Saturday, November 9, 2013

The definition of a HISSY FIT

hissy fit
N. AMER.informal

  1. 1.
    an angry outburst; a temper tantrum.

    With moving day fast approaching a lot of you have been asking how I'm " holding up " - well I think I was doing just fine until last night actually.

    When I had my first ever in my life HISSY FIT.   

    Last night we ordered supper in - and I was tired and cranky - and couldn't think of the name  of the dish I wanted - which was baked Rigatoni ( au gratin - with cheese ) but all I could think of was Baked Cannelloni - it sort of sounded right and it sort of didn't - I was too tired to figure it out to tell you the truth and so and off I went to pack some more boxes.................


    Hissy fit's are ugly - and the older you get the uglier they get.
    I'm not much of a Hissy Fit person - really I'm not - in fact I don't know if I've ever had one before to  be honest with you - I know that I've NEVER broken anything on purpose in my life - as in throwing things around.  I can be a spoiled brat - but I'm not destructive.

    Anyway I was starving - absolutely starving - and the only thing that enabled me to pack another few boxes was that my RIGATONI was on it's way.................I could smell it in my mind - I could taste it - that first cheesy savory mouth watering bite.
    But of course - Rigatoni is not what arrived - the restaurant delivered what I ordered.


    and I was feeling extremely sorry for myself - because really - I wasn't asking for so much - just a plate of my favorite Italian food...............

    I looked at it - and looked at it - before putting it on a plate and then looked over at what John had ordered which was a whole pizza for himself - and I gingerly asked " do you think you could share your pizza with me ? "

    The poor guy was every bit as starving as I was - and so for the briefest second -   a very brief fleeting second he showed a little annoyance - 

    And the HISSY FIT came out of nowhere -

    It took over completely  - 
    I listened with disbelief as John - realizing what I was about to do, said - DON'T DO IT SUZAN
    And I watched with horror as it took control of my hand and flung the plate into the wall - smashing it into pieces -  

    And then I calmly walked out of the kitchen and resumed packing.

    The hunger pains completely vanished.

    AND that my friends was my first and last Hissy Fit - I don't think I like them because
    I HAD TO GO IN THE KITCHEN AND CLEAN UP THE MESS - whereupon I remembered that I really do love Cannelloni - 
    A.  Lot.

    Tonight -

    Suzan says - You won't believe this John - but I still feel like Rigatoni
    John says - Funny you say that Suzan - I feel like throwing a plate into the wall
    John says - Let's try to get invited to a Greek Wedding, shall we?

    TOUCHE - HE WINS....................

    The End.

    P.S. John left me a slice of pizza.
    Which I didn't eat. 
    Because when you're busy acting like a five year old you bite off your nose to spite your face.

    P.S.S. Thank goodness I packed up all the good dishes last week 

    P.S.S.S.  I slunk into the kitchen and made a double scoop ice cream cone after John went to bed - which is exactly what a child would be craving.

    P.S.S.S.S.   Does this mean I'm now officially a shameless HISSY?
    and is that better than being a HUSSY?  and do Hussy's have Hissy fits?
    The End - no really it is

         Menopause - schmenopause - and we'll just blame it on that, ok?


  1. I have a had a few "hissy fits" over the years but only one during which I threw something. It felt good at the moment but then I had to clean up the glass and cried for about half an hour. During the other two hissy fits I said things that should never have left my mouth and I have paid for those fits ever since. I much prefer the kind where you just break things! Sounds like John kept a sense of humor throughout though no doubt was "ducking and covering" for a while! You just need for this move to be over...and head for the sunny beaches in Florida!

  2. You are so funny! I understand your disappointment in your food order. I've done that in restaurants too and have had to sulk my way through the meal. I think the double scoop of ice cream was a really good idea though. I would have done the same before my gall bladder attacked me last Friday. I haven't had a drop of ice cream for a whole week!! Ahhhh! I'm going into withdrawal.

  3. oh you poor women, the stress of moving is working its evil magic on you, you will need a vacation when this is all over, lol!!!

  4. Oh Suzan sounds like you needed the hissy. Hope it gave you that "calm after the storm" feeling if even for a few minutes. This will soon be over!

  5. Oh...what a great post!!!! Still laughing!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning...:))))) And your conversation at the!

  6. They do say moving is the most stressful thing you can do. I used to have hissy fits all the time when I was younger, but mellowed as I got older!

  7. We've all been there or will be! I have been too tired to throw anything but tears after packing boxes all day! Hang in there!

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself. Sounds like you were physically and emotionally exhausted. We can only take so much before a meltdown is inevitable!

  9. I so look forward to your posts, I am still laughing and my daughter is too after reading it out to her. Her comment was oh you two are so alike! Laughing yet sympathising as well, this is why I get the packers in :)

  10. You need to take a deep breath and relax. you will get everything done and be in your new home soon and everything will be great. I think we all have these at one time or another in our life time.
    I am so looking forward to seeing how you transform your new home into "your home". It will be a wonderful journey for you.
    Take some time this weekend and do something different so you can relax.

