Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Front Door Makeover

Good morning all !

I'm in the process of giving the front porch a makeover - and it all started with the door.
It's the first room people see when they step inside and it looked awful - seriously embarrassing - peeling walls - the window frames are the tiniest flimsiest ones I've ever seen ( we didn't even need a crowbar to remove them - a little flick of a screwdriver and down they fell ) 

I started with the front door.
The interior of the front door actually because the exterior may be going red.

It's a nice front door - but it's seen better days now - someone must have shellacked it back in the day because it was peeling off in long strips - and was very shiny
It's newer to the house................I'm guessing probably the 80's or 90's - but the stain was a reddish color
( not the orange from the 70's but a close runner up ) 

Even John didn't like it - wood lover that he is ( John Wood is his name - loving wood is his game )
But to be honest had I had the energy it would have required I would have sanded it all down and stained it a brown that I actually liked - but I simply don't have that kind of energy lately.................

The color is more in keeping with the interior of the house ( greys and whites )
And the stained glass shows up more now that it's painted - it kind of all blended in before

and for some reason that I can't quite understand - even the molding/panelling seems to be more pronounced now

And now can I share that every single room we step into to redo is like a nightmare from hell?
Which is why I don't have much energy left a year and a half later?
Well those that follow know that - but it's disheartening that nothing goes easy here - so an easy fix like the door is such a welcome project !

In the late afternoon the stained glass stands out even more

Want to see the damage on the walls?

And that's because there was never any heating installed in this front porch..................why anyone would install drywall and not add heating - here in Montreal -  is beyond anything I can figure out - we're lucky we didn't have ice on the walls  ( it was that cold )
I think they had it done just before they sold the house - so that it would look in decent shape -
Anyway time to fix it all and install heating................and change the windows in the fall for that matter.

I've also started painting out the wood trim - this house was decked out like a ski lodge - and when I say wood trim I say it very lightly - it's mostly that cheap panelling that was so common in the 60's ...........
They covered absolutely everything in it ...................
Except the toilets - bathtubs and sinks.

I ordered the foam from Amazon - and have been cutting it down to size to fit on the built in storage benches
( which I LOVE having ) the benches are going the same grey as the door - everything else is going WHITE
I'm going to turn this Apres - Ski house into a cottage if it kills me !!!

And that's what I'll be doing this week :)
If I don't post again it's because it actually did kill me

Have a wonderful day !!!
I think I'll spend a couple of hours in the pool before I tackle this room again :)

( I used Behr Porch and Patio paint - in a satin finish ( because I've used it on floors and it's held up incredibly well )



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  1. Your house looks so pretty when you show it in pictures that it is amazing to see the actual problems before you fix them. You and John do a wonderful job on the makeovers, but I'm curious as to whether you would buy the house again if you could go back to the start? I learned a hard lesson with our current house...you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

  2. Suzan, now it's a beautiful door! I love the color. I promised myself I wouldn't take on any big projects this summer for a change. I'm going to wait until the weather is bad and then work hard - lol. Float in your pool!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. Thanks so much Lynda - I take far too many breaks or we'd be finished by now LOL

  3. I feel your pain! We had a room in our previous home that had baby blue paneling, no insulation (northern MN) and french doors. When we closed the doors at night in the winter, we woke up to frost on the WALLS. Your door looks so much better painted and I love the built-in bench!

  4. Your door looks just fabulous! I'm not convinced that is even the same door... but you wouldn't trick us would you?

  5. Oh my! What a transformation! I know this house is thanking you from the bottom of its soul for making it into the gem it was meant to be. What was it with paneling and cheap trim? Ugh! I get the no energy thing...we are exhausted after spending the week on the bathroom and guess what? It's still not done. I'll be sharing that soon but right now, I need to finish up the post on the drink station. Priorities, you know. ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing more! The door is beautiful.

  6. Looks great Suzan...glad to hear one of your projects went smoothly! I hope the porch turns out easier than you're anticipating! Have a lovely week and enjoy the pool!

