must have a strong heart because I was terrorized beyond belief -
Keep in mind I waited till the darkness of night ( after midnight ) because I didn't want to be caught doing this.  After I narrowly escaped being attacked by a wild raccoon I quickly ran up my back steps only to have
my Sensor Light come on ( the reason these are installed is to deter burglers ) and catch me right in the act.
If any of my neighbours woke up from the sound of the crashing wood - they would have made it to their windows just in time to see me sneaking into my back door in my pink and blue striped p.j.'s................
I'm telling you I'm sure I could have scared off any potential crook in my get up.

John says - What the hell is going on out there - was that you making all that noise?
Suzan says - Yes, I was trying to chase a raccoon away from the garbage

and now here comes 2 of the most unbelievable conversations you can imagine ( at least in my mind )
The 1st sign

Suzan says - What do you think?
John stares and stares and says nothing - just shrugs his shoulders
Suzan says - You don't like it?
John says - Well it's totally unrealistic isn't it - I mean where are you going to find coffee and pie for 25 cents?
Suzan says - You never cease to amaze me John - OBVIOUSLY it's supposed to be an old sign...........
when you could actually get coffee and pie for a quarter - there was such a time you know
John says - Did you research that? How do you know that?
Suzan says - Listen - it's not a Shakespeare quote for crying out loud - it's supposed to be a fun little sign. It really doesn't matter if it's historically accurate.
John says - Doesn't make much sense to me, that's all
Suzan says - I made the price section in chalkboard paint - would it make more sense to you if it said 7.95
John says - Well that would be more like it, wouldn't it Suzan - and by the way - I'm sure most people would agree with ME on that one.................
John shakes his head - 25 cents for coffee AND pie - and chuckles as he walks away

Part 2 -

Suzan says - What about this sign?
John says - I've heard about that place
Suzan says - Well you've been to Mexico on business - maybe you went to Margaritaville
John says - No - definitely not
John says - Wasn't there a song about that place?
Suzan says - Yes, in fact there was John - I'm amazed you know it
John says - Of course I know it
Suzan says - What's the song about John ?
John says - A place called Margaritaville Suzan -

What would I ever do without you John - I'd have nothing to write about honey!!!


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  1. lol, have to agree with John, Never in my life have I seen pie and coffee for that price, but I do love your signs xo

  2. I love your signs! Thank you so much for your visit today! I am your new follower!

  3. LOL! What a funny post! And I agree with you! There must have been a time when you could get pie and coffee for .25.

    Following you back by the way :)

  4. Love the signs! You and John are too cute! Love your blog! Always makes me chuckle:-)

  5. Love your signs and the story is a hoot! I think all our hubbies are the same!

  6. Love the signs and love your conversation with hubby! These guys just don't get it sometimes but we love them anyway :) newest follower; thanks for following back~

  7. lol! What a process you have to go through!! Love the signs xox

  8. Oh I need to start making signs!!!! Love!!

    Oh John! Doesn't he know that all you need to go to Margaritaville is a blender and some booze? And that it's always 5'o clock there?

    Your life is like a sitcom, lol!

  9. You guys sound hilarious! I'm sure we wouldn't want any of our neighbors knowing about our crazy craft endeavors... I know I do bizarre things that if you didn't know what I was doing, you'd think I was a nutty neighbor! Great signs - I wish things were still that cheap:) Someone else's trash is your treasure! Best, Katie

  10. Suzan, you frequently give me my first laugh of the day, and today you gave me two. Thank you for that! John might be the funniest thing alive!!

  11. funny stuff Susan im still lol i love the margaritaville one the best will defiantly have to copy thanks for the inspiration

  12. Seriously, I love your signs! Too bad you don't live in Colorado, I have WAY to much scrap wood, I have a habit of collecting it....maybe I will make some cute signs!

  13. I'm laughing because that is very much the type of conversation I have with my husband all the time. Your signs are great and I love the name of your blog. I'm so glad you came to visit so I could have a new blog to follow :)

  14. I just love vintage looking signs. They take me back to a time I feel I can remember in my bones even though it was w-a-a-y before I was born. Does that even make sense? Sometimes I only make sense to myself. lol. Thanks so much for following my blog. I'm happy to follow you back. Have a great day!
    Tuula :)

  15. It's nice to meet you also, susan. I'm following you, too. I haven't made any of these signs yet but after a while I suppose I will FINALLY hop on the sign craze. ha ha I do love signs. Best wishes, Linda

  16. I chuckled through this whole post! Your John sounds a lot like my G-Man!! I think we all have a John at home.
    Love your signs - they are adorable and I love the chalkboard squares.

