Monday, July 13, 2015

FRONT PORCH ART...................CHEAP!

Good day....................sunshine !

I made myself a promise that the front porch makeover was going to be a very frugal one. We still need windows and french doors and bathroom redo's and ........and...........and.
I've kept to my word ( I'll show you it soon - still some painting that needs to be done )

I had almost everything I needed..................including art work and furniture- already on hand.
We only needed to buy baseboards and window trim - 
( sometimes being a semi hoarder really works in one's favor ) 

A while back I ordered this on Amazon - well one larger one actually ( but now I want this pack of them also for outside art work  LOL ) 

I dug it out of my stash and made a couple of signs out of it................

A bit of paint to dry brush it with ( I used ASCP chalk paint for the white - but any paint will do - this is a really small and quick project )  stencils and my sharpie - and I have a rustic - shabby sign for under 10.00 !

And the best part is that you can create TWO signs out of one slice of wood.-
I reversed it and reversed the paint and letter colors as well

And that's because I've developed a split personality since menopause.
I think all the great artists should have done this actually - Picasso - Monet - Van Gogh - they should have all made 2 sided art.
First of all your investment would be worth double................and secondly you could just turn it over when you got bored with it or changed your decor.
And yes - I WOULD get bored..............even with s painting worth a million dollars.
I'm very uncivilised like that.

I'll also hang this up

and probably this

John says - It's too much
John says - It's like walking into a Thesaurus

Who says that?
Really - who S.A.Y.S  thesaurus?

Suzan says - Why can't you just call it a dictionary ?
John says - That's why I had to move here - you colonists have so much to learn.
Suzan says - Listen buddy - when you immigrate you have to conform.
John says - I didn't " immigrate " - I was sent to educate the colonists.

Anyway I can't help it - I LOVE words..................even in enclosed porches :)

One sign - 2 works of art - for under 10.00 ( did I already mention that? )

It's only words.....................( which can be found in any thesaurus )
But words are all I have to steal your heart away.

Have a wonderful one !


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  1. Super cute Suzan! Tell John most of us bloggers have a love of words and could live in a library....or a thesaurus! LOL! Have a spectacular week!

  2. haha, I use a thesaurus - but it's a different book than a dictionary...really! Love your two for one sign and the sign with all the words on it? Perfect for the porch. :) Can't wait to see more (I'm greedy like that).


  3. Suzan thank you for the lovely idea! Enjoy your day. XO Jo

  4. Hi Suzan! How's life going? Busy painting and fixing eh? I love the sign that says Good Day! Sunshine (as in the Beatles song). It's very sweet. Is it hot in Montreal? It is here and I'm really enjoying it. Have a great week. xx Pam

  5. {in teeny-tiny words} I use the word "thesaurus", and Katie and I even used one the other day. She was writing a thank-you card and was repeating herself too often. We have loads of fun with words.

  6. How clever! I love your reversible tree slice sign! Love it!! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  7. Too cute! I wish I had half your imagination. And I have to laugh - I have that "thesaurus" sign. Bought it two years ago, thinking I'd find the perfect spot for it (just like you said in your other post), but I've yet to hang it up. Thanks for another link up at Best of the Weekend!

  8. Now really glad i clicked on your post, great idea using both sides of slice. Enjoyed that little taste of John. Happy week Suzan


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