Friday, November 15, 2013

Wish List - Part Deux..................

Good morning!!!

In between packing now, I find myself all over the net looking for inspiration.

Remember when I mentioned that I would love to have French Doors in the new dining room?

Well here's a pair I'm in love with - from Home Depot

Now any set of French Doors that I've ever had installed have always had the multiple small panes of glass but I have to tell ya - I'm kind of loving the clean look of all glass -   plus it will show more of the " view " of the garden I'm sure.................
This is only on the list for next summer - so plenty of time to change my mind - but it's kind of where I'm leaning

I've also decided that the room to the left of the hallway ( left in the photos - but actually to the right when standing in the entrance way ) will have french doors installed - to replace those horrid panes of interior windows that are currently there - and allow easy access to the room  ( it currently has a door around the corner )
Originally I thought of just dry walling it - but french doors will work much better - and will look pretty from the living room - AND will allow more light into the living room -

In our last home we had 6 french doors installed - all in solid oak - they cost a fortune - and lesson learned -
after about a year or so I wanted to paint them and John went ballistic because of the cost involved in buying oak - and he had a point -
Soooo - it will be a cheaper version this time around - something I'll feel no guilt at all about painting!

Since the opening is wider than 2 doors - I may have a panel on either side like the photo below - I absolutely LOVE that these slide - especially for a small home where doors opening and closing can become a " space " issue


Did I mention that I'm taking my 3 chandeliers with me?  You were supposed to remind me NOT to take them ( HERE ) but no one did - and I forgot - and well, they're coming with me - so one of them will reside
over the dining room table once again

 I may have to have them shortened slightly - although the ceilings in the new house are taller than average - they are in no way as tall as the windows in my Victorian Flat...................

Oh and I've lost my purse - seriously - don't know if it got accidently packed at this point - but can't find it anywhere - and we're off to the notary today - where I have to show identification - and which is all in the missing purse :)
So far it's not in the entry way

or the dining room

or off the hallway

I'm thinking " Waldo " may have slipped in and stolen it because I seriously feel like I'm living in his world right now

Where's Suzan today?
At the hairdressers getting this mane of hair completely cut off

Because I don't see me having any time to take care of it in the forseeable future

Oh and at the notary - without any indentification - other then John saying - Trust me - it's her - there's not another out there ( hopefully )

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Much love,


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  2. Love your ideas for your new home..How exciting to have a new slate to be creative with. Good luck on the purse...we have looked over your photos and we do not see it either...Wink...thanks for the share.

  3. I am sooo excited for you! All the planning and decorating you have ahead of you is like multiple Christmas-s wrapped up in one!!

  4. I have a somewhat similar version of french doors to the outside..... originally there was a grid between the glass but I took those out years ago.... I really like your newer version. One thing that I liked about our doors was that there was no center post. Meaning that moving LARGE furniture in and out of the home was not a problem. The original thought was that we would have large gatherings and could open the dining area to the outside and have a very grand area...summer bugs and flies have eliminated that elegant vision..... lol I do think the inside sliders are gorgeous.....

  5. Love those solid glass french doors! They will look perfect! I know it's a busy but exciting time......thinking about all the "renovations, changes and decorating" for the new home! Glad to take this journey with you! Blessings~~~Roxie

  6. LOVING your choices, Suzan! That is going to be an amazing house when you get done with it...and I hope you love living out of the city. Here's hoping you find your purse- that is just plain scary. When my daughter lost hers and reported it to the police they asked het what was in it...and she said, "My life". lol

    OH NO- NOT THE HAIR- I don't want to be the only long hair out here- xo Diana

  7. Now I have proof that I have a good reason why I'm NOT coming to help move boxes! Hope that purse shows up. If you MUST have identification, do what my mom did when she had to have something notarized at the bank and discovered her ID was expired! She cried and threw a fit--89 years old!! I was ready to melt away and disappear, but thought I'd better check my driver's license, just in case...IT was expired, too!! Luckily I was in the grace period and got my renewed on-line, but apparently my mom can't do that. I told my brother THAT was going to be his job getting her to town for that experience. Now, where would a purse be hiding?!!♥♫

  8. they say moving is only second to divorce in stress making, I can believe it, wow, thats a lot of boxes!!!I hope you find your purse, gosh thats unsettling but by the look of it , the purse is just in that pile of boxes somewhere, better hang it around your neck!!! I'm sad to hear you're cutting your hair, not too short I hope, you have beautiful hair,

  9. I'm a notary. But I'm the wrong country to help you out... sorry 'bout that.

    Those doors with the sliding panels are the bomb!

  10. Good luck Suzan, I'm glad you've got your inspirations and dreams keeping you cheery! Have a great weekend!

  11. I've been considering getting a big haircut too...if I do it'll be the first time I've lopped it all off in many, many years.

    I like the clean look of the all glass too, especially if there's a good view.

    And LOL to the chandeliers. I loved the ones in our house when we looked at it. After we bought it and came back, the previous owners had removed them and replaced them with cheapies. grrr

  12. John sounds a lot calmer than Steve would be if we were off to the notary and I couldn't find my purse.

    Can't wait to see the new look of both the house and your hair.

