Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A little bit of shopping and an update

Good morning everyone :)

My computer decided to die on me this week - the keyboard is a mess - it takes me twenty minutes to type a line - so this post took approximately 24 hours to type LOL

On top of everything else I have to shop for - I now have to go computer shopping - NOT on my favorite list :(


I originally intended for the counter top to be THE luxury item in the kitchen - seems like the window will be too - it was quite expensive but hey that's what peanut butter was invented for, right?  I'm foreseeing a lot of
PB sandwiches in the not too distant future but I'll get to eat them looking out of this beauty.
It'll come primed because believe it or not they were going to charge me 450.00 dollars to paint it black - that on top of the already exorbitant price they charged ( I only need 36" by 48" - not a very large window at all...................) so yours truly will be painting it black - the window itself is wood, easily done !!!
BUT it's a custom order and will only be ready mid January because of the Christmas holidays - I don't get that at all - Christmas is still 3 weeks away ( brief panic attack just hit me for a second ) so I'm going to have to live with a plywood boarded up window for quite a while.

We also selected the kitchen tile - I wanted to go with a white - John chose ( I have to let him choose something - even if it makes me crazy to do so ) he chose a deep smoky grey porcelain tile.............very
nice ( I'm not doing cartwheels over it or anything - but neither am I tempted to throw up my dinner )

I'm going through hell trying to figure out a stove ..................I'm closer than close to getting an " induction " but believe it or not I'm afraid of it - is this what happens when you hit your 50's I wonder?  These new
" contraptions " scare you to death lol?  I thought I was cool and up to date having a gas range in the last house lmho...........

Suzan says - I'm thinking maybe we could get an induction stove this time
John says - What's an introduction stove?
Suzan says - INDUCTION
John says - What the hell is an induction stove?
Suzan says - It cooks food through a magnetic force - the stove top stays completely cool - only the surface where the pot meets the burner gets hot...............and it cooks even more precise than a gas stove
Suzan says - You can only use steel cookware - because of the magnetic field - so they recommend you bring a magnet with you when buying pots to see if the cookware's ok
John says - Sounds bloody ridiculous to me - absolutely ridiculous -
Suzan says - Apparently gas is a thing of the past with chefs - they're all using induction now
John says - Are you telling me you're on par with a professional chef???
Suzan says - It boils water in 1 minute
John says - Let's live with the 3 minutes it takes on a regular stove ...................

That particular conversation is to be continued.

I forgot to mention on my last post - about the demolition of the kitchen - that it was my son - son-in-law and a friend of their's that did that for us - credit where credit is due..............

On Monday, friends of ours came by to see the place - ( a contractor by trade ) and we explained that we were going to get the boys to do most of the work for us ( saving a LOT of money ) but that we were a little panicked because they could only come on the weekends.

On Tuesday - we got a call from this particular friend

Friend says - I just had a job delayed for a week and a half - can you use some help?
Suzan says - I really can't pay the going rate - that's why I'm having the boys help us this time
Friend says - Don't worry about the going rate - I'll do it for much less to help you guys out - you're friends - you're family
Suzan almost cries...................I can't say what he's charging because he says he will never charge this to anyone else as long as he lives LMHO - but it's basically a gift.
That and the toaster oven they brought over - here's my kitchen in my living room

Oh I believe there are angels among us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give.
To guide us with the light of love.

It took a full gallon of paint to paint this cupboard/nook in the upstairs landing

I'm out of shape after living in a one storey the last 3 years - completely forgot what it's like going up and down stairs all day - I swear to God I woke up the second morning and panicked - I thought I had developed MS or something ( and I'm not joking - it was scary - had to walk down the stairs holding on to the wall ) couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong with my legs - Dr. John diagnosed it - and I guess he was right - they're perfectly fine today :)

Tomorrow I'm off to get supplies and possibly a new computer - I've almost thrown this one out the window 5 times writing this up.

NO MICE left in the house - for now.
I found John's boxers.
AND I think that about sums everything up - now you know everything whether you wanted to or not lol

One last song?

♪ doo doo doo looking out my back door ♪ ♪

Winter has arrived - another Angel must have been looking out for me on Friday - the snow waited until after moving day to wreck havoc on the city !!!

Have a great Thursday everyone -
Much love - hugs and kisses too - lots of them
To my American friends - if I don't have a computer by the weekend, you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
( wonder if I can get a small turkey in a toaster oven LMHO )


  1. Your love of life and living is so happy to read! I truly enjoy your blog so much!

  2. I love seeing what you are doing to the new house and the window you chose is going to be gorgeous in black. What a great cupboard in the upstairs landing! Storage!! I think that if I ever move out of my house the only thing I will look for in my new digs will be storage space. People who live in regular sized houses have no idea of the challenges those of us living in small spaces face! Good luck in the computer hunt. I don't know how big a screen you need or if you need a lot of bells and whistles but my mom got a Chrome notebook from Samsung and she loves it. I like it so much it will be the computer replacement for me as soon as the monolith in my studio dies. At less than $300 it fits in my budget!

    BTW - I know you can roast a chicken in a toaster oven but it would have to be a mighty small turkey to squeeze on in there!!

