Friday, July 3, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

You can't outrun the long arm of the law...................

The 3 week hunt for the escaped convicts is over - one of them made it to within 2 miles of the Canadian border.
Almost 2 million people live on the island of Montreal - but you just know he would have ended up at my back door, right?
I was terrified ( so was my girlfriend that lives down the street so there's at least 2 nuts in my neighborhood )

Be on the lookout for a new Shawshank Redemption type of movie in a theater near you soon...............

Apparently he was up in a tree at one point - looking down as a police officer walked just beneath him.
So it could be a cartoon actually - you know like a curious George type of thing?

Could you make this stuff up?

Now they have to focus their attention on the wheel chair bound criminal - who robbed a bank -
AND GOT AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Also in N.Y.

Unless he's part of the Special Olympics team - how can you not catch someone in a wheel chair?

Meanwhile, in Indiana, the police are on top of things -
A man was arrested for dancing outside a bar and licking a toad.
After removing him from the premises - they closely monitored the situation ( because you know, repeat offenders and all that jazz ) and sure enough - he came dancing back on the property - and started licking another toad - whereupon he was promptly arrested for trespassing.
( I'm thinking it was probably the same toad - but then again I'm easily duped )

YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KISS THE TOAD......................NOT LICK HIM!!!!!!!

Leave it to a man to get the most basic of fairy tales wrong.
If he kissed him it might have turned into a lawyer for him!

Well I bit the bullet and bought a decent camera
It was on sale for 499.99 - from 819.00 -  ( that would have been new ceilings for the hall and living room - I can't help but compare anything I buy to what could have been done in this fixer upper )
Don't expect any miracles - it scares me LOL - God knows how long it'll take me to learn how to use it but that camera I've been using is just ridiculous really - cell phones take better images than it.
I'm completely at a loss when it comes to cameras - so I just surfed the web trying to find out about this brand and it's got some pretty great reviews.  AND it got my Son in law's approval ( he's a tech wizard )

And so why, looking at this, do I want to pack it all up and return it?

No, no, no, no, I just want to press a button and have great photos - why is everything so complicated today?
I can't even get the battery in this thing for crying out loud ( and you have no idea how proud I am of myself that I was actually able to identify the battery )
I have to wait for one of my kids to come later today to set it up for me.

I have a sinking feeling I should have had the ceilings redone and am still on the table about whether it's getting packed up and returned.
You know, Old Dog - New Tricks - it can be done but it's difficult.

Donald Trump running for President................

Way to go Donny boy - just keep opening your mouth.

YOU add the punch line please

John came home the other day and

John says - They told me that Donald Trump is running for President
Suzan says - Who told you?
John says - The radio................I had it on in the car
Suzan says - You're starting to make me really nervous
John says - WHY?
Suzan says - It's a very weird way to interpret the news on the radio - he's not talking to only you, you know
John says - Well of course I know that - but since I was the only one in the car..............

Anyway I didn't want to tell him that a reporter on the news had told me the same thing earlier in the day.

Apparently we have connections
If you need to know the current news - check here from time to time - we get a private audience before it goes public.

North America is changing.
Canada AND the States.
It's not the place it used to be - some of the changes are great and some of them are not so great.
Some are horrible and some are fantastic.
It's a balance - like everything else.
The thing is the planet is is an organic thing - it revolves AND it suit the climate - to suit the era and to suit the times.
And in the end most changes are for the good of us all.

Women can vote because of change after all
No matter how that change was fought - it came to pass because it needed to.

And for those of us that like to consider ourselves " citizens of the world " ?
If we  refuse to change with the times - we're condemning ourselves to a life of misery -  and to living within a very teeny portion of the world.

Either we're in agreement or we're not but things will change no matter what.

We were given free will and I believe trust was given with that free will.
Trust that we would do the right thing with it.

And in the end " Do unto others...................." is a message we should all be carrying a little closer to our hearts.

There's a mosquito loose in the office as I type - John has the big overhead light on trying to catch it so every couple of seconds I hear his hands clapping together.
Mosquito's never bother John - they adore me.

Suzan says - Do we really need that light on?
John says - I'm trying to kill it so it doesn't bite you

Sometimes love shows itself in the most unexpected ways.

Ok - gotta run - I'm in the midst of a dresser makeover !

To all my American sisters - have a wonderful July 4th weekend !!!
To all my other sisters - have a wonderful weekend too :)
Hope you all have someone who'll kill a mosquito or two for  you -
or good eye sight to do it yourself

Much love to you


  1. I bought a Cannon T-3 (or rather Wild Bill bought it for me at my request as I have never purchased off the internet) about a year ago and I refuse to admit defeat. I really am going to have to find the instruction book and read it cuz now the view finder has no view until after you take the picture (the bastard) and then it shows you that you cut the person's head off or such. Let me know when you've screwed yours up to this point ;-o and I'll let you know if there is any going back. I do wish I had packed it up and sent it back. Good luck Suzan.

  2. I spy a change table!!! Enjoy your weekend. I am trying number 3 on Kijiji to see if I have any luck. Did you get your hutch ok? xo Patty

  3. Apparently there is a "breed" of toad that you can get a hallucinogenic high from licking the slime off it. I would rather envision the first Indians who discovered popcorn while roasting some corn over an open fire than to even think about how someone would decide to lick a toad. The first was a wonderful discovery for all of us; the second leads to newspaper articles like you found! (Plus a big shuddering YUCK!)

  4. That toad thing.gross.Nice camera and i know you will learn to use it but like you my kids sure come in handywith all the technology stuff. That last picture was so cute,i like that little bear. Have a great weekend.

    1. I probably wouldn't have a blog if it weren't for the kids being my " techies " back in the beginning LOL

  5. Oh, you have to keep the camera! You'll have fun with it :-) On the other hand, do everything you can to get rid of the mosquitoes!

  6. Crazy people - wonder what they will do next. Good luck with your new Camera.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Loved everything you wrote, gave me a few chuckles but I most identify with the camera.
    Congrats on the super discount!
    I borrowed a good camera from my MIL and I have been staring at it for two weeks now. How do these things work? :D

  8. Did you keep the camera?? I still don't know how to use mine properly. I keep it on Auto (no flash) most of the time, depending on how bright it is indoors. lol


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