Thursday, December 12, 2013

We ordered the kitchen cabinets!!!

On Wednesday we went to Ikea to order our kitchen cabinets.....................

I had built the kitchen online - but couldn't save it for some reason - so assumed someone at Ikea would help me out once I got there.

Suzan says - Hi - I'd like to order kitchen cabinets
Ikea staff says - Well we can certainly assist you - but we don't build it for you
Suzan says - That's fine - but I really do assistance - I couldn't save it for some reason
Ikea staff says - We'll be happy to assist you - we just can't build it for you - follow me

They plunk me down in front of a computer which is even slower than mine -
Ikea staff says - Ok you can start building your kitchen now

And I felt such an immense amount of pressure that I thought my head was going to explode.
So I called someone over

Suzan says - I really need some help here
Ikea staff says - We can help you but
Suzan cuts them off - I KNOW you can't build it for me - please don't tell me that again -
Ikea staff says - Okie Dokie - start building and we'll come by to help
Suzan says - but I need...............................
And they were gone -

Suzan says - John I feel like I'm about to experience Ikea Rage
John says - What the hell does that mean?
Suzan says - It means that I'm ready to slap someone - and that's not a good thing - because you happen to be closest to me at the moment
Suzan says - It means that if this computer wasn't screwed down to the desk I might throw it
Suzan says - It means -
John cuts me off - Ok Ok - let's get out of here

And we flew out the door - literally -

Last night I took my time and built my kitchen from home................

These are the cabinets we're going with ( kick plate will be installed on the bottom - the legs are hidden )

If I had been able to save the plans I could have showed you them - now you'll have to wait until it's installed but it includes a corner cabinet with a lazy suzan carrousel for easy access - 2 wine shelves on either side of the sink -a 3 drawer cabinet - a wide sink cabinet - 3 cabinets with shelves - and a cabinet book shelf beside the range area for cook books ( I'm telling you this for a reason LOL )

These drawer pulls - but in a Nickel Finish - ( although maybe I should have went with black to match the window that'll be installed - not sure - remember the window? ( you can see some gorgeous ones HERE

Suzan says - I may buy the black as well - and then I could change them out from time to time
John says - Who does that?
John says - Seriously - WHO DOES THAT?
Suzan says - Can you keep your voice down please?  We're at Ikea - people are looking at us
Suzan says - Anyway,  it's an affordable way to change the look of a kitchen instantly -
Suzan says - More people SHOULD do that, I think

The range " hood "

The fridge - ON SALE FOR 799.00 - OMG I COULD JUMP FOR JOY
( we paid well over 3000 for a very similar one 2 houses ago )

John says - It's too large for the kitchen
Suzan says - I'll figure it out -
John says - What are you going to do next - make the kitchen larger?

What I'm going to do - and I personally think I'm a genius for this idea - really a FREAKING genius -
is borrow some space from the mud room which is off the kitchen - and install this so that it's flush against the wall -

Suzan says - I'll buy some fake food from somewhere - and arrange it all pretty like.
John says - Smart ass - you know that?  You're such a smart ass

I am NOT a smart ass - I'm simply smart - I think that's what he meant really.

Because I got all of the above - ALL of it - every single item for
are you ready for this? ( including the hood and fridge )
2600 dollars -

Suzan says - I think I should be designing cost effective kitchens -
John says - I think you're a little too full of yourself
Suzan says - Can't you just say I did good John, can't you just say it - ONCE?
John says - You did good babe - actually you did really really good :)
John says - I wouldn't have thought it was possible
John says - Ok - stop it for God's sakes - Ikea is NOT a dance hall - why do you sing and dance all over the place - people must think you're touched...............

But he's not going to stop me from dancing - no way - I've earned it this time - and I intend to dance.....................

Delivery is scheduled for December 22 -
Now we have to get out tomorrow and pick the kitchen floor -
And make an appointment for the COUNTER MAN to come show us what he's got -
I'm really still leaning towards white marble - but I can easily be swayed with that one..................