  3. When we are working on a house I always think that the beginning decisions set the mood for the home.Like windows, doors, tile, things that you will not be exciting! Dianntha

  4. I really like the style of the window, it will be well worth the wait.

  5. I'm sorry about your computer troubles Suzan! Hopefully you'll have a new one soon. I'm glad you got to order your window and hope it all works out for arriving when it's supposed to in January. Too bad for the wait. Your friend is a real gem to help you guys out with the kitchen! Wow. That's a really good friend indeed. I hope you have a good weekend. It's turned colder here today with flurries after 14 and rain yesterday. Crazy weather. If we had gotten snow here it would have been 40 cm. of it. I'm glad it was rain.

  6. At least you didn't murder your computer like I did when I went to get a drink of water (so very thirsty), walked back toward the computer with a full glass of water, tripped so very gracelessly (a real word?), and watched as the water made a perfect arch and soaked the laptop! Are you sure that YOU are charging enough for your painting skills? $450 to paint a window??!! One window. Are you sure you are painting the right things. Seems like windows would make you RICH in a hurry! Enjoy shopping, my friend.♥♫

  7. How wonderful that your friend is helping you. You will make progress so much faster that way. Looking forward to your next entertaining update.

  8. I'm so glad your angels are surrounding you! The tile sounds nice and I'm sure you'll have an induction stove some day... lol!

    Have a happy weekend Suzan xoxoxox

  9. Wow you found the window! I LOVE it!

    Wonderful friends.

    I love the nook with the bookcase!

  10. Suzan,
    So happy you are in and moved!!! Now the fun really begins. I love the window and what a wonderful gift to have your contractor friend do some of the work for you. You deserve this after everything you have gone through so far on this new journey. I cannot wait to see the finished kitchen. It will be over the top amazing.
    Kris :)

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Suzan!! I have an induction stove & I love it!!

  12. How wonderful to be able to get some extra help, especially before Christmas! Hopefully with the season of shopping upon us you will be able to find some good deals both on your stove and a new computer!

  13. Oh I know how much those windows cost. Yikes. Friends of ours just did their ancestral home in those windows, wood with an encastré exterior. Lovely. You will enjoy that window Suzan...a lot

  14. You're so lucky to have contractor friends... Most of my friends are useless teachers!!! Love them anyway.
    Windows can be costly, mine cost me an arm and a leg, but I still smile every time I look at it. I haven't chosen the tiles for the kitchen backsplash, wonder if I should let the cat choose... They'll want something with fish on it! But I'm settled on a gas stove, call me old lady, if you want!

  15. holy smoke 450 that is stupid glad you found johns boxers tell him he can now join the guys in the kmart commercial lol angels will look after you and some wine won't hurt either xx

  16. Not a great time for the computer to die! I feel for you, mine is not acting great but I'm trying to hold off as long as I can. I saw the pictures on the news about the storm you got, very lucky it held off...or you have an angel looking out for you, like you said.
    Debbie :)

  17. Listen to me - get the induction. I am estatic with mine which I bought at Sears, it's an Electrolux. Bottom drawer works like an over, heats up to 400 degrees. All my girlfriends want one now! I bought it out of money my Mom left me. Our house is up for sale and they can have the other appliances but this oven is coming with me. Period. I had gas, it makes the kitchen hot. The induction is a breeze to keep clean. nothing burns or sticks because the top doesn't get hot. It is the way to go. The racks telescope out. I am in love!!!! Patty/BC

  18. Oh how I'm loving this ride you're taking us one, Suzan! lol I can just picture the "discussions" with John, you attempting to walk down the stairs on wobbly legs, you throwing your computer out... into your POOL????? A pool? REally??? You lucky duck!!! lol Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, girlfriend! It was a wonderful day for us - full of blessings! ♥ Keep on truckin', girlie!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Love the window. We put in a new kitchen a year ago and I got a new stove sort of like what you were talking about. It took me a bit to get used to it...but I really love it now.

  20. Congrats on the window! Worth living on PBJ's if you got what you love! Plus you are saving $$ on the contractors, lol! If John doesn't agree about the induction stove, hide his boxers till he says yes!

  21. I hope you get your computer fixed soon - that is the worst! The after picture on that cupboard is amazing...seriously. I'm glad you're feeling better, too. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you and your blog. XOXO

  22. They make it a point to get to know their customers they keep track of people entering the facility which gives me peace of mind when it comes to storing something in the city.
    self storage Tingalpa

  23. Look at you go! I cannot wait to get started. Love your new living room kitchen. I'm missing you girl!

  24. A repairman once told us to stuff steel wool in spots where mice might be entering or around pipe holes, as they won't go near or squeeze through the steel wool.

  25. Aren't contractor friends handy to have, can't wait to see all that you are going to do to the house. Sounds like a lot of work, take some time for you too. Sucks about the computer hope you have all of your pictures backed up. And when you mentioned Christmas is 3 weeks away you sent me into a panic lol. hugs Tobey

  26. Good for you with your friend willing to help you guys out!! Happy to hear you found John's boxers. He must be happy. We are still going with gas in our new house. I don't like how induction wears on top of t he stove. I love gas!!, stoves that is, LOL!!


  27. You are the queen of panic!! And listen, you, I might have to choke you. I have no idea what the heck induction is, but here I've been so excited about finally getting rid of my electric range and getting a gas cooktop. NOW YOU TELL ME IT'S PASSE????? Yes, chokes for Suzan. All around.


  28. What a gorgeous window. I will be so excited to see it in and painted!! You are amazing taking on such a big project and in the middle of winter too! Glad to hear John got his undies all in order. lol! I am especially glad the weather held up for you during your move. What a nasty storm that rolled in. We are having a warm go here in Alberta, but that's all supposed to change tomorrow. YIKES.


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