Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ginger BREADBOX House story

Good Morning Everybody!
I am so excited to show you this, I can hardly contain myself!
Oh Lord it's hard to be humble, LOL

Last week when Dorothy - John and myself went  pickin' - John insisted on buying this

diy, dollhouse,

A disgusting filthy ancient breadbox - I hemmed and hawed and finally agreed that maybe I could do something with it - but actually in the back of my mind this was going to get thrown into the basement -
It was filled with cobwebs and well just look at it - I mean what could you possibly do to this?
The only positive thing about it was the fact that John is finally coming around to what we bring into the
house - there was a time not so long ago when he would have been horrified by this - I  hope I haven't created a monster here, lol

Suzan says - What am I going to do with this?
John says - Well it's a bread box - just clean it up and paint it and sell it as a bread box
Suzan says - Who the hell is going to buy a painted bread box?
John says - SOMEONE will - it's to put your bread in you know
Suzan says - Oh, I didn't know that John (sometimes I try to humour him )
John says - it's vintage - people are getting back into that

Oh God - now he's an expert on what people will buy - and he certainly didn't know from vintage a month ago.

Suzan says - I have an idea - when I was a little girl - I would make doll houses out of the boxes that the groceries came in
John says - Oh God - here we go again, please don't be ridiculous - I picked this because it's a bread box
Suzan says - but it doesn't have to stay a bread box
John says - Listen - just paint it nice - put your fancy stencilling on it in french and sell it as a bread box -
people can keep their baguettes in it.
Suzan says - there's no profit in a painted bread box
John says - I PICKED IT - NOT YOU -
Suzan says - then YOU PAINT IT and sell it as a bread box - good luck
John says - FINE - I will
John says - You always have to make everything complicated - you can't even leave a bread box alone
John says - Don't touch my bread box - I mean it Suzan - I'll paint it myself

BUTTTTTT - John goes to bed before Suzan - and when Suzan gets an idea in her head - well you know what happens - and before you start feeling bad for him - he WOULD NOT HAVE PAINTED IT - remember I am still waiting for him to paint the ceilings 2 years later.

I'm warning you, this is a picture heavy post - but it's so worth it - I promise! Because I'm going to give you step by step detail on this one - so you all can make one for a special little girl in your life - I personally am going to make 3 more - these are going to be xmas gifts for John's granddaughters ( my precious granddaughters by default )
Did I ever mention that I'm Lolly and he's Pop? I'm far too young to be a granny LOL - ( not )

First I used wood filler to fill in the Pains/Bread - because this is NOT a bread box !!!

diy, dollhouse

Then I glued four wooden drawer handles on the bottom -

diy, dollhouse,

Then I taped it up because I wanted to paint stripes - I painted the 2 side walls and the roof Paris Grey and and then stripes of Pure White - I dry brushed some sections so that it would look weathered ( I left the front white )

I then painted 2 windows and a door - using my Frog Tape - and now here is where the fun starts - do you see that handle on the front - that definitely had to be covered and I just happened to have 3 appliques - 1 large one - and 2 smaller ones - here's how I used them to add a little architectural detail

diy, dollhouse, simple, breadbox,

The 2 smaller appliques I decided would be perfect for either side of the front door -
I put some plastic grass I have in a container ( cut from the back where it won't make a difference )

I wanted to make this breadbox  dollhouse 3 dimensional in some areas - just to give it a little extra
something - something - here's a close up

miniature, planters, dollhouse

Now at this point I go to bed - thrilled so far with the results - the next morning

John says - Well actually that's a cute breadbox
Suzan says - It's a doll house
John says - Why don't we just sell it like this as a breadbox
Suzan says - What is it with you and the bread box?  You got it for 2 dollars -
John says - Well we're supposed to be buying things to makeover and sell
Suzan says - WE?????
Suzan says - ok

And I continue on my merry way with my dollhouse

painted, bushes,doll house

I painted bushes on each end of the planters - then I ran to the dollar store and picked up  butterfly and flower stickers -

easy, diy, dollhouse

Suzan says - John can you cut angles on little pieces of wood for me please?
John says - huh - now you need me all of a sudden
Suzan says - I need flower boxes for under the windows
John says - You always go too far - you're going to make it look tacky
Suzan says - John can you cut angles on little pieces of wood for me please?
John says - There's NO ROOM TO PUT THEM ON THERE
Suzan says - John can you cut angl................................
John says - I can't believe this - the neighbours must think I'm insane
Suzan says - Why would the neighbours know you're cutting little tiny pieces of wood for crying out loud?
John says - Because I do my wood working outside - do you want sawdust all over the house?

