Monday, September 10, 2012

Unfinished business ( and spousal abuse )

I really wanted to have a makeover completed to show you this morning - alas I only have almost finished and halfway finished things to post!
But I have a couple of John says - Suzan says to go with it so maybe that could make up for it?

Ok - here we go with my french chateau dresser ( at least that's what I'm hoping it looks like )

There's still the last section on the left hand side that had to be dirtied up with some dark wax - but it's so close!

John says - It's looking good Suzan - how much do you think we can make on it?
Suzan says - Oh John - I just can't bear to part with it - I HAVE to keep this
John says - Spare me the Scarlett O'Hara drama, we can't get it into our room
Suzan says - I measured the wardrobe that's in our room - and it's bigger then this, so we can definitely get it in
John says - We had professional movers bring that in - and the room was empty at the time
Suzan says - So we'll just empty out the room - bring it in - and put everything back in
John mimics - So we'll just empty out the room - bring it in - and put everything back in - in a squeaky voice - I don't have a squeaky voice
Suzan says - You always make everything sound impossible and I always prove you wrong - so why don't we just give it a try - stop making everything so complicated all the time - and we'll sell the one that's in there now.
Suzan says - Yes - that's exactly what I want to do - you know John - some husbands move heaven and earth for their wives - I have a hard time getting you to move a dresser
Suzan says - and while the furniture is out - I'd like to paint the bedroom floor
John says - PAINT THE BEDROOM FLOOR???? I've got an idea - why don't we paint the window at the same time?  That way you don't have to worry about curtains ever again - and then absolutely every square inch of the bedroom will be painted.
Suzan says - well that's just ridiculous -
John says - now you know how I feel about your ideas sometimes........................
Suzan says - and I'm painting the bedroom walls as well - because they definitely don't go with the dresser now......................
John shakes his head and walks away

And I got the coffee table tonight - and started on it right away


I took a break between this and the next

Suzan says - do you want a popsicle?
John says - no thanks
Suzan says - Please? We each need to eat a popsicle
John says - I don't feel like a popsicle - why do we NEED to eat one?
Suzan says - I need shutters for the window on the  bread box doll house - and I thought popsicles sticks
would be great for that.
John says - You know no one would believe this - not in a million years. If I tried to tell Chris and Richard
( his golf buddies ) this, they would not believe it

but he ate one lol
Suzan says - I need you to saw these down for me
( this is going to be hilarious - can you just picture him dragging out his tools to saw 4 popsicle sticks -
I could probably just bite them down to size )

and the dresser from my adventures in pickin'

so I'm well on my way - just not finished with anything yet

Suzan says - John?
John says - yes Scarlett
Suzan says - Smile! - ( as I snap a photo of him in his boxers )
John says - DELETE IT NOW
Suzan says - No, there's a contest going on one of the blogs I follow - called  "husbands in boxers"  - and the funniest one wins a weekend trip to Vegas
John says - DELETE IT NOW
Suzan says - No, I really want to go to Vegas - and I think we have a good shot at this
and grabs the camera out of my hand so roughly that I can't believe it's not bruised
Suzan says - That's abuse you know - that's absolute domestic abuse
John says - No actually SCARLETT- what you do to me is domestic abuse

The photo is deleted -
John goes to bed
I continue painting for awhile and then creep into the room

Suzan whispers - John?
John says - ummmph
Suzan says - I was only joking - there isn't a contest
John says - ummpph
Suzan says - Sweet dreams honey -
John says - thanks - hope I don't have nightmares after tonight
Suzan says - Do I drive you crazy?
John says - ummmppphhh - I think that's the intent isn't it
Suzan says - Don't I make normal women look boring?
John says - Sometimes boring is not a bad thing - are you going to post tonight's conversation?
Suzan says - Of course I am
John says -You're going to lose followers Suzan - so help me God, you're going to lose followers.
If I don't understand you - I don't know how any one else can, I'm saying this for your own good you know.
Suzan says - Goodnight Rhett -


John is the gentlest man on earth - and would never hurt a fly
Except if you try to take pictures of him in his boxers - that sort of
brings out the animal in him -
Who knew?


