Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dancing Queen?

I have an overwhelming desire to dance..........

In the midst of hundreds of boxes surrounding me at this point - calls to all the services to have everything transferred - countless calls to moving companies - notary appointments to set up - the only thing I feel like doing is dancing.................

Last night I blasted some old c.d's and started twirling around the dining room while packing -

John says - What the hell are you doing exactly?
Suzan says - The Boot Scootin' Boogie
John says - What?
Suzan says - A line dance - I'm line dancing - except I'm the only one in the line - come join me?
John says - You've got to be kidding me
as I stroll past him and do a quick shuffle - kick - shuffle and shake my boogie

John shakes his head -
John says - It's like living with a Schizophrenic
John says - one minute you're throwing plates into the wall and the next thing you're doing a bootie something or other  ( my plate episode can be found here. )
Suzan says- it's the BOOT SCOOTIN' BOOGIE - and I used to be the Queen of that dance..............

I grabbed his hand - and tried to get him to join me - but I'd have more luck dancing with these

Which I did for a little bit - but talk about boring - I mean they just sit there - like a - well -  a John actually!!!


(/ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or /ˌskɪtsɵˈfrniə/) is a mental disorder characterized by problems with thought processes and by poor emotional responses.[1] Common symptoms are delusions including paranoia and auditory hallucinationsdisorganized thinking reflected in speech, and a lack of emotional intelligence. It is accompanied by significant social or vocational dysfunction.

Reading the definition I think he may be on to something..........................

Still - I'd give anything to be a part of something like this 
( I know you've all probably seen this a million times - but it's worth it to see a million and one times - 
just to see the joy in the audiences faces - pure joy - which is not what John was showing as I shimmied
past him ) 

Flash Mob Extraordinaire!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone

Hey Macarena!!!!


  1. What do you think the chances are of John joining in with a flashmob? Too much English reserve, LOL.

  2. You make me laugh out loud, Suzan!! :-D
    Poor John. Tell him I'll come visit him in the home someday when his brain is totally fried from bewilderment.

  3. I was never the queen of any dance and believe me, Steve would side with John on this one. We can get together and dance while John and Steve talk about marriage to "schizos".

  4. You might as well have a little fun! And music can sure put you in a dancing mood! It won't be long now.....sweet hugs!

  5. That flash mob video was wonderful! I smiled and sang all of the way through it :) Thanks for sharing, Suzan~

  6. Dancing is good for the soul. No schizophrenia required. In fact, I think that it may ward off some forms of mental disease. You go, girl.

  7. We get our dance on every Monday night at the local community centre where we take lessons - last night we foxtrotted around - so much fun. But it can be challenging for the marriage - who leads who?

  8. What I love about those is that everyone is enjoying them, no matter age, SES, etc. I'd love to come across one some day. :)

  9. Ahh...I would have danced with you!! I too am a dancing fool! We usually get dancing at the end of a dinner party around here...nothing like it.
    And hey, am I the only one who gets teary watching that flash mob clip...everytime...what is that all about. Better read your posts on Meno....

  10. I would be dancing with you Suzan - it's good for the soul to dance dance dance. I loved the flash mob. I had a stick in the mud husband also that's why my marriage only lasted 8 years. I'm so glad that you have a great sense of humor. Just keep on dancing sweetie.

  11. he is on to something :) I hope you keep dancing...

  12. That video was awesome! I'd never seen it before (me of 3 TV channels in the country). What fun. I can see you doing the same thing dancing around your piles of boxes. I think I want to watch that movie now. I bet it will be on over the Christmas holidays on 1 of our 3 channels. Maybe I should get the DVD. Keep on dancing Suzan! Hugs, Pam

  13. Yup, I've seen that flash mob quite a few times! One of my favourite...sometimes I'll sit and watch a bunch of them, they are so enjoyable, make you feel happy. I remember my Mom taking line dancing and at one of our parties she got up & did the boot-scooting-boogie. Of course my sisters & I joined in, can't be just one in a line dance, like you said!
    Debbie :)

  14. Lol...don't us girls all dance with boxes???? Great post Suzan

  15. That was awesome Suzan! I'll totally do a flashmob dance with you in Manhattan or Vermont or wherever!

  16. Glad you did some dancing...I'm sure it lifted your spirits as moving can be very stressful!!

  17. I have never been a good dancer but there are times I crank up the music and sing until my little hearts content!!! I love to sing but the unfortunate thing is I have the worst voice and the other unfortunate thing is I know the words to every song I play, LOL!!!


  18. Well, my husband would have been standing right next to John, and I would have joined you and the cartons! Loved the video! I was in that train station once but unfortunately not that day :(


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