Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Honey Boo Boo

Dear God - has anybody seen this?

This is not the first time I've ranted about television I know - but this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me.
I watched it with morbid fascination last night - couldn't take my eyes off it actually - but not for the reasons TLC thought I would -
I did not find it hysterical nor did I find it a " learning " experience. I found it quite tragic to be honest with you - and really really frightened for this little girl's future.
What the hell is the matter with this network - have they lost their minds?
Will they put anything on t.v. no matter the cost?
This family thinks they're being cute - and funny - and adorable - they have no idea they are about to become the laughing stock of the television world - comedians are dancing up and down with glee to have this kind of material.
When exactly did we start selling ourselves so short?  When did television entertainment start revolving around watching marriages fall apart - or people with terrible hoarding problems - or little girls dressed up like Las Vegas Strip dancers or families of multiple children ( although I like the Duggars really ) or watching a family just because they're little people?  I don't get it - it seems terribly sad to me and smug to watch these shows.  People buying houses - people making cupcakes - people losing weight - people with growths the size of a baby on their faces and it just goes on and on.
T.V. has become reminiscent of the Victorian era freak show - which by the way were banned because they were deemed inhumane.
What happened to comedy shows - written by COMEDIANS - or variety shows - performed by PERFORMERS or weekly drama shows acted out by ACTORS?
AND as North America sits in front of their boob tubes ( and that's such an appropriate name for it now )
laughing their heads off at this family - and their daughter - I hope they stop for just one moment and remember that this is a LITTLE GIRL - who has no control of her surroundings -

Maybe I live too far up north on this continent to fully understand?
But instead of being entertaining, I found it horrifyingly heartbreaking.
And all I can say is
" How dare you exploit this family for ratings, SHAME ON YOU, TLC, shame on you "
It's only a matter of time before all of this comes crashing down around their feet - and it will - it most definitely will.

Come back Carol Burnett, we need you badly..........................



  1. I wouldn't give this deplorable show the time of day...this really has gone too far.

  2. Suzan - make no mistake, the family on this show knows very well that they are coming off as fools. This bunch is doing it for the money. Money, money, money. While it is very true that there are places in the US where people like this are the norm, the dollar is driving this mess. Now if they are using the money to send any of their family members off to college there would be at least a very small margin of rationality for "performing" in this show. Something tells me, however, that this bunch cannot spell college much less ever think about going to one. I have not seen "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo" but I have been told it is much like watching a train wreck. I am just hoping that the producers of this come to their senses. However, I am not foolish enough to believe they will. As long as people continue to watch (it drew a bigger audience than the RNC convention in the 18 - 49 age group) they will continue to put crap like this on television. It revolves completely around the dollar.

  3. I think it's disgusting. Most of these shows I see advertised are not worth the time of day, I don't know what people like about them. The only 'reality' shows I watch are Dancing with the Stars and sometimes American Idol & the X-Factor. They are entertainment, and I love watching the talent progress of the people competing.
    It is very sad the way so many people are exploiting their children to make a buck.
    And Carol Burnett? Oh I miss her shows, she and Lucy were classics!

  4. Suzan - I don't watch reality shows. I think they are an insult to our intelligence. I also think they are a copout for the writers because they cannot come up with any new material to write. We as a whole have let them enter into our lives little by little one small step at a time. First, a seemingly benign word, phrase, setting, or sitcom that went by unnoticed. When that was accepted by the whole they went a step further, then a step further until we have what is now the acceptable by most people. It's sad that we are exploiting these people in such an inhumane but, as Suzan said money speaks volumes. And, to some money is the driving motivation in their lives. Sad, very sad - all we can do is turn it off and drive the ratings down as best we can.....I do miss those old shows and many times the hubs and I are watching black and white TV because there is nothing else acceptable to watch......

  5. I watched it last week and was stunned by the idiocy exhibited by everyone involved....Mom....Dad....producers, etc. It is like watching a train wreck and hard to look away...I didn't watch it lat night- What a hot mess! xo Diana

  6. ps. One of the most amazing things to me is that they have to dub the words in because you can't understand half of what they say! xo Diana

  7. Oh yes Carol Burnett how I LOVED her show! I wanted to be like her when I grew up.I had red hair too.I wanted to be funny and sing and...... well it didn't happen LOL.
    We really don't watch much tv at all.Not even my daughter.Because of shows like this and many others.They don't have "Family"shows anymore.We watch sports and movies and that is it.

  8. "...I watched with morbid fascination...." Yeah, sometimes you can't look away, it's like watching a train wreck. I haven't watched Honey Boo Boo, I don't think I want to. I HATE Toddlers in Tiaras with a passion.

    I like the Duggars too, what I learn from them is that they have principles and virtues and they stick to them no matter what. From Little People, Big World, I learned that they are very much like us, even more determined to get things accomplished and accomplish they do. As for the rest of the shows on that channel, yeah, I have said the same thing you said, TLC has become the modern version of the circus side show of yonder. "The Learning Channel" is really a misnomer.

    There are a few good sitcoms out there, love "The Big Bang Theory", "Mike and Molly", "Modern Family", "The Middle" (oh that one is so brilliant!), "Suburgatory", "30 Rock" and "Community". And "Parenthood" is a pretty good drama, so is "The Good Wife". Have you seen "Newsroom"? Pretty intelligent show, it may be too much for the "Honey Boo Boo" fans though, lol!

