Saturday, September 22, 2012

I scream, do you scream?, we all scream for..........

Dorothy and I ( my picker friend ) have been brainstorming for the last few weeks - which may or may not be a good thing lol, tossing ideas out there and seeing where they land - and the conclusion we have come to is this.
1) Always always always befriend your competition lol
It's still in the planning phases - but it's an exciting phase to say the least.
I don't give things a lot of thought - I'm one to jump right into everything - leave the " thinking " part to someone mind is racing with the possibilities - with the fun of it all - with the actual opportunity to TEACH people how to restore furniture - how to open their eyes to transforming pieces in their own home instead of putting them at the curbside when they can no longer stand the sight of them!

Dorothy and David own a commercial building in the city - 2 commercial rental units downstairs and 2 turn of the century apartments upstairs - each unit has 2 floors ) and this space as well - which could very well be transformed into an itsy bitsy  little " painting school "

It even has a sink and counter for cleaning up after class,  perfection!!!

So tonight John and I went over for pizza and wine - and a " talk " on how we can make this all happen - and me being who I am, decided we would let the guys talk business while Dorothy and I talked practicals downstairs in this unit -

Suzan says - I could have this place transformed in a weekend
Dorothy says - Oh I don't know about that Suzan - there's a lot of stuff in here
Suzan says - It's nothing - it's just a matter of organizing - and prettying it up
Suzan says - That's where my strength lies Dorothy - I'm a master at this
Suzan says - Here - let's start right now - we'll just move this marble table out of the way

If you look behind that coat tree - you can make out a small 2 tiered table - just to the right side of the lamp?
Small table right?  I move things 5 times that size on my own - so surely between the 2 of us we can lift that up and just move it to the back of the studio?

And this is where the " thinking " process can really come in handy - this is where just jumping in to things can be really really dangerous -
I managed to squeeze myself into that space - and while Dorothy grabbed one end - I grabbed the other, lifted................and promptly fell to my knees with a pain that shot through my body like someone had stabbed me in the back.

Dorothy says - Oh My God Suzan - what happened
Suzan - crouched on the floor - unable to move at all - says - I'm ok - and tries to get up - and ends up back in a heap on the floor with a scream
Dorothy says - I'm going for help
Suzan says - Please don't - I'm ok - I just have to find a way to move, that's all -
and I try to get up - and end up back in a heap on the floor with a scream
Dorothy says - You can't stay like that - I'm calling the guys to come down
Suzan says - DO NOT CALL JOHN - he's only going to say I'm being a drama queen - DO NOT CALL HIM DOROTHY
Dorothy calls them -
Suzan tries desperately to get up off her knees -
Suzan keeps screaming every time she tries to move

Now keep in mind everyone, I am, without a doubt, the biggest Drama Queen out there -
I don't laugh - I shriek
I don't cry - I howl
I don't get nervous - I get terrorized
I dance like a crazy woman - I sing like I think I'm on a stage - and when I have pain that brings me to my knees, I most definitely scream

In walk John and David

John says - What happened to you?
Suzan says - I don't know, it doesn't make sense - we were just going to lift this marble piece up and move it over there -
John says - Well try to get up
Suzan tries to get up - and promptly falls back to her knees - and screams
John says - Ok - let's not get overly dramatic
Suzan says - AGHHH - what did I tell you Dorothy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the rest of the evening was spent upstairs with a heating pad on my back - and a glass of wine -
where I HAD no choice but to sit and THINK about what our next move will be...................

In the meantime - as I just posted the photo above of that ^%$%@ table - did you notice something just a little ironic?
Here, let's look closely at it again, shall we?


I practically crawled up the stairs - when this was hanging up right beside us the whole time?????

And this is what I learned tonight

1) I'm not in my 30's anymore
2) It sucks to be in your 50's sometimes
3) Wine is really really good for medicinal purposes
4) I like heating pads - in fact bought my very own as soon as we left
5) Oh - who am I kidding - I haven't learned a damn thing - I'll be back there on Sunday to start the clearing out of our little school room



  1. Hope your back feels a whole lot better today. And do bring in men to help...even if they are a pain in the bum! Good luck on your new venture!!

