Monday, July 27, 2015

PATIO DOORS ( and plans )

I have a big dilemma ...................well it's this month's dilemma because I seem to have one happening monthly in this fixer upper of ours. ( sometimes it's weekly and it's even been bumped up to daily now and then )

Most of you know we're having French doors installed in the dining room....................that will lead off to a deck - the deck is almost done -
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - James - Gordie - Tony and John !!!!!!!!!!!! 
( I'm praying it gets completely done because we have a habit of moving on to another job leaving tons of things " almost " done )

John says - This couldn't have been done without the boys
Suzan says - I know - we're blessed !
John says - Well I'll think of them every time I sit out here I'll tell you
Suzan says - Won't you think of me too?
John says - WHY?
Suzan says - It was my idea to put a deck here - you didn't think it was necessary
John says - Why do you always do this?
Suzan says - What?
John says - Take credit for every single thing that gets done?
Suzan says - I don't know - I think it's just the way God made me
Suzan says - BUT - it was my idea !

So now we'll be patio door shopping.

I showed you that I plan to do a stone veneer on the back wall.................HERE  but that's definitely only happening next year ( if it happens at all on the back of the house - I finally have him on board with the front of the house though ! ) and we're at a standstill arguing about what color to paint the stucco.
( John wants light with dark shutters - I want dark with white shutters )  so how can I know what to order in the way of French doors until we resolve all of our " issues " ?

This is what we're starting with - I hate even showing it to you -  the walls are filthy - the wood molding was painted brown with a terrible paint ( that bleeds down on to the stucco every time it rains ) it's just awful looking ( these are the moments when I pine for my last place )
But paint works miracles as you know.

So...........I drove myself absolutely insane doing some changes with Pic Monkey - absolutely insane I tell you.. I don't know if it's my computer or me but every time I tried to " block " color it the shapes would shift - the doors would end up crooked - the shutters wouldn't be the same size.............that's why there's only one shutter diagram - you have to imagine another one - it was that or throw my computer out the window
( which would have landed on John's head because he's screwing the last of the decking in now as I type )
I never understood road rage - but I sort of get it now - because sometimes I get computer rage.
It's ugly.

Okay - so this is how I see it

And this is how John sees it

We're going with solid panes of glass regardless - because the room is dark and I think ( I pray? ) it'll allow more light in - even those inches of panes will count - that's why we're putting in 2 sets of French doors - one on the other side of the dining room ( to the left of the photo )

So now the big question of the day/week/month is :
White or Dark?
HELP !!!!!!!

John just called me down to sit on it and " talk " - he had a table and chairs set up- I LOVE that man !

How adorable is that?

Here's how the " talk " went

Suzan says - I'd like to build a pergola for it
John says - I'd like YOU to build a pergola for it too
Suzan says - Do you think you could make a picket fence to contain the flowers in front of the deck?
John says - Can't you just enjoy each step for a little bit before you're on to the next job?
Suzan says - We have to build a new shed you know - that one has to be demolished
Suzan says - When are we going to install a step ( it's not high ) one step - 2 max - will do
Suzan says - I'd like to buy 2 outdoor sofa's - facing each other - wouldn't that be beautiful ?
Suzan says - And we have to build some planters for the edges - don't forget that
Suzan says - John ?  John ?  Can you respond ?  You asked me to come out for a talk !
John says - Worst decision I've made all day....................
as he sat staring out into the horizon.

Ok - we're headed to Home Depot today - surprise surprise surprise
We're on a first name basis with everyone now :)

Have a wonderful one everybody
Much love,


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  1. If you might go with the stone facade at some point, you will need to consider what will look good with that. I like the light house with the darker doors, but then again, I love white trim on doors and windows. So what do I know?

  2. LOL - I am glad I have those conversations with myself, I'm much easier to reason with!!! Love the door idea. If you come up with an idea of how to add muntins to them, let me know. I've been trying to figure that one out for 2 years...


  3. First of all, I vote dark with light if you were asking for votes - sorry, John! Second - the conversations in your household are hilarious - thank you for sharing them!! John, you are a saint (at times) for completing all her dreams!!

  4. I do the opposite of you. I am subtle and introduce ideas slowly and we discuss. Eventually Steve thinks every single one of my ideas was his idea.

  5. I think the new French doors will look fabulous. Question: What colour is the patio door frames? What colour of stone facade will it be (if it becomes reality)? I like either the white or charcoal grey for the paint but it depends on the questions asked I guess. Your deck is nice and I'm sure you will enjoy it especially when you get the matching sofas out there. LOL And a pergola would be nice if it gets hot and sunny at the back or one of those off-set umbrellas. Oh the possibilities. :)

  6. I'm going with you on this one! Dark with light trim. Good luck! The deck looks amazing and will be the perfect place to relax. :o) I always have more projects lined up too, but I've learned to space them out. Bruce otherwise just gets a glazed look on his face or he walks away. haha! too funny.
    Come by and see my finished bathroom!

  7. Okay---I'm going to go against the grain here. With your style and color palettes, I really think a nice gray---in between might be the way to go…since you want to go with stone eventually anyway. I assume you will either be doing all new windows eventually so this is a big decision. White shows the soot and dirt..and black shows birdpoop…lol, which is more appetizing?

    But with the Gray stucco you would have a little more leeway on the rest of your choices…and might even prepare you for gray stones?

    Another issue is the choice of door color---going on the inside? Nothing is uglier than french doors open and clashing with the existing color schemes? My vote for doors would be white, with maybe wood trim around windows/doors black or very dark charcoal. Just a thought!

  8. Your decking looks great.
    My opinion; I much prefer the color of the outside of a home a light color (not really a white, white) with darker trim or maybe a blue/gray or light charcoal gray color with white trim.
    Using a light color on the outside will make your home look larger.

  9. I would never, ever go against John....but....
    As good as you are at decorating ideas, whatever you decide is going to be fabulous.

  10. Here is how I decided between light with darker accents, or dark with ligghter accents: I 'painted' a house similar to ours on the Benjamin Moore site. I also drove around lots to see similar combinations. Finally when I had it narrowed down, I showed Dave. We decided dark, but then I had to find a colour. I have narrowed that down to four. It has taken me 2 months though we won't be able to paint till next summer. I agree, those little dividers cut down on light. All our new windows are plain glass. Now if only it would stop raining! Good luck with your decision and enjoy some wine on your lovely deck. xo Patty

  11. Susan,
    I love your French doors. I love the deck...such a nice place to relax. We have a huge deck and a big front porch. I like the deck for privacy and the front porch when I feel like socializing because every time we sit out there one of our neighbors will come to join us.

  12. :-)) I am going light with dark trim.

  13. i had my husband read this post. he smiled and said it sounds just like us. ; )
    i vote for dark with light trim

  14. Your idea is more stylish, John's idea is more seaside-like I think, which I love, but maybe you dont? Do you think your boys could come rewire my TV plugs? The electrician seems to be unable to do it and I want the electricity part of the renovation to be OVER!!!


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