  17. LOOL! You're husband is hilarious... it totally sounds like something my husband would say! I say you keep that $.25 because there was a time when that's all we had to pay... well not "we" but you know what I mean;) Great signs! I plan on making one soon too:D

  18. nice signs! great projects on a dime...or quarter! Thanks for following. Following back!!!

  19. Love the signs, love the conversations! Love the price of coffee & pie...I'm coming by your place next time I'm in town for dessert. ;)
    I've made one sign so far, out of that scrap pile my husband has out back...have a whole list of wording I plan on using...when I finally get around to it. Need a kick in the rear...
    Debbie :)

  20. Love your signs - I was just looking at an area in our loft this morning and thinking a pallet sign would be so cute and that I should get on that. No pallet though, lol... Love that you give us so much inspiration - thanks.....

  21. Ok, to get to Margaritaville, you head to the Florida Keys. You must stop by and pick me's on the way! And hey, it's always
    5 o'clock somewhere! LOVE that sign my friend! You did good on both. I'm sorry John doesn't remember history when folks could buy coffee & pie for 25cents. :)


  22. Oh...You sound like my husband and me....He so lovingly will eventually say What next????
    Your signs are great...Blessings, Becky

  23. Love your signs - especially the added chalkboard area, what a great idea. I am following you back. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. I love your sign and find it totally realistic if you found it in the fifties which in your imagination that is where that sign had existed, but the way you went for the wood was not the brave and wonderful Suzan I know! Why did you not just march over in broad daylight and say gimme your wood! You "wood" have avoided rabid raccoon rage, pajama panic, and jabs from John! I love your posts! (I wish my bed was one of those featured above! Enjoy your rest!)

  25. So you are a late night garbage picker! I'm definitely going to copy your Margaritaville sign! ~ Maureen

  26. y'all never cease to make me laugh like i've never laughed before!!! i think you SHOULD make the coffee & pie sign say 7.95 -- my reasoning: 25cents is adorable but expected for an "old" sign. 7.95 is going to be a conversation starter!!!!!!!!

  27. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.... oh John your so funny. But I'm pinning your wife's sign because it's awesome no matter the price of pie or tea in China.


  28. I so love to visit your blog! I agree with you....the 25 cents is perfect. LOL I love your signs. Love the color of the milk and cream. Thank you so much for your support and for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! I appreciate it so much. Have a great week, and can't wait to read more conversations this week. :)

  29. Your story, your signs and your conversations were a fun way to start my morning! It's always good to laugh at 6 a.m. Starts things off right. I've been collecting wood for signs too. Love your ideas. The little chalkboard part is a great addition.

  30. Great signs! Your posts are always good for a laugh.

  31. The signs are great. The cat burglar story made me laugh out loud! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  32. The signs are so cute & I, for one, would love some 25 cents coffee & pie! Then, I'll be by for Margaritas at about 5! Love the signs and I think we all find John's comments so funny because we all have husbands/men in our life who don't understand what we do. Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

  33. Cute signs. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  34. You are too funny {and very talented!} - found you at 'Not Just a Housewife.' I always click on the stuff I want to learn about (duhhhh) and it's amazing how many times I end up here. Love it.

  35. So funny! My dad tells about going out on a Saturday night and paying 25 cents for a movie, popcorn and pop, so I think the pie and coffee for 25 cents sounds about right!

    Your hubby sounds just like mine. So pragmatic and practical, but zero imagination. Your signs are adorable and I get them completely.

    Have a lovely week,

  36. Adorable signs! Would love to meet you in Margaritaville! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  37. Love the coffee and pie sign!! I want one!

  38. I just found your blog...and this is the first post for me! I have laughed MY FACE OFF! not kidding you. That is some hilarity right there!

    I must say... I love the thought of a sign that says...Coffee and Pie $7.95
    totally awesome! love it, love it.
    It's chalk board paint...I say write that on there and see if John notices! Better yet... serve him coffee and pie and a lunch ticket! with the $7.95 on the bill!
    hilarious... laughed my face off!


  39. I love your signs, especially your Margaritaville sign. Too cute. i can just picture you running into a raccoon. Thanks so much for linking at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Have a great weekend.

  40. I like the chalkboard paint on the sign so you can change it up. Especially since pie and coffee are not 25 cents!

  41. Love your stories. :)
    I'll be over for pie and coffee soon...then we can start on the margaritas!

  42. John is too funny. Is it okay of I skip the $.25 coffee and pie and head straight on to the 5 pm Margaritaville margarita's?



  43. I love this sign! And I gotta tell ya, I love John! He's hysterical!
    Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  44. Great signs and a funny story Susan.
    Thank you for linking up this week at Shabbilicious Friday.


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