  2. Sorry about the back, but I love the business idea. Few more bottles of wine and it will all be sorted!

  3. hahahah you poor thing! :( I hope you get to feeling better!

    <3 Bethany @ The Sepia Puppy

    1. Thanks Bethany - it's so much better today :)

  4. I've had muscle spasms and a herniated disk, so I can totally relate! I am addicted to my heating pad.

    I'm so happy for you and your new venture! Sounds like a great undertaking. If I were closer, I would certainly sign up!

    Hope you feel better.


  5. What an exciting adventure you are embarking on - sounds like so much fun - sharing your knowledge with others. Wish I lived closer I would so join your classes.... Rest that back, things will be back to normal before you know it.....

  6. Great friends, that is such an opportunity!!! Sooooo many good finds floating around in there - I can see them! I'm sure you haven't learned a thing! Haha! Hope you get better quick so you can get going on your project! Best, Katie

  7. ok Susan, It may take longer than a few days to get back to normal. I'm excited for you about the new venture! I'm always afraid I am going to hurt myself moving furniture and my husband is going to say I told you so and give me he......! I am not a drama queen.

  8. Oh you crack me up...not about hurting yourself, just the rest of it. :) Love your idea of a painting school! I'd be there in a heartbeat if I lived close! Yeah, being 50ish isn't like being 30ish. sigh. Hope you're better soon!

    1. LOL thanks a lot Cecilia!!!
      Feeling a lot better tonight actually - but scary stuff let me tell ya!

  9. Ha ha, I love your conversations! And I need a weekend at your school! Where do I sign up? :)


  10. OMG! I'm glad you are alright! I agree with everything on your list! I do wish you'd consider doing your furniture school online too! I so need it! I'm still frozen in my tracks about this furniture painting thing!

  11. Oooh, sounds like you got a herniated disc! Not good. Never going away! Whenever mine "pops out" I use lots and lots of ibuprofen to shrink it back down. Love the space and your thoughts on it!!

    1. It's gone LOL!!!
      But I've had this before - just not in that particular spot - get it once a year it seems like!

  12. Oh dear--I know that hurts! I hope your back gets better quickly. You have a fabulous idea about those classes. I say go for it and may you have much success with it.

    1. thanks so much G.W. -
      from your lips to God's ears

  13. congrats new opportunities are exciting but do try and take it easier on your self you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor not have it kill you lol

  14. Hi-
    I just found your blog this afternoon and I am a new follower.
    Oh... that sounded painful.
    Have you recovered??

    White Spray Paint

  15. ouch, Suzan ! Sorry to hear it ! Sounds almost like your sciatica. That erupts out of nowhere for me and takes me to my knees when I lease expect it. I'm tellin' ya....once this happens it'll happen again, so baby your back and be really careful with your lifting. Meanwhile, grab another bottle of merlot.

  16. I am so excited about the painting school. You are so talented and creative that I think it would be an incredible success. As a former teacher, I also know that you can get your students to do the heavy lifting for you! After just completing my booth move, I estimate about a week on clearing out that space, but do NOT lift anything. You should have out-of-town specials for those of us who wish to travel to see Dorothy and Suzan, the Good Witch, in their own special Oz!

  17. I hope your back feels better. I know how that goes. Just spent the last two days moving my daughter. I love the idea of a painting school. That would be so much fun. I wish we nad something like that near me. I would definitely be there.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    1. Come to Montreal Debi!!!
      Make a vacay out of it

  18. You poor girl! Scratch that.

    You poor Drama Queen! lolol!

    Seriously, I hope that you drank enough wine to make the pain go away, because the pain in your head the next morning probably distracted you from the pain in your back?

    And please leave moving marble furniture to the brawn in the family. ok?

    xoxoxoxoox laurie

  19. Oh.....! Forgot to tell you how excited I am for you about your new venture, Suzan!!!! Go for it! You will do so well!!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. Great Reading! I am so there with the back, heating pad and wine, girl wait till the 60's! Best to the Schooling! I have a lot of request for help and lessons, BUT, love doing what I do when I Can do it! Great Blog, Hope your feeling better!

  21. OH NO! I hope you are on the mend and the wine is doing it's job! I love the idea of opening a class together. How awesome would that be???!!!


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