OMG - this man is unbelievable - this is the size of them - he leaves more crumbs on the floor from eating than this could have ever generated LOL

flower boxes, dollhouse,

and this is how they look on the house - I CAN'T TAKE IT - IT SO CUTE!!!

diy, architectural, details, doll house

I added some stickers of flowers and butter flies to the window boxes( I also painted some greenery to rest over the window box so I left one exposed to show you
The lights on either side of the door are diamond stickers - and the address is glittered number stickers

simple, diy, dollhouse, details, flowers

There is still some touch ups left to do on this - some oops paint marks that shouldn't be there - but that's an easy fix - I have a drawer pull that will go on the front door ( as a knocker ) and which will also be how you open and close the front.
Now on to the side of the house!

again I painted some greener - and added sticker flowers -
and painted 2 more windows - with 2 tiny window boxes under each one - ( and yes he went outside to cut these also - too too funny ) this is very serious carpentry don't you know

again painting foliage on top - and added a little wrought iron feature in between tee hee!

Suzan says - Look John - isn't that cute? I made a wrought iron thingamajig between the windows
John says - Doesn't look like wrought iron whatsoever - just looks like swirly lines
Suzan - God you're getting grumpy as you get OLDER
John says - I'm not grumpy at all - just telling you the truth - ask your blog friends if it looks like wrought iron.

My own fault - 100% - I knew he wouldn't see it the way I do -
hmmm - have to fix the right hand window - a little sloppy - and I'm putting shutters on these windows made from popsicle sticks - but I have to eat the popsicles first and I don't feel like them right now lol
and the other side of the house has a side door - and little window but they aren't finished yet

Next I worked on the Patio - ( I haven't worked this hard on details on the exterior of my own house btw )

This is the front of the box that pulls down to open - which makes for a perfect opening! I painted a flag stone path way - don't look at that little amoeba shaped thing there - got carried away and wanted to make a place to put chairs - don't ask - I am definitely a little nuts - I'm going to paint it out - but isn't the path way adorable?

I can't show you the interior yet - this house needs to be gutted LOL -
Hoping I can have it done for it's first showing in 2 weeks,  there's a LOT of renovations to do.
And that is how you turn a bread box into a dollhouse.............................

This is by far the most fun I have ever had redoing a house lol -
And if you want to bring out the little girl that lives inside all of us still - I highly recommend it - so what do you think - have I given any of you ideas?

Think I'll add a window to the top part of the door..............................

Suzan says - John if you happen to come across anymore bread boxes..........................

before, after, diy, easy, dollhouse


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  1. Very clever! Some little girl will love this "bread/doll" house!!

  2. This is too cute! what a smart idea!

  3. What an adorable idea. This is really cute. I love doing detail work like this - so relaxing and fun.....

  4. You are so funny! (John is too!) This is an adorable project and I love that you enjoyed doing it so much!

  5. I don't know what's wrong with my feed, but I'm still having that same problem with your comment box. Whatever - it doesn't stop me does it?!

    When your content is stolen, they just copy and paste your entire post, including pictures, to their site. The only way they can delete your post is if they have your login and password. You use blogger as your platform, I'd say it's a problem with them.

    The dollhouse is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. John needs to go buy every vintage bread box he can find, and you need to paint and sell them. I have to buy one from you for my niece's so you better get crackin'!!!

  6. That is just so cute... and funny at the same time!

  7. Sorry John, it looks like a wrought iron thingie.

    This project is just too cute! Talk about thinking outside the bread box!

    (To make John happy, you should buy a miniature toy loaf of bread and put it in and say "VoilĂ , there's your bread box! Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn't give you more ideas on how to make John's life miserable!)

  8. Oh my god you are so funny!
    I enjoyed reading the "conversations".

    >You always have to make everything complicated

    My husband says exactly the same thing! well I don't care,lol

    And your doll house is so adorable!
    I hope John will find (at least) 2 more breadboxes so your granddaughters will have a fantastic Xmas gift!!
    Oh wait, will you take the credit for it or is it from Santa Cluase?LOL

    1. I get the credit Sayuri!!! Santa Clause only goes to their house lol.
      Thanks so much :)

  9. This is fantastic! I'm pinning it. Yes, John, I knew it was a wrought iron thingamajig. ~ Maureen

  10. SO creative. I honestly would never have thought of this, but I would have loved it as a little girl! Heck, I love it as a big girl.

  11. That is just darling...a great dollbreadboxthingy. Any little girl would LOVE to get this- HOW cute!!!! Hey- Looks like a wrought iron thingamabob to me- JOHN....did you hear me....JOHN?

