Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 133

Good morning everyone !

They're calling for another scorcher here today - 40 celcius with the humidity ( 104 in " American " )

It'll be a floating in the pool kind of day for me :)

Today's home is a waterfront property ( subconscious desire? )

Hudson, Qc ( Canada )
One of the areas we seriously looked at before buying this place.

LISTING READS   ( it's the first time I've heard " spirits " mentioned in a real estate ad - but at least they're " good " ones !

A charming affordable waterfront home in Hudson with landscaped grounds right to the beach. Look out to the church at Oka and walk to the Ferry for a visit to this charming Town.This home has been beautifully restored and maintained and is perfect for entertaining.The owner maintains there are 'good spirits' here.Hardwood floors and antique doors.
Welcome to 160 Main Road in Hudson where you will be charmed by this 1870 home. Pride of ownership is reflected inside and out and the home is in move-in condition.Many careful renovations have been carried out by the present owners.
3 beds - 2 baths
Built in 1870
( that's who showed us several properties when we were looking - one of which I still day dream about )

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday - and that your temps are not unbearable !





  1. not crazy about the house, but that lake setting is gorgeous.

  2. I can totally see you in that house !!!!!

  3. OMG!!! Are you freakin' kidding?! This house with walk on water front is at such an amazing price and close to Montreal too. The kitchen is beautiful, it feels like it's on a luxury yacht. They have done a beautiful job, the painted beams, the floors and it is furnished so there are lots of cozy spots. Such a bargain and such a beautiful home. Makes me wish I had painted our's all white now. xo Patty

  4. Wow - this cottage is so charming - I could just move right in. I can't believe the asking price for such nice waterfront property. I live near the shoreline in CT and if that home were here, it would be one million due to its location!

  5. Love the planked ceiling in one of the bedrooms and I am a total sucker for anything with beadboard!

  6. It's lovely and not a bad price for being on the water!

  7. Lovely place! Thanks for sharing. Not good for you, though. Nothing to fix up!!!!

    104 degrees F in Canada!!!!!!!! You might as well live in Oklahoma or Texas!!!!!
    How's John handling the heat?

    1. Well I could find some work in the kitchen I suppose lol.
      The heat?
      Not a good combination. But then again - it's even too hot for me Marje - the humidity is sickening,
      I jumped in the pool last night and floated around for an hour :)

  8. I don't think our a/c stopped working today. It is still out there grinding away, and it's 4:30 am! It's old and can't be very efficient. I don't even want to know what it's costing us in electricity! We are also running the clunky window unit in the back room to keep it cool for our foster kitten.

    Love this house. There is one photo where I swear the couch is in front of a mural! So lush!

  9. What a Beautiful and quaint lakeside home and look at all that shade....might cool scenery.
    Absolutely love that dining table. Them table legs are Awesome.

    ( love your cool looking bread box you posted. very fitting)

  10. What a sweet house/cottage! And the price is decent too. Lovely spot on the water.


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