  7. The door looks great and it sounds like you are very busy! Can't wait to see it all done. The windows look very pretty with the light coming through

  8. Very nice! Can't wait to see it finished.

  9. Love the door so pretty. Good vision on this one. Looks gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful transformation! How many rolls of painter's tape did you need to prep that???

  11. Oh Suzan, the door and side panels look SO much better with the grey paint!
    Now, as for that 60's paneling... lol... it was SO cool back then... along with shag carpet... hip hugger bell bottoms and, yes, we had harvest gold appliances. I've viewed homes who are still using those appliances too!
    Paint on my remodeling friend!! :))) ~ Christina

  12. Love what you decided to do with the door. Every time you speak about the house I hope you will feel calmer and happier with the progress. The people that owned it had to have been oblivious. The things they did isind boggling. Really, what were they thinking? Oh that's right they didn't


  13. That looks great, Suzan. SO much work but SO worth the effort! Lordy- that 60's paneling was all the rage wasn't it? The only reason they didn't do the toilets with paneling was because they could not figure out how to wrap them, you know! You are getting there. I know it seems overwhelming but you have done a good job just pegging away at it bit by bit. Can't wait to see it all done someday. (I know you can't either) xo Diana

  14. Thank God you at least have a decent front door that you painted up beautifully. Love the grey, love the leaded glass. I had to chuckle over the drywall and no heat. Infact LMAO! That was our back entrance, laundry dining area. No heat. Previous owners we bought this place from Took It Out! There was a wood burningstove, they tookitout and for 25 yrs they were here they had no head. The rot of the old addition andno heat meant off came the old addition. You totally have my sympanties. We are starting the rebuild now. The footings are in and the foundation walls get put in place tomorrow.. Love the colour of gray you chose. xo Patty

  15. I like your gray painted entry door and surround! I am getting ready to paint my exterior days...but it keeps raining so much! Sheila

  16. I wish we could post with pictures! Our back door wasn't installed correctly so water had crept into the kitchen, well the Lino had to be torn up, new sub floor and particle board, new door, jam, trim, and poop it never ends, but I got my Napolianic Blue cupboards painted and waxed! Clip clap, there must be a group we could form. The Ever Overly Optimistic Old House Ladies Society. Dues and of course regular tea parties. Sounds like the Calendar Girls! Stiff upper and don't jump ship! Enough cliches ? Xxx

  17. I love the painted door! A vast improvement.

  18. Suzan you did an amazing job on your front door! Love it. Take a little rest you are making some of us look really lazy! lol Jo

  19. What a Beautiful make over of your entry door. Made a world of difference. Absolutely Gorgeous

  20. The front door looks amazing painted in that grey colour. I like the built-ins in the porch and can't wait to see the renos there when you're done.

  21. The front door looks wonderful and you really did an outstanding job. Take a break this weekend and enjoy your pool and re-charge your battery. Your like the energizing bunny LOL.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  22. The door really looks nice Suzan. Love the color and the stained glass is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. That door looks amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how paint and elbow grease can make such a huge transformation.

    Well done Suzan.

  24. I love love love the new look! We're a month away fro closing on a new house and one of the first things I want to do is paint the front door. Well, paint everything, really.


  25. I love love love the new look! We're a month away fro closing on a new house and one of the first things I want to do is paint the front door. Well, paint everything, really.


  26. Wow... what a difference....I love it!! You always do such nice work! Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time...hugs, Tammy

  27. Your work is absolutely Amazing! I have been working on my home for 12 years and still have many projects to complete. Keep taking those breaks!!!

  28. Love the transformation of your new door - love the glass in it. So pretty. I can hardly wait to see how this all turns out - I know you will do an amazing job as always. Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  29. I love the new color! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  30. I can totally understand why you have no energy left, but you still have that magic touch! Everything you take on turns out fabulous! Thanks for partying at BOTW!


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