Saturday, September 29, 2012


I really do and would eat them every day if they didn't contain 3,492,000,000 calories.

I love them fresh and warm - or toasted if they're a day old - I love them with lox and cream cheese and onions and capers- I love them with swiss cheese - and if the only food in the joint were beets and pickles  well I'd probably love them with that as well.

Fairmount Bagel is a Montreal-style bagel bakery in MontrealQuebecCanada. It is located on Fairmount Avenue in the Mile End neighbourhood of the Plateau-Mont-Royalborough.[1]
Opened in 1919 by Russian immigrant Isadore Shlafman, his hand-rolled recipe quickly became a staple in the Mile End community. He later moved his bakery from a laneway address to a two-storey cottage on Fairmount Avenue, building a large woodfire oven on the first floor, while his family lived upstairs. Fairmount Bagel is often referred to as the original Montreal bagel bakery.[1]
The bakery is still family owned and competes with nearby St-Viateur Bagel for the title of Montreal's best bagel.[2][3]
In June 2008, Montreal-born astronaut Gregory Chamitoff, who is related to the Shlafman family, brought Fairmount bagels with him aboard the International Space Station.[4][5]

Ok - so you know they have to be good when astronauts take them to outerspace with them lol
Often, on a Saturday morning, John will drive down and pick up bagels for breakfast - something I really look forward to.
Montreal makes the best bagels in North America. I know, I know, New Yorkers like to claim that title but they're wrong, I've had both and they are absolutely wrong in this case. Sorry, no humble polite Canadian here - you can't mess with my bagels, period. In fact, New York and Montreal used to have a friendly contest every year to see who made the best Smoked Meat or Pastrami as it's called in the States and although N.Y. usually won for the meat - Montreal usually won for our bagels.



'Bagel Head' Saline Forehead Injections: Japan's Hot New Beauty Trend.

Get that smile off your face honey - you've single handedly scarred me for life  - and I wouldn't walk around N.Y. or Montreal if I were you - somebody's liable to smear cream cheese and lox all over your forehead...........................

Feel like bacon and eggs for a change John?

And by the way I mentioned the word BAGEL 14 times in this post - but don't worry - as of today I'm no longer a fan of them - and will never utter the word again.

Bon Apetit everyone



  1. I saw that article in the Huffington Post and thought it was the absolute most bizarre thing I have ever seen. People scare me.

  2. Nope. As bizarre as this trend is, I refuse to let that stop me from still loving my Montreal bagels. And yes, they are the best...When I was a young woman in Montreal, my friends and I used to go buy bagels after an evening of partying...Good times.

    Our local Loblaws sells "Montreal" bagels oven baked on the premises, and while they're not as perfectly good as these, they make a fine substitute for my bagel cravings.

  3. That is a scary trend. As for the city has a very large jewish population. I live within walking distance of three amazing bagel places. It is like new york south! Yum

  4. You're kidding, right? People never cease to amaze me with the things they will do in the name of beauty. I thought amputating your little toe to wear the trendy pointed toe shoes was a little much but this is really bizaar....I gave up bagels a long time ago, lol....

  5. Ewwww - who sits around thinking, "I think I'll turn my forehead into a bagel and be REALLY pretty."? Worse yet, who copies them! ~ Maureen

  6. I remember teachers that would say that the Japanese were not innovative, that they would copy our products and then sell them to us more cheaply. Well, who can say that they are not creative people now?

    But ick. Just ick.

    1. Oh I hope it doesn't make it's way here! Right out of a Star Trek episode!!!

  7. wow that picture will help me from ever wanting to eat a bagle, self torture is just not my cup of tea....thanks for the no reply blogger tips and for following my blog I am now following yours!!

    1. Thanks Sherry - you still show up as no reply blogger though!!!

  8. I'd rather discuss bagels and avoid the photo. Yuck! Why do people do these weird things? I love toasted bagels...with most anything. :)


  9. ->->->->Montreal makes the best bagels in North America. I know, I know, New Yorkers like to claim that title but they're wrong<-<-<-<

    *gasps in horror* Them's fightin' words to this north-central New Jerseyan!! I've never even heard of Montreal bagels, but everyone, even poor people who live in third-world countries and don't have access to computers, television, radio, newspapers, or carrier pigeons, has heard of New York bagels!! *harrumphs*

  10. But would you eat them in your socks, would you eat them with a fox?


  11. It's just not right...what people do for the sake of 'what they think is beauty'...yuck

  12. Years ago I pulled off a heavily glued table leg TOWARDS myself (can anybody say Einstein?) and gave myself a protrusion on my forehead that looked very much like this. Did I set a trend??

    Oh, and I have a dog that sounds like he's yelling "Bagel!" when he barks, so your use of the word just sounds normal to me.

    1. OMG maybe someone got a photo of you at the time and it somehow ended up in Japan - and they thought Hey I love this American custom - you may be the cause of this fashion craze, lol


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