Saturday, December 7, 2013

A couple of accidents....................

Did I mention that a couple of days after we moved in I flushed some water from a bucket down the toilet?
With a huge microfibre cloth inside of it?
And that I clogged the toilet?
And that it was a nightmare to retrieve?
Ok - I guess I conveniently forgot to.........
But I WILL tell you this.
A couple of nights ago while painting the floor I asked John ( he was going to Home Depot ) if he could pick me up another gallon -
I specifically told him what to get exactly - word for word but he decided he needed to go into the room and pick up the gallon of paint and see what it said himself.
The gallon who's lid was just resting precariously on top of it.
Which he found out as he turned it upside down to read it better.
I heard the bellow before I heard the paint can hit the floor - even before I heard it bounce a second time -
It exploded would be a better description actually - on to the ceiling - the freshly painted walls - the cupboard doors that still need to be painted - the windows that had just been painted black - and of course the floor.

John screams in my face - WHY DON'T YOU EVER CLOSE PAINT LIDS?
Suzan says - Because I'm painting - and I'm not going to close it every time I take a break!!!
Suzan says - Who turns a paint tin upside down to read it?
John says - Oh no you don't - you're not going to make this out to be my fault - I'm sick of it - it's the third time this has happened to me - how hard can it be to hammer a paint lid on?
John says - You owe me a pair of jeans and a shirt

It took us at least an hour to clean it all up......................miraculously not a drop hit the wall paper -
which I'm ready to take down by the way - not crazy about it at all now - in fact I wouldn't have minded at all if he'd totally destroyed it lol

Suzan says - I don't think I like the wallpaper after all
Suzan says - Why do you react like that when I change my mind about something?
John says - because you only change your mind AFTER you buy things - I ask you to think about it first

The cupboard doors are going white for now - with big glass knobs - but I may hang curtains from them eventually - and further down the road I may cut into them for more space since there's a small cupboard on the other side - and the small room I want to make my little " closet/boudoir ".

Suzan says - Do me a favor - next time I ask you to pick up paint - just trust me enough when I tell you exactly what I need please.
John says - Do ME a favor - next time you pour water from a bucket down the toilet - remove the cloths.

The score is currently 1-1 - but I bet it doesn't stay that way long :)

Gordie hung up the new bedroom light today

99.00 from Costco.....................

It's gorgeous when it's on - because there's a ton of glass crystals that hang on the inside sending prisms of light throughout the interior. (  I haven't put the glass in yet - too tired :)

I'll take photos when it's on when I do the reveal - which sadly won't be today - ( I was aiming for Sunday and I'm oh so close - but not quite there yet - )

There was a time - there really was - when I could have had this room completed in a matter of days - but there was so much to do ...............and I'm 54 and JOHN SPILLED PAINT ALL OVER WHAT HAD JUST TAKEN ME 2 DAYS TO ACCOMPLISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I made sure to hammer the lid shut on the paint when I was finished - it was midnight - John was sleeping

John yells - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????????????
Suzan says - closing the lid on the paint tin of course....................
Suzan says - I find you're doing a lot of screaming lately - are you stressed or something?

You all have a wonderful Sunday
Enjoy your beautiful homes - you spoiled brats!!!

Much love,


  1. If I were you I would sleep with that hammer under my pillow if you know what I mean!;>) Poor girl- I bet you felt like crying. Well, let's hope that is the worst of it and the road smooths out from here on in (or out). I am off to bed because I am too tired to even THINK anymore tonight. night-Susan. xo Diana

  2. When is the movie of your life coming out and who do you think should play you?

  3. OMG! The comment from Art and Sand is perfect and I would love to know your answer! I would have totally lost my mind over the paint spill. I, personally, am not in love with the wallpaper but that is probably because I get bored easily...hence the multitude of different quilts and comforters for my bed. I think I would tire of any wallpaper design too quickly. I do like those stenciled wall paper-ish designs that everyone seems to be painting on walls these days. At least you can just quickly paint over if you changed decor. And I am NOT suggesting you do that!! :)

  4. Oh the fun of renovating... Always mishaps to keep things "interesting" ... I think you should finish the room and wait on changing the wallpaper. Things tend to not look their best mid process. After you have lived with it awhile you may find you love it or you may get up one morning and down she comes.. But, at least you will be in a more rested state of mind.. I'm a few years older than you and yes we do tend to slow down - a lot... Have a great day Suzann

  5. As she said when is the movie. I say Goldie Hawn should play you or a younger Carol Burnett. Argh paint spills always happen when you are the most tired and fed up or at the end of a project so it can ruin things. Want a nightmare?!?!? You know that tall cabinet in the new store, we assembled quickly for the Annie Sloan event that had about 80 sample pots on display a way at the top. Well Mel accidentally hit the shelf while retrieving paint and all 80 pots fell 10 feet to the floor splitting all the pots into a million pieces. We managed to safe only 16 sample pots. It took 3 hrs to clean up. The paint splattered in all directions on furniture, clothing everything it was a nightmare. So yes hope yours wasn't too bad to clean up. Have a good Sunday.

