Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decision time is fast approaching

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions

We'll be purchasing our cabinets from Ikea
I will NOT be having the metal legs but rather a standard kick plate on the bottom

I have to tell you I'm really loving this soft grey 
I think it would be just beautiful with white countertops 
( and my black window ) 
( and that's how fast the intention of an all white kitchen can fly out the window )

             But I'm completely torn about it - and think perhaps I should be going with white for neutrality -
                                                                     Thoughts anyone?
                                                         Want to help a drowning woman?
                                          You'll feel better about yourself if you do - I promise

Go with my heart and get white marble ?

or my brains and get white quartz ?
( trouble - stain - scratch resistant )
sort of looks like marble without all the maintenance, right?
This is going to be the most expensive single purchase
for the kitchen so I HAVE to get it right

I think I found the window though
I went back to the black window post
and added it - but since I don't think anyone
goes backward on my blog to see if I've amended a post
I'll show it again now lol

Have no idea what it costs - we'll go look on the weekend I suppose
but it's a European style shutter window - because it opens on the inside
and has no bar in the middle
and OMGOSH - I'm LOVING that hardware - look at that little knob!!!
Is that the most charming window or what?

I'd forfeit the ceiling tiles to have this
( if it's over budget - and I can guarantee it will be ) 
and afterall a ceiling can be added at any time really

I might even give up a fridge and stove to have this LMHO
( and possibly my right arm ) 

Oh - did I mention it comes in black?
I still have this vision in my head
like a tattoo on my brain
and I'm liking the break between the 2 windows after all

Found these panels while cruising around Reno Depot
( Home Depot's competition here in Canada ) 
13.95 a panel - made of MDF - you install them with glue and nails 
add a chair rail to the top edge
and paint paint paint
( white white white ) 
Are they fabulous or what?
Instead of the same old - same old - bead board panelling 
( of which I'm a lover of - but I've done it so often I really am ready for a change )

This will make a HUGE impact for not a lot of money don't you think?

Wonder how hard it would be to turn this

into this 
because this is the one I meant to buy LOL

AGA KHAN'S GUEST HOUSE ( click to see all the images )
source - Huffington Post

I'll be at the notary's this morning - signing off on our house
And then I'll be at the notary's tomorrow morning - buying our new house
and then I'll be moving the day after that

Time to shed a few tears
Pull out some more hair
and try to make a few dreams a reality 

Much love


  1. Oh Suzan, it will all come together. I like everything that you have picked out and I know it will be fabulous - can hardly wait to see the transformation you will make.
    Have a great week.

  2. Remember--vodka helps you move. Just sayin'.

  3. I say go with white cabinets...but the gray would be very nice...you just might tire of it. But then gray would look nice with white marble. As for marble or quartz. If you get the quartz...you will still probably always wish for marble. But the quartz is almost as pretty. I think your new house is lovely and has great potential. Love that window.

  4. Stick with the white cabinets!! You will never regret it! I did it 4 years ago and still love, love, love, them. Welcome to the West Island Suzan! I'm sure you will grow to love it as I do. All the best and looking forward to many new great blog posts!!

  5. I would do grey on the bottom and white on top. Use the Quartz counters. I did marble in Florida and the etching is awful. No stains but there is etching (dullness) in rings and spots all over it. Yo can really see it in certain lights and it looks messy. Plus it chips easy. Someone chipped the edge by the sink washing a fry pan. If I could do it again only 6 months later, I would use the Quartz, despite the fact my heart called for marble.

  6. I've also heard that marble can be a bit more fragile...If you go with the gray cabs and you get tired of them, you can always paint them white! :)

    John will LOVE that.


  7. Ok, Suzan! I love the grey cabinets and it'd look so beautiful with your counter choices. Personally, I'd go with the quartz. I have them in my city house and plan to upgrade the farmhouse ones with it too someday. The stuff is the best countertops ever! I love them!

    Love that window but either will look good. And that panel! Yes! What fun to get to shop and choose. It's going to look great. Best wishes for a smooth transition ( and it's ok to shed a few tears too ).

  8. I actually think the front of the house you're buying is more charming than the one you show below it. I like the simplicity of it... and as for your cabinet colours, why not have both? You could use grey lowers with white uppers or some such combination. Love your new house!

  9. Suzan,
    Go with your gut on this one. You have such a good sense of style so which ever one you pick grey or white it will look fabulous. I love that marble so classy and it will look so great with the black window. Good luck today. I know it is bittersweet.

