Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do we make a difference?

Last winter - on a cold gray Sunday afternoon - I snuggled on the bed flipping through channels and came across something I had never seen before -
It was a poetry competition - and it's called SLAM POETRY - now I know it's not for everyone but it had me mesmerized and I fell in love with it instantly - it's oral poetry - with raw emotions - more often then not performed by very young artists ( but definitely not exclusively young artists )  who pull out very real emotions from deep inside while " speaking " out their poems. The particular show that I watched were teenaged performers - Sometimes they cry - sometimes they're angry - and admittedly often there's a lot of profanity -sometimes they're very humorous but it's always " real " and you can't help but be moved by their words ( even if you don't understand where they come from or - or agree with them )
I fell in love with this one when it first came out - and then came across it again on Vodka Mom's site ( who is a teacher btw )

This is an example of Slam Poetry - ( profanity free folks )
I'm really curious to know if this is something that reaches you deep down?

Taylor Mali - my man, I have listened to this more times than I care to admit, and it gives me chills.
Every. Single. Time.

His message is brilliant - and the delivery ?

You tell me ( because I'm biased now and I think it's perfection - being an avid lover of words and poetry in particular )
And someone who holds teachers in the highest esteem

Being a lover of words - I am in awe of any kind of written or oral expression that can pound home a message this way.




  1. I love slam poetry. Shane Koyczan is my favourite but this one by Taylor Mali was great. I'm going to pass it on to my niece - she's teaching her first year...J

  2. I just wanted to stop by and let you know I gave you mention and linked to your blog on mine today in regard to your text transfer method post. Stop over and see if you like. Thanks for tutorial and the inspiration! I'll be using that soon.

  3. My dad went to teachers college when he had five children, and no money in the bank, to try to change the system he saw his children try to survive in. His rise was meteoric and five years later he was loaned to the ministry of education to design the P1 J1 system that is still in use today. He left teaching, before he could have full pension benefits, the day he felt the system had turned him into an administrator and not an educator. This poet talks about what a real educator is! Thanks for another enlightening post!

  4. Wow...that was powerful!! I have never seen (or heard of) Slam Poetry, but Taylor was amazing...I kept going back to listen to parts of it again. Incredible delivery...
    Thanks for sharing
    Debbie :)


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