Friday, November 8, 2013

I have no business doing this, except..................

I put an offer on this tonight - without the mirror I think it would make a pretty gorgeous buffet!

John says - I'm NOT picking it up
John says - Good luck getting it yourself
Suzan says - But it's a steal - and I can do something incredible with it
John says - WE'RE MOVING IN 2 WEEKS - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU???????????

It was on Kijiji ( which is an off shoot of Ebay here in Canada - not sure what the difference is because we also have Ebay but the great thing about Kijiji is that it tells you how many hits an item has generated )
which sort of gives you a clue on whether you have a chance of getting it - this was only viewed 19 times so the odds are pretty good.....................

Unlike this one - which is FREE -

Which has had 947 hits LMHO - and still I've inquired - because you never know - I may be the last one and they may go in that order when reading the emails, right?

I contemplated this at 30.00 - because you couldn't even make one for that price

But I can't think of a wall to put it I crazy?  Should I get it?

If any of you are going to be in the Montreal region this weekend - and you happen to have an extra set of handcuffs - could you come by do you think?
I need my hands to stay off the key board - just for another 2 weeks - until we move..............

Suzan says - Do you know where I can find a pair of handcuffs John?
John looks at me - and raises an eyebrow - You're not putting handcuffs on me dear
John says - You going to get kinky now?
Suzan looks at him in horror - IT'S TO STOP ME FROM GOING ON CRAIG'S LIST AND KIJIJI
John says - Sure they are Suzan
Suzan says - It was a JOKE John - I never thought of it for anything else!!!
John says - Sure it was Suzan

I'm 5 minutes away from buying this too - because in my mind it's already Paris Grey and Old White...........

and I'm thinking this

for 15 dollars would look great ( the measurements are perfectly in sync )
on top of this

Which reminds me of what I wanted to show you all along - except I got sidetracked with everything else.
I did some sanding tonight - it just looked a little to pristine

So a little bit here

and a little bit there


and finally

It's subtle - not a lot - but I like that it's grey peeping through instead of wood :)

Oh and it's only fair to tell you that John packed a bunch of boxes yesterday - woo hoo - if there was a contest I'd still win though..............just saying........................

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
I may be scarce around these here parts because I only have one more weekend after this one to get everything done ( isn't that a round about way of saying I have 2 weekends left ? )

My head is whirling over all of this, I still can't believe we've sold - and found a place - and this will not be " home " very shortly - I can't quite grasp the reality of it all yet - all in 6 weeks........................

And it looks like Florida just may be the holiday of choice - sometime in January :)

Oh John ...................................................

  • Brand New in Original Packaging
  • 100% metal with black finish
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Multiple units available
  • Pick up at or near Saint-Laurent metro
  • Delivery is possible depending on location and/or quantity purchased

Have a wonderful Friday
And an even better Weekend.......................
Much love


  1. Oh my do crack me up! And I am totally jealous of the fabulous furniture you find at such great prices. I love that headboard and I can see it in Paris grey and white too....:) Florida for vacation....any idea where? One of our beautiful beaches I'm sure! Have a lovely weekend packing my friend. Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Your poor husband! Ha! Have a great day!

  3. Ha! Not sure they are selling those handcuffs for the purpose you are suggesting. ;)

  4. LOL, go for the first one. You're right - fabulous buffet. Go for the handcuffs too - you never know!

  5. You're a nut lady! A good nut though! Just LOVE your sense of humour! Beautiful pieces and I can totally see them all in your new place! Have a great weekend!

  6. LOL too funny! I LOVE that headboard and it will be gorgeous painted.

  7. Now Suzan, you just know that if you got those handcuffs you'd never be able to leave them black. Out would come the paint and.......hahaha.

    Seriously, I love the aging on the desk. Only one thing missing. My grandfather had a desk like that and there were faint impressions of my mother's plus tables in pencil while holding the paper on the desk front. 4+1=5. She went to 1st grade in 1929. Now that's 'aging'.

    1. p.s. THE MANTLE THE MANTLE! I really want that MANTLE!!!!!

  8. WOW - great furniture and I know you want to paint paint paint. But you can do that when you get settled into your new home. Just think how fun it's going to be getting everything finished, fixed and into your style. Can hardly wait to see the transformation.
    Go have a nice relaxing weekend before you move.

  9. I'd definitely buy the mantle. You'll find a use for it! And were you kidding about people in England painting over wallpaper? Do they really? Can I really? You have no idea how much I don't want to strip old wallpaper. ack.

  10. are a and that dresser is amazing. I would have bid on it too.

  11. you guys are so funny. Really makes my day reading your blog.
    You have some wonderful finds here.
    That mantel; if that where mine, I would turn that into a headboard. I have been looking for a queen size but so far no such luck in finding what I want or like but I'm still looking

  12. You guys had me hysterical with this one!! To be perfectly honest with you I would have trouble walking away from that piece and the headboard. I think that headboard is beautiful and would be great in your new bedroom. Just saying.......


  13. Ah, John, stop complaining: pack the paint cans, paint brushes, sanding paper (I mean, Suzan, really? Sanding two weekends away from the big move?), computer, Internet cords or whatever you use and you'll have your wife all to yourself with or without cuffs. Have you noticed they are BLACK, one of Suzan's favourite colour?
    Suzan, if you happen to read that comment, it means that John isn't listening to me!!!

  14. You are as crazy as I am!!!! I am rolling over are so funny! Love all the pieces especially the first one "that John's not picking up" too funny... I always catch my husband looking around the house and commenting on how will we ever move with all the stuff we have...funny thing we are not moving...something he likes to stress about I guess...hope your move goes good.

  15. May you never change my blogging friend never-love dee x

  16. You just wait Suzan - one of the kind bloggers is gonna send you a pair of handcuffs out of the goodness of their heart! LOL! And you tell John I don't believe his bluster at all - he's too big a sweetheart to not go pick that up for you if you want it! He just has a big bark!!!

  17. That dresser with the granite top is beautiful and would make a great sideboard. I'm sure John will pick it up for you. I love the mantel too. I like that you sanded the desk off a bit. It seems to work for this piece. Now, take some time off and get your packing done. Relax and enjoy your last days in your house before you tackle the move and renovations. We'll be here when you get back. Are you going to be able to do Christmas decor in the new house??? I just realized that you're moving just before the holiday! I hope you have a quiet weekend. Hugs, Pam

  18. Suzan, if you ever read Stephen King's book Gerald's Game, you'll never think of handcuffs the same way again.

  19. You should go down to Florida in March and meet up with hubby and me, Suzan!!! lol Just think of how much fun we would have driving them both crazy.....?? lol

    xoxo laurie

  20. All of those pieces are tempting! The handcuffs...not so much!

  21. Great post. You seem to have such great furniture deals in Montreal. Seems those Albertan"s are a tad more I think that shelving unit would look fantastic on your desk. That mantle is to die for! Go and get them girl.

  22. Great pices but I love! LOVE! The headboard. Oh.My.Gosh! Sure, you need most of those! Lol

  23. You should buy them all - they're great. Even the handcuffs. You never know..... ;-)

  24. Oh heck...what's a few more pieces of giant furniture to move? Sheesh.

    Handcuffs? No thanks. My ex-husband is a cop. Icky.


  25. I like them all Suzan! Ya'll have some good stuff over there on Craigs List. I haven't seen stuff like that around here. I'm with Andi, whats a few more pieces?


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