Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Please make it stop

And once again Montreal makes the news................................

I Wanna live there Wednesday will be posted later today - I need to work my way through this one first.....................One life lost - another critically injured - The separatist movement now in power -
Our city is in shambles - a heartbreaking mess.
Pray for the families please ( something the blogmosphere seems to be doing at a rapidly increasing rate it seems )



  1. Oh, Suzan. I am so sorry your fears have been realized. I pray that sanity will prevail.

  2. I am horrified that she actually got in. I honestly believed that Quebec would not vote her in. Although I do understand their desire to keep their culture (which I think they do very well already), I think as a separate country it would be a disaster. The only good thing here is my son my eventually head back to Ontario with his family as a lot of families and business people will NOT wish to live there...and not just the English.

  3. I will pray about this too.
    Hugs, Cecilia

  4. That shooting was very senseless (they all are) and it could have been worse as he was on his way to start a fire...Could you imagine?

    Well, the PQ got in but such a minority government, it won't leave them much room to maneuver.

    Razmataz is right, the French culture is alive and well in Quebec, things are fine the way they are. Separation would be disastrous, but pequistes vote with their heart and not their reason.

  5. How terrible for the families of the two men involved, violence is never the answer to anything. I guess we can only be thankful that the man was caught and that more people were not injured. I hope this is not a sample of what is to come. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the men involved and with all that will be affected by these changes. hugs Tobey
    sending you a big hug my friend, stay safe

  6. I am so sorry for all involved. Blessings- xo Diana


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