  6. Lisa says: I love how you explain things
    Lisa says: I am exactly like you - I bought new chairs and I already think I made a mistake
    Lisa says: My husband is just like yours - he would die if I mentioned the chair mistake
    Lisa says: Please keep the stories coming

  7. Yikes, what a pita! oh and just a thought, if it's happened twice already - why didn't he think to check if the lid was on?? Yep. Guys never figure it out, it's too easy to blame the other person. Been through that myself and won't be going back for more either. ;)

    Glad you got it all cleaned up and it looks fab already. Happy Sunday Suzan!

  8. You brave lady ... I'm so proud of you for showing us the "real" world or remodeling. Good Job! Most of us just pretend it never happens to us. :) Your room is going to be gorgeous when you're finished ... can't wait to see it.

  9. Suzan, I totally understand you dilemma with the wallpaper right now, it is very bold. Once you tone it down with furniture and your bedding and you add other interest to the room, the wallpaper might be exactly the "punch" you need I there. As for John, typical man to have to have done something THREE times in order to learn. I think they are on auto pilot most of the time and really just don't take the time to *think*. MEN- you can't live WITH them and you can't live without them! Try and find a smidgen of time to rest and recharge today...that's important too! XOXO

  10. I'm sorry that I can picture these two episodes in your daily life. They are too real to be so funny. Hope all your flushing goes down quickly and that the paint goes ONLY where intended, lid or no lid. Keep calm and "git 'er done". How's that for the Brit and the cowgirl in you? What? You don't have any cows? I have a huge herd next door that I could send your way. THAT would make it official then.♥♫

  11. At least you haven't lost your sense of humor yet. I love that lamp!

    BTW I'm helping out a girl who owns a clothing company. She donates part of proceeds to autism. I'm having a giveaway this week on my blog and if you could leave a quick comment, that would be amazing!

  12. Suzan,
    That light fixture is gorgeous. I love it. Love the floors painted white too. Keep that sense of humor it will keep you from killing John. Lookin good my friend!!!!

  13. Maybe you will like the paper once the doors are painted?

    I recommend not letting your husband handle the installation of the chandelier glass.

    I'm sorry about the paint. I've done that too.

  14. Oh my, what a mess that would be. I am with you, if you don,t like the paper it has to go!!!! Dianntha

  15. I sooo enjoy your stories and can hardly wait for your next one! Sorry about the spilled paint! Your room will be gorgeous when it's finished. And your hubby will love it! Get some rest!

  16. LOL. It's a good thing you guys have such great senses of humor. I would have probably hammered John's lid, if you know what I mean ;-)

  17. I love the light fixture. I really enjoy the way you write and share your life. Have you considered just taking a few days off and enjoying each other and not working?

  18. I love the bedroom light... I would love to see the prisms of light when you have it all together.

  19. hahahahaha........can't stop laughing........hahahahahahahahah.........been there, heard the scream when the paint hit the floor......hahahahaha

  20. Suzan,

    My heart goes out to you and I can SO relate. It is awful to be near the end of a project of any kind, especially paint, and have something like this happen. This is the point where you ache all over and you are bone tired and are pretty much running on fumes(paint fumes that is)! Also, being married to my sweet husband (AKA Adrian Monk), I can relate to his having to check out that can---just to be "sure" YOU know what YOU are talking about.

    The light fixture you chose is so glamorous and I believe you will find it is going to be just fabulous with that wallpaper!

    Once it is all finished and everything is all in place, you will probably start to warm up again to the wall paper.

    I hate to admit it, but I had the same thought as Anne, who left the comment about your hubby saying it was the third time this had happened to him.

    Believe me, I adore men. They are wonderful creatures, truly they are. I would be devastated if something should happen to my sweet husband, but it sounds just like something he would do. In other words, try to "blame" me, somehow, for doing something "not so wise."

  21. Absolutely LOVE the light fixture! Such a funny story and so like my husband and myself! I love getting such a laugh when I read your blog!

  22. get you some of those orange pouring lids to put on your cans.
    I love your wall paper just on the one wall like that. The black is such a classy color.
    Your light fixture is gorgeous and will go well with the wall paper.

