Thursday, July 23, 2015


I've done my share of them ...................there's a few of them listed below because I'm just too lazy to look for all of them.

There's this one - the first time I transferred an image on anything ( HERE )

This one ( HERE )

There was this one that I thought I'd keep ( HERE )

And the list goes on and on.

The one thing that I've stopped doing since I began this restoring and painting old furniture is buying NEW furniture.

There's so many pieces out there - that can be found for a song - and are far superior to anything you can buy today.  ( or that I can afford today anyway ).  I've completely turned away from mass produced items.
So unless it's a sofa set I pretty much steer away from furniture stores these days.
And don't miss it in the slightest.

EXCEPT - I went to a store last weekend to pick up blinds for the porch I'm working on and WHAM - it hit me like a ton of bricks.
A coffee table.
A brand new sparkly glitzy coffee table that I HAVE to have.
Chrome and Glass !
Mass Produced lol !!!

It's so perfect for a small living room and being mostly glass is even more ideal because it doesn't interrupt a line of vision ( well that's what I keep telling John ) and I love that the legs are curved which takes a little of the edge off the " modern " feel ( well that's what I keep telling John ) and that there's a shelf on the bottom which is perfect for storing books - magazines - ( well that's what I keep telling John )

I don't even know where this feeling is coming from - but I'm obsessed with this table
And it'll be sitting in my living room as soon as I finish doing a few more things in the house - within 2 weeks for sure ( well that's what I keep telling John )

We have a stove being delivered today..................the back deck is being worked on - I still have painting to do................and all I can think of is a chrome and glass coffee table !

I have no choice but to buy it - wouldn't you agree?

Have a great one - one and all


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  1. You absolutely MUST buy it!!!

  2. It's pretty, I'll give it that. But Suzan, my sister had a glass coffee table and she was constantly fighting dust on it (it shows up badly!). So, if you're ok with that, I say go for it! It will do all you said it will. Just be prepared to clean it constantly. :o) Ooo, I'm a wet blanket, aren't I? Sorry about that - maybe I'm just worn out from the bathroom reno and being negative. OK, just ignore what I said. It's very pretty and would be perfect in a small living room.

  3. all your coffee tables would be right up my ally. Lovely.

  4. I once created a coffee table by putting around piece of glass on top of a butter churn – it was beautiful if I do say so myself ;)

  5. I totally understand--good design is well, good design; be it from 100 years ago or last week. And why not mix it up---we mix up our table top settings…its all about texture, contrast, instead of a style or age label. Besides, every room needs a little bling. Can't wait to see it.

    1. I'm going for it - it's the bling - I know it's the bling that's selling me on this one !!

  6. Suzan, if you love it, and take care of it, and call it George, then you can bring it home. :-)

  7. WHAAAAAAAT???? You are going to buy something you can't paint? Although I know you will find a way to paint it when the mood strikes! It is gorgeous! Go for it. You deserve it!

  8. It is a gorgeous table, love it! Love the mix of old and new. Tell John that it will look fantastic in any room, and that I cannot wait to see a photo of it in your home!!!

  9. O, girl....if you don't buy it, I will....!!!!

  10. I agree - you MUST buy it! Just don't tell John I told you to ;)


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