Thursday, July 30, 2015

AMERICAN OF MARTINSVILLE ( my French Romantic Dresser )

Good morning all !

This is a dresser that I had already madeover - ( because - well you know - a million other things needed to be done )

It's been sitting in the front porch............and because now I'm working in that area it was time to get her done and get rid of her :)

The interior drawers were a bit of a mess so I decided to paint them and after seeing the markings inside I googled the company -


And if you go on to 1st Dibs - they sell for a fortune.

2 six drawer chests are going for almost 7000.00 dollars !!!
A painted credenza is going for 2800.00 dollars.

Mine is a 12 drawer dresser.................

And I had no idea it was so valuable !

But knowing it actually was worth a small fortune I decided it was time to add a little pizazz

I painted all the interior of the drawers in Graphite to contract the white exterior ( plus it's much easier to hide stains with a dark color :)

And then I added a stencilled design in each of the outer ( smaller ) drawers
Please excuse the terrible photos - that expensive camera I bought is still sitting on the living room coffee table - it's still a virgin even though I bought it a month ago.
Some people are afraid of boogey men - I'm afraid of cameras it would seem

Anyway - back to the post - ( and crappy photos )
The 4 middle drawers were the perfect size for some French script ( stencilled again )

And then I decided to add some romance to the outside as well ...................

Suzan says - Did you see the love letter I left you?
John says - No - where?
Suzan says - It's on the dresser

John goes and comes back

John says - There's NOTHING on the dresser
Suzan says - Not ON TOP of the dresser - it's ON the dresser itself

John goes and comes back

John says - Well isn't that just a little ridiculous?
John says - What is it with you and words ?
John says - Can you stop with it already?
Suzan says - Very nice !!!  I try to implement a little romance into our lives -
John interrupts - In our LIFE is fine - it's on our furniture that I have a problem with.

But life is short - you have to grab romance wherever you find it -
I've found it in this American of Martinsville dresser !

And it would appear that romance really does work - I've fallen in love with it and it's staying LOL !

Paints used
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™
Pure White and Graphite
Stencil from Royal Designs Studio

Have a wonderful day everyone !


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  1. It is gorgeous Suzan. I love the script you added inside and out. I'd keep it too.

  2. It is GORGEOUS!!! Drooling here...

  3. Well....I've NEVER been so in love with a piece of furniture. You do the most AWESOME work, dear heart.
    My stone cottages post just went up....come see ...the last photo (from the net) is especially for you...I know you will pee your pants when you see it......:)

  4. Glad you are keeping it -- A/M is really good furniture.

    1. Thanks Ellen - yes - this one's a keeper ( I don't think I'll ever come across another one )

  5. The script adds beauty to the piece.

  6. Beautiful, Suzan! I love the stencil.

  7. It's a beauty, maybe John will fall in love with it too.

  8. Pretty on the outside, too! I wonder if the perceived value of this particular piece will go down because it has been painted. Personally, I don't care if people paint their furniture or not. It's up to them, but some people really get bent out of shape if a piece of name-brand real-wood furniture is painted, but that's their problem.

  9. It's gorgeous! And the reason American-made furniture is so expensive is that there's so little of it. I drove through Martinsville on Tuesday night...

  10. Ah, Suzan, it's gorgeous! I'd keep it too.

    Men! They don't appreciate our romantic gestures. Lol.


  11. It's beautiful Suzan. You did an awesome job. It's funny because I just found an American of Martinsville end table at GoodWill for $9. Of course, I had no idea what it was, just that it was solid wood and in great shape. I was about to paint it when I decided to look for a label. I looked online and found something similar on 1st Dibs for $2800 for a pair. Not sure what I'm going to do with it.

    1. Well what are the odds of both of us having a piece by this company? Did you notice a lot of the pieces are painted with a laquer finish ?
      Mine was already painted when I got it................but I'd love to sand it down one day ( never thought I'd say that - see what the almighty dollar can do LOL ??? )
      But that would only happen when I have a week to spare - so no time too soon !
      Thanks so much dahlink !

  12. Suzan, this is gorgeous. I love words stenciled on almost anything and they make a definite impact on this piece. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  13. A work of art! Stopping by from Inspire me Tuesday.