The dream is fast becoming a reality everyone!!!!

The dream

Or my more affordable version of it anyway LOL
The only luxury items I can squeeze out of this kitchen reno are the window ( and I went overboard on that one completely ) and the counter.

We've been here 3 weeks today - yesterday the oil tanks were filled - 838.00 dollars worth
And the propane tank was filled - 178.00 dollars worth

We have no idea how full either of them were when we moved in - ( even though I'm a genius - I have
s.t.u.p.i.d. moments from time to time )

John says - That better not be for a month
Suzan says - That's impossible - don't be ridiculous

Can oil actually be that expensive - I mean I know it's expensive - but not that crazy expensive?
That must last a couple of months?

John says - I shouldn't have been so quick to get rid of all the Demolition Garbage
Suzan says - Why?
John says - We could have burned it all to stay warm
Suzan says - Agh - winter's not that long
John says - It's most of the year here, are you nuts?
Suzan says - It's December already - in a couple of weeks it'll be January
John says - AND???
Suzan says - Than it's February - a very short month - and then we're in the last month of winter after that
John shakes his head - No one would believe what I have to listen to - no one....................

In the meantime - I've discovered the first positive thing about Menopause - really - I could just turn the heat off completely and be fine :)

Much love,


  1. Love the black windows they look so grand. You really got a great deal at Ikea's, can't believe how much money you saved.
    So glad you did a post - have been wondering how you are doing. Stop by and see my Village that I put together for Christmas.
    Have a restful weekend.

  2. How exciting! Your inspiration photo is gorgeous and I can't wait to see more...

  3. I bought bathroom cabinets at Ikea. That helped me design it and pull it off shelves. They were really helpful. Maybe your ikea people suck

  4. I have designed several ikea kitchens and their software sucks. I now do it manually then add the parts online to keep track of what is needed. Not that you asked, but my advice to customize an Ikea kitchen is to make sure you gable the fridge on both sides. Bring the over fridge cabinet (you need the deep version of this) right to the front of the fridge so it is flush with the front. You will need a 2 x 4 behind the fridge cabinet to bring it forward. The gables will cover the 2 x4 so it will be hidden. Remember to gable the dishwasher both sides too. For some reason Ikea does not make it clear to bring the fridge cabinet forward and you are then left with a cabinet sitting back and the fridge sticking out. Ikea cabinets are great quality and can look fabulous with a good install. Don't mean to butt in, but I see installs all the time that could have been fabulous and people alwasy say they wish they had known.

  5. Completely addicted to your blog!! You crack me up! As well as John! Can't wait to see your house finished.

  6. What a fun post to read! I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. Great job on your selections. I can't believe you're doing a reno this time of year, but all the more power to you!! Can't wait to see it finished!

  7. If everyone is neat go with the marble. It does stain. I would say I'm neat, but I missed a tomato sauce spot and it left a red stain. I was able to get it out with bleach, but it took awhile. Ours is honed, so it didn't really leave a mark on the surface. I really love it polished, but there are things to know about that too. So if no one is likely to leave a pizza box on it or rest a spoon on it, it's fine. The beauty over the long term is the stains and the patina. It's just that red stands out. I like nickle or even brushed brass. I think black could be too harsh on white especially with the black window. Besides your inspiration looks like it might be brushed nickle. Don't they have showrooms where you go see the slab and pick it out? It's really hard to judge from a tiny sample.

  8. I have to say, you have the most incredible vision for how spaces can be transformed. This home is going to be amazing, and I am so glad that you have allowed us all to share on this incredible journey. Absolutely loving the direction you are going with in the kitchen - and I think if you do not go with marble, you will regret it every time you see a photo of a kitchen with marble counters. Happy Holidays!!

  9. I can't believe how quickly you are doing all this. I would still be looking at boxes and trying to decided what to do with each room.