  9. My sister asked me JUST last week did I watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I said What??? I turned it on and after 20 minutes...turned it off, never to be watched again.


  10. I totally agree and I find it disgusting to exploit this family too. It is just rediculous.


  11. The same thing that happened to so many child actors will happen to this little girl. i never watched the show myself but I heard about it on Kathy Lee and Hoda on NBC one morning where they showed clips. The thought went through my head that this little girl needed therapy not promotion. Its matters not whether it is a sitcom with children or reality shows. We obviously love to watch odd children...look at Gary Coleman and how his life turned out. All that fame and fortune just screws you up. Thinking of Michael Jackson, McCaulay Culkin. Whether they have a lot of talent or are just odd, these are all exploited children that seem to end up badly. However, there is always an exception to the rule.

  12. My husband called(yelled) for me to come and see what was on TV:

    Pam: Yah???
    Bill: What is that?
    Pam: Honey BOO BOO...
    Bill: What???
    Pam: Honey BOO BOO...You know Kid in Tiaras or something like that.
    That is a little girl that was on that show and they gave her
    and her family a show of their own.
    Bill: Is TLC going to have people gargling peanut butter next?
    Pam: You want to try out for that one and make some real $$$$$$?

    They just don't know what to put on anymore. If it's not people doing stupid stuff and getting hurt or a little girl who has a speech problem, the ratings go down until they think of a more degrading way to get viewers.

    It's really sad!!

    I'm with you Suzan, bring Carol Burnett back!!! We have to start laughing again at comedy not people.

  13. Suzan, I am SO with ya on this ! It seems that all we find on cable anymore are reality shows. We are SO sick and tired of them. New ones every week it seems. I've only seen a preview of the BooBoo show and it's sickening. Why can't they just let her be a little girl !?! I love watching GMC and Hallmark. Family TV is for me! I enjoy watching many of the shows that I watched years ago. Dr. Quinn, The Waltons, Andy Griffith. I'm as far south as you are north on the continent, so that has nothing to do with it. I think we're just tired of having our intelligence insulted.

  14. I have never understood "reality TV". And have you noticed that most of the shows are filmed in the South? Being a southerner myself, it's degrading and offensive.

  15. Never ever heard of it, and now of course I'm gonna have to watch it at least once, I mean seriously I can laugh at people with the best of 'em.


  16. I had to click on it to see what you were talking about. I haven't had TV for a year and I'm really out of the loop. I have worked on TV shows and have friends in the industry. There is nothing REAL about reality TV. It is scripted and edited. It has, however, created a culture where people think it's okay to put everything about themselves out there. Are we surprised by what teens put on FB or that they send nude photos on cell phones? It's the norm to them! Who doesn't want their little girl to be the laughing stock of the nation? Sigh. ~ Maureen

  17. Oh I agree, dear lord do not let the Australian TV industry buy this for our "entertainment" I have to say, we don't have a lot of reality shows here but they are all crap! We get bombarded by America's, not the best way to promote your country..Lucky I'm a blog reader otherwise I would think you guys are off your rockers. Putting a child out to be ridiculed is a disgrace, from both the parents and the producers.

  18. I've heard about this show but never dreamed it was like this. We are such a mess to find this kind of stuff entertaining and seriously, will people do anything for money? Sad, I agree.

  19. My husband and I watched Honey Boo Boo last night for the first time in shear shock/fascination. I agaree with a previous post, it was like watching a train wreck. It was so ridiculous that you could not stop watching it (however a train wreck is not ridiculous!). Will I watch it again? Probably not unless I need some cheap entertainment, LOL. It's sad what parents are willing to do and willing to allow their children to do for a dollar.

  20. I completely agree with you. However, isn't posting a clip of it just perpetuating the situation and giving them more exposure?

    1. You're probably right, however the post is done and the clip is staying
      Thanks for dropping by

  21. I agree! I think the exploitation of children is inhumane and should be considered child abuse. :( What people do for money is incredible. This family should retreat along with the Kardashians, etc. I understand that Kris Jenner is livid because the Honey Boo Boo show is outranking her Kardashian clan. Is that not sad?

    I so wish there were limits on TV shows and what is considered "entertainment". These shows are NOT.


  22. Oh child this has nothing to do with you living to far up north to understand... This makes us southerners look like a bunch stupid idiots. I live in Arkansas and love the South with a passion. Life is slower and easier than in the city. By no means what so ever have I or family acted like this nor, do I know anyone who does. With that being said I am a proud redneck, I was raised to be able to take of care of myself. All the women in our family know how to hunt, skin, clean, and cook what we kill. We respect our elders and take care of them even if their not our own. HoneyBooBoo is disgusting and I think TLC is exploiting the metally challenged!!

    1. Amen Crystall! TLC is starting to disgust me completely

  23. Yes, reality t.v. is a waste of time, energy and our intelligence. However,commercials are also becoming more and more ridiculous, trashy and insulting. For example- the latest Jack in the Box ad. Jack and his wife are playing scrabble and a simple game turns into the wife spelling out the phrase "No Nookie". What the heck?! Since when is it acceptable to use a deragatory word for sex in a public ad that is seen by various ages? THAT is insulting, trashy and ridiculous and now another reason why I record television shows I want to watch.

    1. Oh don't even get me started on commercials Brenda - they are every bit as horrible as some of these reality shows!!!
      At this point I click the mute button as soon as they start!


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