    I think they just copy the info from a blog- I don't think they actually remove it. ummmm...didya happen to hit delete by mistake somewhere along the way? xo Diana

  12. I love the bread box, what a cute idea. You are so cute and so talented. I love all the windows and flower boxes and the wrought iron thingy. My hubby and John sound so much alike, I think they may have been seperated at birth. But at least John does stuff for you, I got married to have a man to do stuff around the house, its been 6 years and I am still waiting for it to happen.
    I just wanted my breadbox to put a power bar in it to hide all the phones and cords and chargers when they are charging. But now I think it will have to be little fancier, but you set that bar kind of high there girlfriend lol
    heard of a new chalk paint from Vancouver called Fat Paint lol will let you know more about it when i get to try it.
    hugs Tobey

  13. Adorable!! I love it. I have a bread box that I've painted in ASCP Coco sitting on my table for 2 weeks now. LOL I just can't decide what I want to do with it. I need to send it to you to finish. HA You've inspired me to get that darn thing finished. :)

  14. Now I just LOVE this - great paint job!

  15. This is really cute! It looks like you had a ball decorating this!

  16. Suzan,
    This is so cute. Your grand daughters are going to be so excited.
    Have a great day.

  17. What a fantastic idea and re-creation!!! So fun!!!

  18. This is so cute! I am stopping by from mopping the floors blog hop!

  19. AMAZING! How creative you are. Thanks so much for sharing with my party.

  20. So cute! I'm in awe of your talent! :)

    Stopping by from Mom's Monday Mingle! Now following from GFC and hope you will swing by and check us out!

    I can't wait to see more of your doll house/bread box!

  21. This is adorable!!! Hi new follower from and I would love it if you would visit!

  22. I loved loved loved reading this post! I love the style of commenting between you and John! I think it is great what you did woth a bread box - definitely pinning this post!

  23. too cute!!!

    i've started reading your "conversations with john" with an english accent for john!!!! ha ha!!! makes them TWICE as funny!!!!!!!

    thanks for the smiles!

  24. Very good job. It looks wonderful. Here from the Mom's Monday Mingle. Following you would you follow back.
    Patricia from Topiary Rose & Pat's Pink Apron

  25. Adorable,. what a great job you did. I love your conversations with John, so reminds me of hub and I. A great post, and a so pretty ginger breadbox! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  26. Your breadbox...oops sorry, doll house is turning out so sweet! And yes, I see wrought iron.
    I was literally snorting reading this and my husband just gave me his look.
    Thanks for the fun post
    Debbie :)

  27. Beautiful, I want one for my girls ... Greetings from Czech Republic and me.

  28. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. You're simply incredible! Thanks for always including your dialogs with Jonny Boy. Wow, too funny! Can't wait to see the finished product. Oh, and for the record, I've painted several bread boxes and sold them as bread boxes. Oh dear, guess I'm a little too much like John! HAHA!

  29. Oh, whoops, I wasn't done yet - what's all this jazz about getting content stolen? I wasn't nervous..... now I am! What exactly are we supposed to do about it? And they actually take it off your blog so it's GONE gone? AHHHHH. Not cool....

  30. Oh, that is so sweet and cute. I love the stripes.

  31. Dollhouse! Love this to the max and like your narrative between you and your husband-LOL You have inspired me.

  32. It's always fun to read your blog! Witty and creative: a fabulous combination! I always appreciate the inspiration you share at Potpourri Friday!

  33. so creative! and the story to go with it is just great :)))

  34. So, so cute! Can't wait to see what you do with the inside. Wonder what lucky family will get to move in? lol! The girls will love them. I have not had any problems so far with anything being stolen. At least as far as I know. So I'm not much help. Thanks for sharing your talent with Share Your Cup.

  35. Hi sweetie, when someone copies from your blog, they actually copy it. They can't remove the post. It may be an issue with blogger. So sorry. Wondering how you discovered your blog post had been copied?
    I love the breadbox I mean doll house. It is adorable and sure to make some little girl very happy. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I'm sorry I am slow to visit this week as I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .

  36. This is adorable! And John did an amazing job cutting the wooden flower boxes so precisely! He is obviously a very talented woodworker! You are so lucky to have such a talented man around to help with those parts of your project. I once asked my husband to drill holes in 6 little wooden balls for me - it took him all day - well he did have to wait for the drill thing to charge, but still! Crafting had to come to a screeching halt!
    I understand how easy and almost addicting it is to get sucked into the details and planning of a fun project like this. Maybe it is because it speaks to our inner little girl! I recently made a set of birdhouses for my aunt & I got sucked into the details too. If you need to take a break from doll house making - or John :D - take a look at my birdhouses at:

  37. What a great transformation! Thanks for joining us at the Keep Calm & Link Up party this week - hope to see you again next week!

  38. So cute...and unique! I always enjoy reading your posts!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  39. I loved the story behind this as much as I love how pretty this little dollhouse is! SO not a breadbox! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!


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