  10. I can see you dancing around Ikea I really can. And I would be dancing too if I got all of that for that low price. so you dance away darling, dance dance . As for the oil, that should last you the rest of the winter. I think people only fill their oil tanks a few times a year. (depending on the size of your tank) Can't wait to see the kitchen, I love that counter top in your picture too. Can I ask where you got the range fan? I am still going back and forth with offers on my home, wish me luck. then I hope I can learn from you and score some good deals for the kitchen, which presently has 4 cupboards lol . keep scoring the deals my friend and dancing your heart away. Dance with her John you have one hell of a woman there. hugs Tobey

  11. Hurray for the cabinets and all being picked out and set to be delivered! Love having a ring-side seat to this...such fun from my end! Seriously, I love my quartz countertops so if you have to choose something else, check out those!
    High five for accomplishments!

  12. Oh, go with the white marble. When we installed granite in Steve's kitchen, we went with a sandy color and I have never loved it. Of course, it isn't my domain so I didn't get much say in the process.

  13. I may need you to check out some deals on refrigerators for me since you're so good at it. Mine has started singing me the song of it's people. Let's just say if it were human it would be old enough to drive.

    I am kinda glad that we live far apart. Otherwise I would feel compelled to come over and hang out with you and I'd probably bring wine and be a bad influence and a distraction. Count that as a blessing: "Cheryl is not showing up."

  14. Darling, look into heating alternatives NOW! Oil IS expensive, the most expensive way to go. Even electricity is cheaper. You did great on your cabinet choices & congrats on your great fridge buy.

  15. Suzanne, here is a trick with saving what you find on the computer. You can copy and paste the picture/s and words you want saved. I do this in a blank email and then email it to myself. I can also save it in my computer by pasting it into a word document. Really easy once you do it. The menopause thing is not fun. Just think of all the money you can save if you turn off the heat while John is at work. Blessings

  16. I must say; you and your dear, sweet hubby crack me up. You sure do brighten up my day. :}
    Everything is going to look pretty awesome once finished. I do love your window and the black drawer pulls / handles will really be a nice accent to your kitchen.
    Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful weekend.

  17. our kitchen is still ok but since I painted the walls bright white the doors look I am getting new doors from ikea for a fraction of the cost then I need glass splash backs-keep happy-love dee x

  18. LOL I had so much fun reading this post, Suzan! And you are incredibly smart, what an amazing price for everything, you did real good!! I hope you are able to get just as good deals for the flooring and counters.
    Merry Christmas to you & John!
    Debbie :)

  19. Dance away sister! :) And lol at crossing out the 'lazy Suzan' and replacing it w/the word 'carousel.' You make me laugh. Congrats on your new cabinets coming. :)

  20. What a deal! We don't have an Ikea in Savannah but I hear such great things about it. I am still waiting for the sitcom…maybe a reality show. That's it a reality show.
    Can't wait to see the new kitchen.
    Blessings, Ginger

  21. Incredible price for that much cabinetry. Ikea cabinets stand up very well to everyday use. Marble counters, not so well. I do love them, though!

  22. I wonder if I order a kick plate if I could hide my legs too?

  23. Oh, my! I can't believe you're ahead of me in your kitchen project!

  24. Oh wow....John sounds like a lot of other husbands out here....if you get my drift, Suzan. Gah!!! Why is it that WE are such positive thinkers and they are so negative??? Must be the Mars/Venus thing, huh? lol Anyway, your kitchen is truly becoming a reality! I am soooo geeked for you, girl!!!!! Stay positive!!!! lol

    xoxo laurie

  25. I came here- I read here- I am too tired tonight to comment here- but you know I love ya-xo Diana

  26. It sounds like you got a great deal! Seems to me that you've gotten an awful lot done in the three weeks you've been in the house. My favorite line from today's post? "I'll buy some fake food from somewhere, and arrange it all pretty like." Perfect!

  27. Suzanne, I have a friend that installed these cabinets in her home and they look wonderful! I know you must be so excited to finish your kitchen.


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