  14. It is so pretty. You must have a steady hand to do that delicate stenciling. Wow!
    Michelle from

  15. Thanks SO much Michelle !
    I DO have a steady hand when painting - but you really don't have to if you tape the stencil in place !

  16. That beautiful lettering makes it so pretty!

  17. You're so funny! I love this and don't blame you for wanting to keep it for yourself! Fabulous job! Thank you for sharing this beauty at VIP.

  18. Love it! .......but translate please :)

  19. That really is a beautiful dresser Suzan. Love the color and the script! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. I've always wanted to try adding handwriting .... yours turned out so well! It would be a perfect addition to my weekly "let's talk vintage" link party! Hop on over if you have a minute. This week's is still up and running. (Tuesdays)
    Have a great "rest of your week!"

  21. Suzan, your piece turned out absolutely stunning! Would love it if you shared it tonight on our new "furniture only" blog party. It begins at 9PM EST and goes until Monday Night. FRIDAY"S FURNITURE FIX is hosted by 5 bloggers and there are 6 opportunities to get featured. Hope to see you there!

  22. You get a huge star for keeping it. Many reasons to keep it, mostly you own it, you did work on it and maybe John will learn to appreciate it after while. I tend to do things my hubs says ugh over but down road he'll realize it's pretty darned good and likes it in house. Lettering you used is fantastic, need to get that stencil. Enjoy your new dresser, it's absolutely a keeper.
    When we lived in KY I went to a great antique store, bought armoire that has the rolling edge on top. Nice big drawers and enuf of them. One side has drawers and other was meant for closet but we needed storage so he put shelves in closet side. That was in 1999. I painted it white with some rose and light green on some little parts. The veneer was coming off rolling top front so just painted right over it. We're still using that armoire.
    I used to go shopping when he was on the road so he couldn't try to talk me out of things I knew I loved. By time he got back was too late. He never knew what he was going to come home to (teehee).
    One time decided was going to paint living room which was good sized room. Son had painted all rooms white, said I could paint them if wasn't happy with white. He had bought house, completely rehabbed it then sold it to us. I still miss that house. We had 1 1/2 acres out in country. I didn't have money to buy paint so went into pantry where son had left about 3/4 gallon of white paint, got it out, went into craft room for shades of browns/taupes. Kept poring acrylic paints into white until I got shade I wanted then proceeded to paint room. L/r had 4 windows across front and two doorways, only had one of those paintings pads that was flat so used that in whole room. I knew if I had to go to town, room wouldn't get painted so went for it. Took me while as had to move some really big furniture but hung in there and got it done. What a difference. Course couldn't ever match color but who cared?
    I'm a very spontaneous person and once I get idea in my head like to go for it. I just like to wing things and usually they turn out pretty good. Makes hubs mad but that's what he gets for all his planning down to last detail.

    Always love to read you and John's conversations. Gives me ides when hubs comes grumbling about anything. I'm not too quick on come backs, getting old. Have great weekend

    1. I used to do a LOT of my shopping when John was on the road too LOL
      And I have a couple of memories of painting a living too - the one that stands out is when I painted it a different color every night for a week ( well a work week - after work and after the kids were down to be specific ) until on Friday I finally got the perfect shade that I was looking for LOL !
      Thanks So much for your kind words :) - and the laughs!

  23. I think I'm in love, too! You increased the value of that ten-fold, if you ask me! I absolutely love the writing in the drawers! Thanks so much for linking up with Best of the Weekend!

  24. wow, Suzan, this piece is gorgeous! the stenciled love letter is perfect for this piece!

    1. Thanks so much Debra !!!
      I'm keeping her :)

  25. Your discussion with the hubby made me laugh out loud. And I love how you painted the inside too. I know what you mean about the camera. I'll be picking up my first DSLR this weekend and since I have no idea what to do with one, I'm signing up for a photography class too. But the good thing is that they do come with an auto mode...just in case. :-)
    jenise @ diyfunideas

    1. Thanks so much Jenise ! Our conversations are unbelievable most of the time LOL.
      I took a couple of photos with the new camera and tried to upload them on the computer - and.........nothing
      I need to take a photography course too - maybe in the Fall
      Good luck with yours !

  26. Wow!! That sure is a VALUABLE hunk of wood... but you made it so pretty, I don't know if I would be capable of parting with it. However did you do the stenciling?? I love all the little details, and the hilarious convo with your husband. :)


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