  10. I have faith that you will figure out which to choose, and it will be gorgeous -- better than Aga Khan's guest house! For what it's worth, I've heard that marble is not as durable in the kitchen, but practicality has never stopped me before when I've really had my heart set on it :)

  11. I think if you get gray and don't like it later, you can paint it white. Or you can get white and if you don't like it later, paint it gray. :)

    Have fun being busy. :) :)

  12. You have extraordinary vision, Suzan.

    (My bottom cupboards are grey, and the uppers are white. Mine are painted though so I don't have as much commitment to them.... I like the grey lowers because they don't show dirt smudges as quickly. Of course, I could always just vow to become a better housekeeper.)

  13. So many wonderful choices I am glad I don't have to make the decision! Can't wait to see what you finally decide!

  14. I love the outside of your house. It's so darn cute.

    I've seen the Ikea gray kitchen with lots of white on the counters and the upper shelving. I prefer their gray finish over their white.

    Don't forget to run the numbers on some other cabinet brands, especially if you think you are going to stay a time; Ikea cabinets are single hung. Also, in older houses the walls and ceilings may not be straight and there is not a lot of flexibility in size, that's why we had to go with another company. In my kitchen I have IKEA butcher block islands and they are holding up.

    I love the marble. I have honed on the sides of the stove. It does stain, but it looks neat if it is butter. Because it is not polished stains don't show as much because the surface is dull, but I think it also means it could stain easier. I think it depends on how neat everyone is. It does look original. For example, I don't think it would be a good idea to leave a pan on it, because it probably would leave a ring.

    I have a cheese board of Cambria; it's pretty, and it looks like the sample you posted, but it looks man-made if I put it next to marble or granite.

    I recommend River White Granite. You would have to look at several slabs. The key is "river". Looking for the movement and white with no yellow tones. If it doesn't have the movement it doesn't look as much like marble. I have both in the kitchen and no one notices they are different, because I coordinated them.

    Quartzite is a real stone that is between granite and marble in hardness. It will stain, but it looks like marble too.

    Ikea cabinets with a man-made counter-top could look contemporary in an old house, unless that is what you want. If it is not, then a natural counter-top will be important.

  15. IKEA cabinets are going to save you $$$, so....maybe there's $$ for the window AND ceiling. Can't wait to see what you select. Hope you found the purse.♥♫

  16. Go with your heart, pick the white if that's the look you want, and love the marble. And that window is too cute. I have a question what is wrong with the cupboards in the new house, how come you are gutting it already? Don't over whelm yourself with too many projects all at once. live in the house for a bit, get the feel for it. did you find your purse my dear, curious as too where it was, and how many boxes you went through to find it lol hugs Tobey

  17. I know it doesn't seem so to you, but now it seems like the sale and purchase went so fast.

    We have a tan granite in Steve's kitchen. He loves it, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Go with what you LOVE.

  18. I love the picture of the black-framed window that comes right down to the countertop, rather than having a backsplash. I'm not sure I could handle that space between the two sides, though, for I'd be standing right in the middle, staring at that 'wall.'

    I know whatever you choose, we'll all love what you do with it! You've sure got your hands full the next few days...and beyond.

  19. My vote is for white! And for countertops I gotta tell you we put in a new kitchen last December. Yup......right over both holidays. Hubby doing all the work (retired builder/contractor). We crisscrossed the state looking at all the options for countertops and after weeks we were in a showroom and I siad what I really wanted was wood like I had in NH. Real wood. Grab the palm sander and oil twice a year. BUT...they cost as much as the rest of the kitchen now for nice butcher block. The man asked if we had check the ones at Ikea. Beautiful! Three 9' lengths installed in my kitchen and momma is happy. I'm one of those gals who still cooks, bakes and loves her kitchen. Roll out the dough right on the counter. My island, which was not part of the reno has black speckly granite tilesl set on point so anything that's on the glass cooktop has a nice safe yard around it.

  20. I know you'll make a good decision on your cabinets Suzan. IKEA is the way to go for sure. I don't know anything about marble or quartz as we could only afford laminate. lol I love the window! I'm sure it's expensive but if it's your dream then go for it. The wall panel is really nice too. It will add a great touch. I'll be thinking of you this week with all your running and moving. Blessings to you! Pam

  21. I have an idea....instead of picking just one color, why not do both colors for the cabinets? Grey on the bottom and white on the top? White and grey are both classic choices that always stand the test of time....

  22. awwww big hugs to you and john xx

  23. Good luck with the next few days. I know whatever you decide on will be perfect. xo Laura

  24. Get what you want and you'll never be sorry. I'd go for the lower maintence type materials myself. My counter tops are used so much that I went with granite 13 years ago and have never regretted it. I even chalk paint on top of it with no protective covering- washes right off. No scratching, no staining, no reaction to acidic cleansers with lemon, vinegar, etc.
    It's going to be beautiful!

