Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dresser Makeover

'Morning all !!!

dresser, painted, Annie Sloan, Pure White, Graphite

If you'll remember this was the dresser I put a bid on last Friday -

Annie Sloan - Pure White, Graphite, Dresser Makeover

With this wonderful slab of granite on top

Which turned out to be not so wonderful pretty damaged laminate :(

John went and picked it up on Friday - you know by now that even when he says NO he always picks the pieces up anyway, right?

As soon as he got it home I set to work painting black ( just used craft paint for it ) into all the crevices of those gorgeous details

John says - Well you've ruined it now - all the details are hidden
Suzan says - Ya think?
John says - I don't understand you.  At all.  You bought the piece for the details and
Suzan interrupts - Isn't there a hockey game or something on?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Now there's a reason I do this - I know that Dark wax looks great in all those crevices - it worked perfectly with this dresser for instance ( you can see that makeover HERE )

Using Annie Sloan Dark Wax

But sometimes when I'm painting something Pure White - I prefer black in the crevices instead of the brown from dark wax - and honestly?
It's much easier to just slap black paint all over it lol
This is the look I was going for - although this is only one coat of white - you can still get the " picture "

Next I did all the perimeter's of the drawers

John walks by to take Soda out for a walk -
John says - Not that you'll take my advise - but if your painting that dresser white - the black edging will be too stark
Suzan says  Well - you got something right there
John says - Well I DON'T believe it - you finally agree with me -
Suzan says - No - you're right that I'm not going to take your advise..............

Sheesh - leave me alone already.....................( I guess there's no hockey game on tonight )

Here it is after the 2nd coat

How to furniture details pop

I painted the laminate top surface with ASCP Graphite - keep in mind this paint will cover any surface so yes even a counter top material is fine.

See those boxes behind the dresser?
I tried to hide them from view for the photos and then forgot they were there.
See that horrible attempt at staging the dresser?
All my tchotchke's have been long packed away - this is what happens when you paint furniture 12 days
before moving.

I haven't waxed this piece yet because - well - I didn't feel like it LOL - and I know I should have before I showed it to you because the wax makes all the difference - but.....................I'm just too tired!

Dresser Makeover - Annie Sloan Pure White

I'm thinking a slab of white marble could turn this into a pretty cool kitchen island actually - and if that's the case then these drawers pulls would work much better for the lower drawers


But for now - for all intents and purposes - let's just call it a dresser
( and while we're at it - let's just call it done )



Dresser Makeover - Annie Sloan Pure White

Have a wonderful Sunday all...................
Much love,

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  1. You'd think John would know by now that you're going to transform it into something wonderful.:-)

  2. Wow that was fast. You certainly didn't waste any time. :-)
    I like the black details and the color you painted the top is soo pretty.
    Twelve days...are you just beside yourself? I would be!

  3. Suzan,
    Love this it is gorgeous. I love the black for the detail just beautiful. Love the make over of the AS paint for the top too. Awesome.

  4. Oh Suzan I loved this part best:
    Suzan interrupts - Isn't there a hockey game or something on? LOL!!!
    Check out this hardware site, I have ordered from them & they are good quality!

    Have a great week! Vicki

  5. It looks great Suzan and I like the technique! Hope the packing goes well! xx

  6. Thanks for sharing the painting-the-details-dark-first tip, Suzan! That definitley looks easier than rubbing and then removing dark wax in crevices.

  7. Love using craft paint at times, new is nice but sometimes olden things to do are just better!
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. I think the knobs look like smiley faces. I like them!!! and yes, a marble top would make this piece an awesome kitchen cabinet!!! Eeek moving day is almost here.....

  9. As always, your makeover looks great.

    Steve never comments on my projects unless they (a) get in his way (b) require him to move a piece of furniture.

    Has John packed his things yet?

  10. Impressive transformation. I too think it would look good as a kitchen island.

  11. the kitchen island idea is wonderful, I would love that!! You wove your magic beautifully on this,

  12. It's gorgeous Suzan and I'm so glad you left a few pieces out for staging!

  13. I LOVE it! Wow. Great job Suzan. I was surprised that the top wasn't granite and that you could paint over the laminate. It looks amazing! Have a nice evening. It's snowing here!

  14. that would definitely make a great kitchen island! but already looks wonderful as is

  15. Craft paint, really?! Looks GREAT Suzan!

  16. White marble on top???? Oh my heart be still ! Can't wait to see what you ultimately use it for :) oxoxo Susan

  17. It's gorgeous, Suzan! I don't know why John still doubts you :)

  18. Love it - and what a great "save" for the laminate. Don't you hate it when an item on Craigslist doesn't turn out to be exactly like you thought?

  19. Hi Suzan! I so admire all your hard work. The dresser is gorgeous, and I'm glad to know about the paint that covers everything! You have my good wishes and sympathy with your move. You will be forced to have a simple Christmas, and those can be pretty nice!

  20. The dresser looks fabulous. FYI, those boxes stashed behind it remind me of the dresser in my guest room, only I'm not moving!

  21. That looks great, Suzan! It turned out beautifully. I have to ask though-it looked like a granite top-was that just formica? xo Diana

  22. Lovely transformation! You always know just what to do with each piece. XOXO

  23. It's beautiful, Suzan! And I would never have thought of painting black in the crevices first, but it worked!
    Debbie :)

  24. Nice change! Miss you friend. Hope you are getting settled in!

  25. How in the heck did you find time or energy to do this amazing makeover? Love it!

  26. I can't believe you find time to paint in between packing box # 505 and box #506!

  27. It turned out gorgeous, I can't believe ASCP works on laminate tops hmmm I wonder if the homage stuff would work, I can't get it here.

  28. Hi Suzan!!!

    The before and after pics are incredible!!!! What a difference!!!
    It would be great as an island in the kitchen!!!

    Have a great week!!!


  29. Hi Suzan! Stopping by from Gingersnap Crafts and I just have to say....I love the way your dresser turned out! Love the details!

  30. Wow. You are quick! It looks fantastic!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey Suzan,
      This is an amazing transformation. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party.
      Have a great week.
      Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  32. Very nice and a pity about the laminate. I think it would be just peachy as an island with real marble.

  33. Hi Suzan, I can't believe you are painting and moving at the same time! The dresser transformation is wonderful .

  34. HaHa..I agree,,how the heck can you paint and pack?? That would be a cool island,,,or kitchen coffee bar....A left over slab of carrara marble and those pulls you have would look super! nice job.

  35. You are always so brave and it always pays off for you!! I would be scared to paint that trim black but it come out gorgeous!!
    Great Job, My Friend

  36. I cannot believe that you are still painting while packing!! You are a crazy woman! It looks always! John should know better by now. ;)

  37. Maybe since John didn't want to pack, you could have let him paint instead?



  38. Gorgeous! Love love all that black detail. I usually use glaze to get that look...not sure why I never thought of just painting it black first! I think it would be so much faster! Anyway, it's a beautiful piece!


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