  23. The other day I fell in love with your wallpaper but somewhere in my subconscious I must have realized that the contrast is too great for someone like me....
    and even as I tried to envision living with it... my mind painted a thin white wash over the paper.... and the whole thing was AMAZING.... in my mind. But I have never put a wash over paper..... but in my imagination it has a very soft/gentle look.

  24. You are accomplishing an incredible amount of work. We live by a lake, renovating for FOUR years and I think the reason no one wants to socialize with us is because we have had some of our loudest Discussions outside where everything carries over the water and the whole town has heard us yelling. I think they think we're nuts, which by this time, we may well be. Hang in there!!!

  25. lol Oh you poor girl! lol Just chalk it up to another memorable escapade in your crazy world, girl. lol Not so good for you....but we always get a giggle from them. lol And that light! Oh that light is amaaaaaazing!!! You've got great taste!!!

    xoxo laurie

  26. You two are just too much! I laughed out loud till I got to the end of this post! I'm so sorry about the spilled paint - what a bummer :( Hate when stuff like that happens.

  27. You know that saying about crying over "spilled milk"....does it apply to paint? OR another .... When life hands you lemonades......make paint angels. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    The whole process is trying so it's best just to chill. (I speak from experience last winter... with more to come this winter. Oy!)

  28. I heard a saying that said..."If a couple can survive remodeling a house together...they will stay together". LOL... Love the new light pretty.

  29. You made me laugh, once more. What we can see of the bedroom is gorgeous, accident or not. I've been living in a cottage under renovation for four years, so don't be jealous of me!

  30. Oh Crap!! I love the light, what's wrong with the wall paper I think it's beautiful

  31. That light is gorgeous! I kind of want it in my kitchen. I can't believe you are reconsidering that beautiful paper! I love it!

  32. Oh Suzan! The tragedy of it all! It makes a great read for us though. That light is so fab! I'm sorry you didn't meet your deadline and I hope it won't be too long before you are done. The paper is pretty - wondering why you're reconsidering? Maybe once you get furniture in place, it will be what you imagined?
    Oh BTW, my home is not perfect…I am turning a blind eye to the things I need to do. I need to wait until after the holidays, then it's no more excuses…I will concede it isn't as bad as what you're dealing with. :)

  33. I kind of like that splattered look on the closet doors. Too bad the paint wasn't would look like an episode of CSI. And don't lump me in with the "brat" crowd. I just finally got a fridge in my kitchen after a month of having to go to the garage.


  34. It was obviously the RAG's fault for being IN the bucket when you dumped the water. At least that would have been my rationale when I was having my temper tantrum over it happening.
    I'm not sure if it's any consolation, but I frequently complete a project (purchases, time, effort) before I realize I don't like it. I start over. Ask people I know how long my kitchen was pink, or how long my newest living room window treatments lasted. Oh well.

  35. LOL When it rains it pours...paint that is. Love your light and I love your wallpaper too. I think once you get everything pulled together, you will love it again too. Keep up the good work!

  36. I love that wallpaper, and that light is fabulous. Doesn't John know we're allowed to change out minds? Sometimes things don't turn out the way we pictured them in our overly creative brains. If you don't love it, it should go... but I'd wait until the room was more finished to decide. Live with it a little first so you don't regret tearing it down. Especially because it was so much work to put it up in the first place.

  37. Suzan, a movie , a book or a comedy series. I laugh so hard sometime's I almost pee my pant's !!!!!Your taste in decorating is divine. I check everyday for Susan say's: and John say's:You make my day !!! Your not a diamond in the rough; your a 10 carat canary diamond that shine's so BRIGHT!!!! Good luck w/the renovation, it'll end up as fabulous as you and your personality!!!!!! Happy Holiday's.

  38. Oh no...2 days down the drain. (oops, sorry, that was the microfibre cloth...) I can't even imagine the frustration...I'll bet you'll both be better & stronger when this is over.
    And no!! I'm not a spoiled brat! I live in a home that is in dire need of renos, but trying to get my husband to help me get moving is impossible!! Drywall needs replacing, floors need ripping up & replacing, walls painted...I wish I had time to start it myself. I call my husband a redneck, living in the country with all his 'toys'. lol
    Debbie :)

  39. It's always funnier after you tell it.
    But I bet when it's going on...its really
    John YELLS:
    Suzan SCREAMS:

    but at least the floor was painted...we had paint spilled on a floor we were undecided about painting. Now we are 'testing' the painted floor before completing it. ;)


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