  25. LOVE your blog!! Go for the marble!!! Go BIG or go home, that's what I say

  26. I love the grey cabinets and I agree, NOT, with the legs. You are so good at what you do anything you choose will work. I had quartz in the other house and I am getting it again without a doubt. I love it, no stains, no scratches and you can clean it with anything. I opt to clean it with vinegar Windex. I have so many ideas of what I want for our kitchen. I can't wait to get to that point. A note, Ceaserstone sells a finish that is called Misty Carrera and they have samples that look just like marble. They will send pretty decent size samples off their site for only a few bucks. I did it and don't regret it because they are big and you can see them in your own lighting.


  27. I think you'll tire of the grey and it does limit you stylistically. Love the quartz - wish I could do mine now. But just found out I need a new stove in the very near future.

    Good luck with the move, my friend.

  28. My vote is white kitchen and whit quartz, kitchen because you'll kick yourself when you finally get over grey and quartz because. Your kids are of chil bearing age and if grand kids come you'll be mighty glad for tough! Good luck with the move

  29. I love your new choices... that paneling is very awesome. I'm going to email you something about the cabinets that I saw.

  30. Go with thé Quartz. Hanstone i believe. Outstanding product and I know the owners. I was their controller for 5 yrs. I had the honor in naming one of their colours. Lol. If you want to get a look at a large slab let me know because Leeza distribution is here in Montreal they import for North America we can take a tour around the warehouse. No need to seal it and it is stronger and stain resistant. Google Leeza distribution!!!

  31. Hi,
    All white kitchens are really starting to grow on me. Though the grey is quite lovely it wouldn't be for me. Check out the blog "Southern Hospitality" she purchased a new-to-her home not too long ago and used Ikea cabinets in her kitchen. She gives lots of hints, suggestions and what she thought of the kitchen and the service she received from them. Though she is in Atlanta, Ikea is basically the same no matter where you are.
    Counters I know nothing about but I do know I like easy to take care of things.
    Windows. Love the black trim and love the casement (?) windows that open in buuuuuut I love putting plants and/or herbs on kitchen window sills. Happened to have them in an apartment I had long ago and decided though I loved the look I would not have them again. I do like windows that open out but have heard lots of complaints about the hardware on the inside. My parents have trailered for years and my Mom loved the windows that louvered open outside. She said that it was great when it rained as you could leave them open, smell the wonderful rain-fresh air and unless the wind was blowing in a bizarre way it didn't get wet inside. I don't even know if they are available outside of trailers or anywhere else, for that matter. If I ever get the opportunity to have the choice of the kind of windows I would have, I would go with that type if they could be found.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with tears.
    Thank care and will be thinking good thoughts for you and John.

    1. Oops, forgot!
      Wow! Really, really like the panelling (or whatever it's called)! Have never heard of it before! Will need to check out Home Depot and Lowes here in London.
      Another option is for board and batten. There are gagillions of DIYs out in the blogosphere. Again, check with the blog "Southern Hospitality" she used it in a number places in her new home. Seems very simple to do and very, very reasonable.

    2. Oops, again!
      If you would like lots of great ideas re using molding in your home check out the blog "Tidbits from the Tremaynes" she did the 31 days of Molding in October. The blog itself is wonderfully funny and tongue-in-cheek and she has a vast knowledge of all things molding.

  32. Okay now I have to Google Reno Depot! I haven't heard of it here in western Canada. Cabinets are a hard decision Suzan, but you're a painting Goddess so it doesn't matter what color you get. You could change them every week if you wanted!! Good luck with all the paper work. By next week, this will all be over :)

  33. I'd go for white, but I've been reading your blog for a while, I've seen your painted furniture and your gorgeous home, so I think you'll go for grey. It's more like you, I believe... Maybe I'm wrong, can't wait to see!

  34. You buy the potential for a sweet french cottage and yet wish you had a spanish hacienda? How did that happen, I wonder. !!!!!
    If you are young , marble will do, as you have the guts to get it re-habbed and polished by a pro when necessary. After a certain age, quartz will be okay due to less maintenance.
    But i think you are still young enough to deal with marble and white in the kitchen.
    On the other hand, I expect you will sell this place w/i a few years and whatever you do is just a test kitchen for the next place. You can't resist a challenge, right?
    I love those windows you want and can picture them in the front. Next up, those upstairs windows? So un-Suzanne. Not quite vintage enough.

    I look forward to seeing the facade when you get through making it over.
    Bon chance.

    1. Oops, sorry, mentally mixed you up with a Suzanne I know, Suzan.

  35. wow wow wow love everything and its going to look stunning cant wait to see

  36. I LOVE the new choice of window! Those are the EXACT same ones I kept seeing all over old Montreal and Old Quebec city. We had them in our hotel room in Montreal and I actually squealed when we walked into our room for the first time and I ran over and pulled them open :-)


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