  13. hope the notary helped you out of this jam maybe he/she is blog reader mention blogs lol good luck

  14. Love French doors. Can't ever have too many. Good luck with finding your purse. I'm predicting it may not show up before the spring thaw. :)

  15. oui to les portes francais. Or something like that.

  16. I am so excited for you Suzan, can hardly wait for you to move into your new home. i know that you will not stop until you have everything in place and all the boxes empty. But please pace your self.
    Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  17. Wow - you are so organized with the boxes (except the lost handbag). And I love your idea of removing those windows and installing French doors. I am so excited to see what you do with the house.

    Is this the last weekend in the city? Enjoy all it's charm before you move to the West Island (it's a different world out there).

  18. Yes! Those are my french doors....without the 'lights' in them. Mine go from the kitchen to the lanai. Since Florida doesn't have a snow problem and the lanai has a roof my doors open outward. When we're in no-buggie season the doors are wide open. Dolly and Maui make a game of going in and out, in and out, in and out, etc. For other times I have a double Phantom screen without a center stile. Loving this system just doesn't get 'old'.
    Have you thought about pocket doors in the livingroom? They can also be done with glass. Playing with doors just makes me smile. I even had a dutch door on my son's room when he was little.

  19. Hope that John was able to convince the notary that there is only one you.
    We had double french doors on both sides of our living room in Mexico and loved them. I would suggest the invisiblr screen door for the exterior doors. So great for keeping the creepy crawlers out and the dogs in.
    About staining your flors dark, been there, done that and I will not be doing that again. Our new floors are white oak that have a limed look and I love them. Dust does not show and they make the room look so light and airy and vaguely European. I think that your floors would look great with a light whitewashed look. Just a suggestion.
    Love the witty exchanges between you and John. I am always reading them to Frank and we get a kick out of them.

  20. I like your new ideas for the new house. It would be fun to do that knowing it's going to happen. I look at stuff on line and dream. I'm sorry you misplaced your purse. How annoying. I'm sure it's hiding somewhere in those stacks of boxes. Oh my that's a lot of boxes!! You are cute in your photo. Smart idea to cut it shorter for now. Have a good weekend!

  21. Sorry to hear that you can't find your purse. Love the ideas for your new house. Seeing all your boxes makes me want to rethink my wanting to downsize to a smaller house. Hope the move goes well for you and I can't wait to see you work your magic on your new home.

  22. Well, serves me right for not visiting and knowing al about your big move! Did you move far away??? I know you must be exhausted! I need to lurk around over here this weekend and get the full story! ;P

  23. I love french doors and have some of the most gorgeous old ones I've ever my rental property! I can't believe they haven't been ruined yet! You are really packed up Suzan! Good to see your smilin about a pic of the haircut?

  24. I wonder how you can see one room is a dining-room and the other the entry-way!!!
    I love the sliding doors... I can already see them in that wall!

  25. I so agree on the doors without a grid - just lots and lots of glass! And I can't imagine how you could possibly lose your purse among only about a bazillion boxes, papers, other items, etc. etc. etc. lol So sorry. I'm sure it's lurking there somewhere. Are you going to show us a Before/After pic of the new haircut? We had grown quite fond of 'the mane,' as you call it. John doesn't have a problem with you cutting your hair? I think men are a little crazy about long hair. When I got mine cut, I asked K. if he liked it. He said, 'No.' At least he was honest. :-)

  26. Suzan,
    It is all going to be so fabulous. Ohhhh I cannot wait for you to get moved and start your magic. I also cannot wait to see your new hairdo. I bet it will looks so great on you.

  27. Yikes, where in Waldo-land is Suzan's purse?
    I just can't wait to see the transformation begin! Hope all goes smoothly in the move!
    :o) Cecilia

  28. I agree with the no pane french doors to the patio and I LOVE those french sliders for inside. Kinda remind me of pocket doors, which I also love. You have GREAT hair! I wish my hair had body like that.

  29. Oh geez I hope you found your purse by now. You're going to have so much fun doing that house up.

  30. I'm a huge fan of french doors...we have two sets in my house. I so impressed with your vision for your new are so confident. Me? I have to think for months if I'm hanging a picture in the right spot! Hope you found your purse!

  31. I sure hope you found your purse!!! Great pictures of your boxes piled up. You look so organized even amongst a move.

  32. oh no losing your purse is the worse thing to happen, everything is in the purse. I hope it shows up. I lost something in the move too and still have not found it, now its in the storage locker somewhere. I can not wait too see all the things your going to do in the new house. I am glad you brought those chandeliers, would be a shame to leave them behind. So excited for you my friend, good luck with the move, hope the purse shows up. hugs Tobey

  33. I can't wait to see everything you do to the place. It's going to be gorgeous...and I secretly hoped you WOULD take your chandeliers. So pretty. And...I just recently cut all my hair's gone weird. Super curly on the bottom and straight on top. WTH? So, gone. I couldn't deal with it any longer. I am loving it short. I feel like I am part of the in crowd because all the celebrity-types are cutting their hair right now. :) We're cool.


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