Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Guest Post!!!

Good morning everyone - I'm guest posting for Barbara over at  Chase the Star  this morning.
I always panic a little because my followers are used to my craziness and it's going into unknown territory to do this - so I kept it quite professional today lol - and did a tutorial on antiquing furniture or mirrors using dark wax - so although you've all seen this,  if you want to know how I did it

and this

Pop by!
(Please pop by anyway, she has a great blog and I was honoured to be asked :)
Have a great Monday and I'll be back tomorrow with 2 more items I'm just finishing up

Big hugs,


  1. Sadly, I think I'm behind on this whole waxing technique..... I'm heading over there to see your tutorial! My entryway table is waiting for me to get my hands on it but I can't seem to catch enough time! Best, Katie

  2. Haha....I love it, "my craziness going into unknown territory"!! They will adore you! This turned out beautifully...not that I expected anything less from you!! You're so talented!! Have a wonderful week, Suzan!


  3. Just gorgeous! Traci

  4. Heading over there to see how you do polite and demure. ~ Maureen

  5. you know I'm heading over there...I really want to know about this waxing stuff!! Thanks!


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