  11. I can so empathize! Last hissy fit (and I wasn't even packing a million boxes...) a bowl of green split pea soup flew. Boy howdy - can that ever splatter everywhere! The ice cream cone must have been the perfect pick-me-up. We are all pulling for you two to get thru this and settle quickly! xxxooo

  12. You are entitled to a Hissy Fit every now and then and since this is your first one, I would say it was long overdue.

    Did you get your rigatoni?

    And, by the way, I lost out on the vacation choice. We will not be visiting Montreal in June. We are going on an adventure vacation - Alaska - to kayak, fly fish, cycle, camp and look for bears. We are all very excited. And, Montreal is still on the list.

  13. Loved this! I have had more than a few hissy-fits in my day. Most of them when I was younger. Throwing things and watching them break is a good stress reliever. My husband never agreed, however

  14. LOL
    I'm so sorry ... but you had me in stitches!!!! LOL
    Yup, that was a GEN.U.WINE Hissy Fit.
    Hope you get your Rigatoni soon .....
    Have a Hissy-Fit-Free weekend!!!

  15. I think you could use a Great Big H U G

  16. With all the stress of moving I'm surprised you hadn't had one before this. I used to have a lot of hissy fits in my teenage years and early 20's. Not so many now. Amaretto helps with that. haha

  17. Oh, Suzan, I totally know what you did. Something just snaps sometimes. Hubby wanted to clean up around our shop building and thought he'd start throwing away the good stuff I had been saving. I did something I'd never done before and picked up a piece of picket fence, threw it in a hissy fit of anger, and told him just to throw it ALL away! And then I stormed off. I am not like that. But I got my point across. Sorry you went hungry.

  18. OOOhhhh....poor baby! You're under so much stress and you are SO tired. It's understandable. But I know what you mean....when you have to clean it up yourself, you don't ever want to do it again. Wish I could give you a hug. It's going to get better....I promise! Sweet hugs!

  19. OMG!!! Hissy and hussy all in the same sentence! Did you ever think you would be writing THAT sentence?

    In a long ago hissy fit of my own, I swung my arm across the top of the fridge and threw everything onto the floor crashing down the 5 feet - nothing survived.

  20. Oh you are too funny. I am sorry about your hissy fit but sometimes when we are THAT hungry and build up the food arriving in OUR MINDS our blood sugar takes over and what happens just happens.......lmao

  21. I threw a hissy fit one time too. I was cooking...pregnant with my last child...tired from working all day, hungry, and hubby was being a big baby about hooking up the phone service in the house we were moving into (which he wanted me to do, but only on his terms). I threw the food I was cooking myself on the floor, right out of the pan. Hubby calmly looked at me and said, "I'm not cleaning that up," and he left the room. lol

    Happens to all of us at least once, I do believe. :)

    I've never had Cannellonni.

  22. Oh dear. I think you need a hug. And a drink. And a vacation.

  23. There's nothing I hate more than moving - even if it's into the Barbie Dream Mansion, I hate the moving part! Bless your heart!

  24. LOVE your honesty. In this perfectionistic blog world, I LOVE coming here. You make me feel normal..... flinging plates of food against the wall (which I've only dreamed about haha) You are hilarious, even when you're a hussy throwing a hissy. HUGS to you girl!

  25. Hilarious! Wish I could remember where I stashed those Depends!

  26. Wow! Maybe you're onto something…The Hissy Fit diet! Seriously, you deserve a tiny meltdown with all of that stressful packing. xo

  27. I can just see the cannelloni flying, but I also know that look that hubbys can give us sometimes when we ask for something so little, and you'd think we asked them to cut off their arm. I have thrown things more times than I want to admit (its the red hair) You need a few days off my dear, take a break from painting and packing if even for a day, and go shopping or get a massage. Do something for you, you deserve it. loved the post, made me laugh so much, hugs Tobey

  28. Lol can I say I'm not really the gussy fit type but I have smashed a glass in anger. Oh you poor thing moving is horrible!

  29. Hi Suzan!!!!

    The stress that you're under is liken to death. Packing and moving from the area you love can be very hard. All the emotions that's going on right now, I'm surprised you hadn't had some before this one!!!

    Just remember we are all with you!!! I get the couch to sleep on!!!!!!

    I totally agree with Tobey...Take some me time and think about those BBQ's you're
    going to host next summer with your family in you're new house!!!

    Hugs my friend!!!


  30. Wow, go get a really good bottle of wine, and take some time for you! (and I have to say, I laughed at John, it's good he can joke about it...)
    Debbie :)

  31. I can't say I have ever been brave enough to throw a dish (the clean-up scares me....I am too cheers to you. I think this was a stress reliever, not a hissy fit! You are allowed with all the work of packing and moving Suzan!

  32. rigatoni, cannelloni...I would eat anything :) sorry you are stressed...maybe some chamomille tea?

  33. I'm not certain, but this may be my favorite post of yours to date. :)



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