  1. Please don't ever stop posting your conversations with John, not only are they hilarious, but its nice to know we are not the only couple that have these types of conversations lol I can't believe how fast you work on things, I need your energy and your talent. And our hubbys probably need to start a therapy group for husbands, they can call it I am married to a crazy blogger.
    I love the dresser I hope John helps empty the room. My hubby woke me up this morning to inform me that he had moved something downstairs for me (after a month of asking)I am not sure if he wanted a parade or a party for doing it. I said its about time and I went back to sleep.
    can;t wait to see the dresser and coffee table when they are finished and of course your adorable bread box/doll house.
    hugs Tobey

  2. Love the dresser - I would have to keep it also... I think guys just don't get it. You should have heard mine when I mentioned painting the 4 foot wall above the fireplace an accent color. You'd of thought I said I wanted to tear the wall down and rebuild it, lol.... The response was unreal... but, it will get painted, just not right away, lol....can't wait to see your finished pieces...

  3. Our husbands would have a field day together. They could spend hours just talking about their wives. I am happy that you found my blog, and I can follow you back. I like funny, and you certainly are.

  4. So funny... I love a good laugh in the morning...

  5. Hahaha! Definitely got my day off to a good start! Love the dresser and yes, I do think you should keep it, even if it means emptying the room to move it in! And why, yes, the walls and floor should be painted as long as the room is empty! That just makes sense! Can't wait to see the finished pieces!
    I often get head shakes and weird comments from my hubby too. He doesn't always see my vision. :)

  6. I always love this dialogue. You two should take this show on the road. lol

  7. Hi suzan. I love this. You two are so funny.

  8. "'re going to lose followers..." I would laugh if you actually gained followers over this! That would lead to another conversation I'm sure!

    Great, funny post, Suzan. Makes my day start in the right direction!

  9. Oh geez, too funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog...signed your newest follower :) You better tell your hubby you gained a follower...heehee

  10. with those awesome transformations you have going there's no chance you'll lose followers lol

  11. Your logic is perfect. Kill two birds with one stone. You get to paint the floors and move the dresser. John is the crazy one.

    1. LOL - I keep telling him that Kim - but he keeps insisting it's me who's crazy!!!

  12. You know.... now I want to see him in his boxers. Shall I run a contest, minus a free trip of course.


  13. I think you need to change the name of your blog to Mad Conversations At Midnight (no matter what time they actually occur). I live with similar conversations. After 30 years he finally quit threatening to have me locked up- Can't wait to see your Popsicle shutters- they are gonna be soooo cool....getit? Cool? Popsicle? never mind...xo Diana

  14. Bwahahaha!! Paint the window.. TOO funny!!
    Your Mr. sounds like my Mr. I just finished the little dresser, and wanted to take it up to my booth tomorrow. So, I ask the Mr. Can you help me get the 7ft. book case outta my truck so we can put the dresser in? He just shakes his hand as he's putting the broom away (he was cleaning up my sanding mess.. LOL) Says, "Oh nice, I thought I'd have a 2 ft. path in here finally.. guess not!"

    They just don't understand!

  15. Honestly - I swear John is my hubs secret twin. Dave: (in a whiny voice) why do you always have to complicate things? Just for once can we just do it my way!? Patty: no and I'll tell you why - because your way sucks for reasons 1, 2 and 3. Dave: Jesus help me! Why does every conversation have to become an arguement? Patty: we're not arguing we're discussing things. This is what people do. Dave: !? (speechless) Patty/BC

  16. HAhahahaha! These "discussions" just keep getting better and better, Suzan! You need to tape these and post them! Yeah....wouldn't John love THAT...! hehehe!

    Lovin' that dresser, too! Beautifully done! :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. Your projects look great and I totally get why you want to keep that dresser! It is absolutely gorgeous!
    We are in the office, Larry at his desk me at mine and I was laughing so hard. I shared your conversation with him and he got a good chuckle out of it, too. Especially the popsicle sticks. No comment though, I think he might be 'on John's side'?
    Debbie :)

  18. Love the table! And I love you and John. ;-)



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