Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quick Stencilled floor!!!

Hi Everyone !!!

As promised I have my first completed project :)

I showed you a photo of the linen closet already HERE but you haven't seen it finished - so here we go
The closet is at the end of the landing and fits into a nook inside one of the dormers.

( it'll probably never look as good as it does today - so I have to save these photos lol )

I've never had a walk in anything in my life - so a walk in linen closet is a dream come true for me

Want to see the other side?( the shelves are L shaped )
( the photo is wonky - the shelves are not )

Ok - this post is not supposed to be about me bragging about my linen closet - but to show you my stencilled floors INSIDE the linen closet

I painted them white - using Behr's Porch floor paint
And then took a dollar store stencil I had on hand - and a Silver Metallic Sharpie marker to outline the design and ended up with this

Now if I only had one more of these closets I could probably just about fit in all my linens - not counting the two trunks I have filled to the brim................

This is the only completed project in the house - and I'm loving it so much I'm thinking of putting my computer in here until the rest of the demo's and reno's are complete LMHO................I may even sleep in there

John says - Why do you have a Christmas decoration in the Linen Closet?
Suzan says - Sadly I think that may be the extent of Christmas decorations this year................
John says - I'm surprised you didn't put a little tree in there
Suzan says - Hmmmm - I wonder................

Note to self - NEVER - NEVER - NEVER buy a house that needs to be gutted - a month before Christmas NEVER !!!

I was kind of excited that this was done until it dawned on me that I have 8 other closets to paint -
2 bathrooms - a living room - a small den - a kitchen - a dining room - an entrance way - a foyer - a mud room and a partridge in a pear tree..................

Now excuse me - it's time for me to officially " come out of the closet "

As much as I hate to

On to something else -
Which would be the Master Bedroom - where my Son and Son in Law are currently choking to death in

All that black you see is black tar - what they used to lay linoleum down with back in the day  ( and which was underneath the two layers of carpeting and under padding ) - this stuff is a horrid sickening substance -
Poor Gordie - God love him - he looks like he's trying not to vomit lmho................he had just taken his mask off for a minute when I snapped this -

Gordie says - why are you taking my picture
John says - for her blog - get used to it
Gordie says - well I would have taken my shirt off for that
Mom says - I think they're far more interested in what you're doing than in your abs honey
Mom says - Do you think you could speed it up a little there boys - I want to get started painting
Gordie says - Be careful Mom - be very careful
Gordie says - Ok Mom - time for you to get out - don't let the door hit you ...............
Gordie says - You're really lucky I love you, you know that right

Yes - I do happen to know that - loving you too my golden boy...................

I got a new keyboard today - and it's a bilingual one ( because I'm in Quebec ) I forgot I have to order it from elsewhere in Canada or the U.S. to get an English one - ( you can't buy an English one here which is just ridiculous )  there's nothing wrong with it except it's different - and I'm having a really difficult time using it - you'll notice in the above conversation I'm missing question marks because I don't know how to get it to work LMHO.................

Much love,

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  1. Love the floor, Gordie is too funny and a bilingual keyboard?! Seriously? Actually, the ad below this comment box is for Sears and is in French lol. Good thing I did well in high school french lol.

  2. Ha Ha lovely post Suzan,Lovely closet too. Great idea. What a lovely son you have. :)

  3. A walk in linen closet....I'm so jealous I have linen in every wardrobe because it doesn't fit in my one tiny closet. Gordie, god bless him and you shouldve waited for the shirt to be off :P

  4. I am pretty envious of that linen closet! Mine is about 24" wide and is only 10" deep! The floors are fabulous. I think everyone should have silver stenciled flooring. A little glitz and glam in a closet is so you and so perfect! XXOO

  5. Wait...there could have been abs? Well, considering it's your son, I guess having women lust over them would have been....awkward....

    LOVE your closet!!!!


  6. I love your new closet, it is just darling. I have never heard of a bilingual key board, I guess I learn something new every day.

  7. Your stenciled floor is great! I love that you have made one part of your new home "yours" (right down to Christmas decorations.

  8. Who needs question marks anyway????????????? hehehehe

    I like the stencil work! And kudos to nice kiddos who come over to help out. :)

  9. I get confused on an English keyboard since I have never been able to have one. You will get used to it.... I think it is called "assimilation"? HA! :)
    Uh, the floor...gorgeous...really gorgeous!! Wow, this place is going to be phenomenal Suzan at the rate you are going!!!!

  10. Looks great, Suze! You guys are moving up there! Gordie is certainly your golden boy for being there to help his mama. Hope the place is starts to feel like home soon.

  11. so copying your floor! I need that stencil - where did you get it please?

    if it makes you feel any better, I keep getting stuck on the French keyboard for my laptop and winding up with stray accent aigu's everywhere... I can't even remember how to use a French keyboard, it's been too long! ;)


    1. can you tell me exactly what is on the label of that floor paint too please?

  12. Only you with all that you have going on would take the time to stencil the floor in a linen closet, you are just too precious. It does sound like you have a whole lot going on my dear. But remember Rome was not built in a day and don't take too much on at once. Your son is too cute, and who says I wouldn't like to see the abs. I am old but I am not dead lol love the linen closet, so pretty. how is the kitchen coming along? hugs Tobey

  13. The floor looks beautiful. I know what you mean about having one space as a retreat when you work on a gut.

    My spouse bought a real "gas" mask, not just a paper thing from the Home Depot. It works well.

