Saturday, July 4, 2015

ALL IN THE FAMILY ( a tale of 2 changing tables )


A long - long time ago ( when the earth was green ) 
There was the prettiest bedroom set that you've ever seen....................

But that really was a long time ago - ( I'm trying to remember back to the exact year but I'm thinking maybe 43 years ago - this bedroom set belonged to my nephew John and then his sister - my niece, Joie.
This is the only pic I have of the before - that my daughter sent me from her Dad's.

Lindsay says - Do you think this set would work for Evan, Mom?
Mom says - No - not at all - it's far too feminine Lindsay 
Lindsay says - Well Dad's going to put it on the curbside - why don't you take it - fix it up and sell it?
Mom says - I have too many things - I'm drowning - I can't take it.

But you know - this piece has memories of the sweetest little girl - and I couldn't - I just couldn't let it be put out in the trash.

and so I told them I'd take it ......................
It's a high end piece - the company is no longer in business because people have just stopped spending that type of money on furniture - so not only is it sturdy and still in incredible shape - it's now irreplaceable as well.

In the meantime I found this on line that I would redo for Evan.

Fast forward a little and the bedroom set arrived at my door - in perfect condition EXCEPT it had been left outside in the pouring rain - one on top of the other and the tops had become very damaged.

 John sanded the tops down and in no time at all THEY CAME OUT LIKE THIS !!!

That's what quality furniture will get you :)
I've never had such an effortless ( well this was completely effortless for me because John did the sanding )
result from sanding down the top of a dresser !

And a thought was born....................if I stained the top dark

And painted it grey - using ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT ™ - Graphite and Pure White mixed to make a custom color - which is just a little deeper than Paris Grey actually ) and spray painted the gold handles in pewter -  then maybe - just maybe it wouldn't look too feminine at all !


And that's how Evan - before he's even made his entry into the world - ended up with 2 changing tables.
We ( in our infinite wisdom ) have decided that this one will go upstairs in his room - and the second one I found will stay downstairs so that Ashley doesn't have to run up and down all day.

( I changed my kids diaper's on my bed - their crib - the couch - the floor - the bathroom counter - wherever there was a flat surface - I never even thought to have a special designated place to do such a thing - but that was then and this is now I suppose - oh the hardships I endured LOL !!! )

Sadly there's no room for the desk in his room .....................but at the end of the day the dresser has stayed in the family - and that kind of makes it priceless in my eyes :)

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Me - Lolli - AKA


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  1. WOW they are beautiful Suzan - great job. Now you can start new memories.

  2. Isn't that top just lovely! I can't believe you even hesitated on taking that piece... you MUST have a large stash of furniture.

  3. What a lovely job on that dresser! The style is never out-dated.

  4. Thanks so much Lynn !
    No they don't go out of style - I was just worried it would look a little feminine for a little boy !

  5. Beautiful Suzan and what a great piece full of memories. Now you have made it special to hand to Evan so the memories can continue. Tooo sweet. You go grandma to be!!!!

  6. Great that you were able to reuse a family piece. Sanding the top makes it a better fit for a boy ; ). Perfect piece! xo Patty

  7. It's always nice to be able to keep a family piece! Love how it turned out! (I changed my kids wherever too...we couldn't afford a changing table. It didn't matter lol).

  8. How nice that Evan's nursery will have a piece of family history. It really does look masculine now Suzan - love what you did with it. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the one you bought online.
    P.S. Read in your post on the weekend that you got yourself a "big girl" camera and that it intimidates the heck out of you. I hear ya! I got one in January and I still get hives when I pull it out of the case. Shoot in auto mode for now but if you want some great links to sites with tutorials let me know.

    1. Thanks Marie !
      That camera is sitting on the kitchen counter..............unused - I really think I should return it - it's big and awkward and it scares the sh*t out of me LOL

  9. Gorgeous! And I think it is perfect for a boy now! The memories attached to it make it a special piece for your daughter. I'm sure she was thrilled with it!

  10. FYI... I just read every post since I was here last, so back to the beginning of June. I'm all caught up or so I thought, did I miss a baby announcement?

  11. Perfect for a little boy! What an amazing job you did, love that color. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. Beautiful piece and so nice to keep it in the family too.

  13. I love pieces that have a history and I think it is so great you saved them! Love the transformation too!

  14. All wee babies are so sweet, you can never go wrong .... boy or girl. You did a lovely job transforming the new changing station! I'm sure new mama and baby will love it!

  15. The dresser did turn out perfect for baby Evan. We have a 2 month old grandson named Evan and he is one cute baby! As I'm sure yours will be. I, like you changed my babes where ever. Nice to have a place that you don't have to get down on the floor and change them. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. I popped on over from Pin Junkie... lovely piece! It really is very sweet, great job!

  17. Priceless for sure!! It's great when you can repurposes things that hold such special memories - and now, new memories will be made!


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