Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pieces

This post is for you Caroline!!!!

and this beauty

nice and small ( for a change )

and the sweetest young couple expecting their first baby bought these as a nursery " ensemble "

they felt the stripes on the chest were to " matchy matchy " so I painted them out and put a stencilled detail on it -
on the small end table I put a chrystal knob and a silver back plate for a little bling

so they're all painted the same color combinations - but each piece has their own special details and character.
I think this is going to make a gorgeous nursery and I'm just as excited as them :)

and on a final note - I know you Americans make fun of our money - Monopoly money - ( but honestly I prefer it different colors - I'm always so so careful when I'm in the States checking and checking to see if
I have the right denomination - lol - it really is easier when they're all different colors - but wait till you see
what the goverment has done now -
CREEPY - LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING  Lord Voldemort would use - ugghhhh

isn't it the weirdest looking thing ( apparently you cannot forge it )

I mean I'll take it - I'll take tons and tons of them actually - but I don't have to like it
( and I emphatically don't )
Sort of looking like Jetson's Monopoly money now, doesn't it? Space age at it's finest,  lol

Off to paint again
So I can earn some more of those things.......................



  1. Nice stuff. I prefer the chest the way it is now actually...

    As for the plastic cash, I love it. Reminds me of being in Australia and that's always good. Plus it'll cost us a helluva lot less since it lasts way longer than paper.

  2. Love the set! It does look a bit futuristic. But as long as it spends..who cares!


  3. I love the "set" and love that they're staying together. I have many Canadian friends and I've heard that about our money, that it's confusing. Cracks me up.

  4. I love the set and it will be so cute in a nursery. The new money is funny looking and rubbery feeling. And I always wondered why if we take American money here why doesn't the states accept Canadian money.

  5. The new bills have such a weird feel to them! But I'll gladly take a handful of 50's, haha.

  6. You're right - that is kinda creepy!! Have fun painting - can't wait to see the results :)

  7. Hi- you do an amazing job!! Thanks for stopping by my blog Pretty In Paint , and following! Im your newest follower, cant wait to look through your archives :) :)

  8. I love the set! Did you ask the couple to send you pictures of the nursery? I would love to see it all done up!

    You can't say we're not innovative with our money, lol! I just read that although this plastic money cannot be ripped and lasts a really long time, because it's plastic it can melt. Someone left their wallet on top of a hot toaster oven and the bills shrivelled up! Still, they will last longer than paper money.

    1. with all the humidty? OMG - we're all going to be walking around with melted money in our pockets lol

  9. Love the details you added to the set, makes it unique. In MIchigan we love our Canadian neighbors but the new design on the money, it truly is "funny money" now! Maybe the Canadians are just leading edge and the rest of the world has to catch up! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

    1. No - we copied Australia actually - not so leading edge lol

  10. You have some beautiful new pieces and the set is gorgeous! It will be adorable in a nursery. As for our new money - I hate the feel of it and I found it likes to stick together - okay I guess if you are on the receiving end - not so good if you're on the giving end.

  11. You know, I think I too, like the stenciling better than the stripes, too. The set is lovely!

  12. Very pretty!!! I like the stenciling too. Better than the stripes. I have never been to Canada and have never seen your money; but it looks so fun to me....all those colors! But what is that thing they put on there now? Is that a rocket, or a skyscraper with it's top exploding? Very odd , and yes, creepy!!!


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