  14. Beautiful floors. Beautiful closet. Beautiful family. Beautiful Suzan! Love it all. You are one lucky momma and wife!

  15. That linen closet is the nicest one ever! My closets are gross! Your son is so cute

  16. What a beautiful closet, Suzan, and the FLOOR, I LOVE what you did here.

    Hugs from me

  17. You bought dollar store stencils and a silver Sharpie marker and made those beautiful designs on your linen closet floor!!?? You amaze me. It looks awesome. I like that it's all white - looks so clean and fresh. Unlike the bedroom floor and the male person sanding it. Yikes! Gross stuff that old glue. Is that hardwood underneath? Score. I hope there wasn't asbestos in those tiles. At my mil's house we'll be putting thin plywood over the tiles then flooring someday (sadly there's no hardwood under it). I think you should but lots of lights outside your house and a real tree all lit up just so you can enjoy Christmas through the windows at least. :) Have a great and progressive week ahead. Hugs, Pam

  18. I'm not surprised your closet looks stunning! You are going to prettify that house into gorgeousness one room at a time! Um, tell Gordie if he wants to visit the USofD when he's done helping you ...I could use a hand.

  19. Please tell Gordie, "Yes, we want to see your abs." Love your blog.

  20. Suzan the floor and closet look beautiful. I new your magic was going to shine in this house. I am excited to see what will be next. I know it is inappropriate but I think seeing Gordie's Abs would have been totally ok in the pictures!!!!!

  21. Love that you stencilled the closet floor!!! Love that you used a dollar store stencil. You are my kind of girl!!

  22. Your linen closet is just lovely! What a dream to have a walk in linen closet. the floorturned out so pretty! I look forward to seeing your projects in the next months...have fun!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  23. I can't believe you're already stenciling floors.
    Now, please, Gordie, take that shirt off, or I'll stop reading here and will only read Andi's blog!
    Also, about that question mark: put your keyboard in capital letters and it's the key on the left of the "n" at the bottom... At least on French key boards... Do I deserve a shirtless Gordie pic or what?

  24. LOVE THE FLOOR! I just may have to borrow this idea if I can get my house sold and move into the little house by the sea that we have an offer on. Patty/BC

  25. the closet is stunning and i would totAlly live in there for now if i were you lol

  26. Nice work was done there, it's inspiring me, thanks to share it! Hugs from Brazil :)


  27. Walk-in linen closet... Now that's dreamy :)

    I have a bilingual keyboard too :)

  28. Suzan, Great closet and I love the floor! Sounds like you have lots of work ahead of you.

  29. The closet looks wonderful! You can always escape there when all the renovations get to overwhelming you! It's all gonna look so great!

  30. Your floors look so pretty! I love the stencil. I have jarrah floorboards throughout my house that we have sanded back, stained and restored. Such a big job, but luckily they were in pretty good condition so worth it :)

  31. Only you would buy a house and gut it right before Christmas.

    That floor is beautiful. I wonder how my closet floor would look painted?

  32. Awesome!! I can't believe you have a project completed already. You really are amazing Suzan!! Aren't kids the best?????

  33. Suzanne, one down and how many more to go?? This closet is gorgeous and I love it... the stenciled floor is the icing on the cake... Now, when things get tough - take your coffee and a chair and go in there close the door and relish in the beauty of what it will all be soon.... Cathy

  34. Doing anything else but Christmas before Christmas is stressful!!! Thinking of you and missing you!

  35. The closet looks great! The rest you do one bit of a time-pace yourself! Lol
    Sounds like your son has your sense of humor. :) I'm seriously glad I've got my house painting behind was all worth it though!

  36. LOL with your son and his shirt. Really made me laugh, he must have a great sense of humor. The flow came out Fantastic, I love the stencil. I knew you would make this a beautiful home. Don't worry about Christmas, just try to enjoy getting some things the way you want. You ROCK, girl!!!


  37. Wow, I love your linen closet! And the floor is fantastic, Suzan! Of course, it partly looks so amazing because of all the beautiful things you have in it.
    Have fun with all the other rooms in the have your work cut out for you! But it's going to be so much fun following along as you make it your dream home.
    Debbie :)

  38. Wow looks beautiful but I bet it was back breaking but worth it-love dee x

  39. floor looks great! I have a floor painting/stenciling project coming up, I'm trying to figure out if I can get away with a sharpie on it....stenciling with paint is so intimidating!

  40. OK, that has got to be the best-looking linen closet I've ever seen. Yes, I can see why you'd want to move your computer and bed in there. It looks like a linen showroom...and the floor is the best! If this is what you're doing to your closets, I can't wait to see what you do to your rooms!

  41. Gorgeous closet...and BEST family EVER! You gotta love those handy guys! :) Good luck, I can only imagine how totally fabulous you are going to make the house.

  42. Wow, a walk-in linen closet... how divine! I was just over at Anne's blog (Design Dreams by Anne) checking out her laundry room floor and had to come see yours too! Love that you stenciled it! I stenciled inside a closet in my dressing room, it's the small details like that that most people will never even know about that makes me smile!


  43. I missed this post way back when...clicked over from Anne's to see this amazing floor! Inspires me to rip out my bedroom carpet, get on my hands and knees and stencil with a silver pen!


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