Friday, November 1, 2013

Time for a holiday perhaps?

Suzan says - I'm going to book us a vacation John
John says - Well I don't know about that - there's going to be a ton of things to do in the new place
Suzan says - I'm going to expire if I don't get one week of ocean and sand...................
John says - Here we go with the dramatics, Miss Scarlett.
John says - Where will we go?

So I made a list -

Safari in Kenya?  ( I'm too terrified )
that a Lion and I just may coincide

(Unless of course he looked like this
and then I'd most likely just give him a kiss)

Egypt I'm sorry but I don't have the room
to be cursed by a mummy in some ancient tomb

Though I think I'd probably fall on my butt
If I actually ran into good ol' King Tut
( how'd he get so funky? )

A cruise might be nice ( and all it entails )
but I'm scared of John pushing me over the rails

I'm not a great swimmer - and would probably drown
( unless Kurt Russell were hanging around )


The Orient Express - a week on a train ?
( but there once was a murder - don't need one again )

The Rain Forest might be something to see
but a case of malaria just isn't for me

Kilamanjaro?  Am I up to the climb?
It'd take me 6 months and I haven't the time

Although it looks gorgeous - it'd be a tough sell
I've seen the movie ( it doesn't end well )

 A week in the wild - Alaska you say?
Where bears run freely? No how - no way

If they were unlucky in finding a fish
would they simply catch me ( and make me a dish ? )

I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong
but that's a vacation that'd take way too long

and John just might leave me for some Suzie Wong


Bali - Figi ? Oh they'd be worth trying
but that'd cost as much as the home that we're buying

Acapulo'd be nice - at that time of year
'cept they're killing Canadians ( you can read it all here )

I think it was safer back in the day
When Elvis and Friends would go there to play

A junket to Vegas might be kinda fun
( but only in fact if we actually won )

With my luck I'd pick the very worst slot
and lose everything ( the house we just bought? )

John says - one of these days dear - right to the moon
but that's NOT a trip I'm planning on soon

I AM booking a vacation - just as soon as I find a Suzan friendly spot on this planet!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Much love,


  1. BRAVO! A poet lives among us.
    My favorite vacation is the island of Maui.....
    Except for jellyfish that make you cry 'owie'.

  2. The mountains of NC are beautiful right now....and Florida is warm and always a good get away! I hope you get to take a break before winter sets in. Love your post! You're a poet...did you know it? heeheehee!

  3. Fun post, Suzan! I'm howling over your cruise comment! Too funny!

  4. Can't wait to hear where you pick, you funny girl.

  5. Coinciding with a lion has always been a big fear of mine. Kilimanjaro? Masochistic. I love cruises. If I were to give you an honest recommendation based upon my experience (besides the cruise)? St. Augustine, FL. Historic, beautiful, beach.

    Naturally, you are always invited to my house. However, November begins the onset of Cabin Fever, which will escalate until somewhere around March.

  6. "Right to the moon, Alice" is a line my husband always uses when we are joking around. I find it an amusing reference to a bygone era..... sad that in today's world.... it borders on abuse. Between us it is a term of endearment.... go figure. But I hear you sister with the get away... before the real winter claims our country.

  7. What a fun and funny post Suzan! Good luck finding the perfect one for you and your hubs!

  8. Fun post, Ms. Poet! I'd risk murder and book a trip on the Orient Express!

  9. Oh Suzan, you are so funny. I would like a nice place to relax, swim some and lay on the beach and have nice cool drinks. How about Hawaii? It's nice there now. No matter what you do have a lot of fun. When do you start moving?
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Where did you find the time to do this?!? Genius. Phil swears we're taking a very lazy vacation next year. I'm not sure it will be together, but we're going.


  11. I highly recommend Tybee Island, we went last year and rented a small cottage.

  12. You are hilarious! You come up with such great rhymes. Florida is nice this time of year with all the little munchkins back in school.

  13. ny ny the city so nice they named it twice hint hint lol

  14. Great post! Hong Kong was interesting, but I don't recommend it. I ended up in the hospital for four days. Hawaii is the best. Maui is really layed back, and there is not enough to do for some, so I recommend Honolulu, even though it is along way from Montreal. You could hit some Elvis spots and Magnum spots. It will be interesting to see what you pick!

  15. Ha Ha Suzan. You crack me up!!!! Thanks always for that!!! Where ever you pick to go make sure you have a big comfy bed and take a nap for God Sake you need one!!!

  16. Very cute.
    How about Wisconsin, you can meet the girl who writes the blog, The River and I promise it will be a real winner.

  17. Pick the cruise and keep a life jacket on. But don't take one across the Atlantic in iceberg season!

  18. Hi Suzan!!

    ,I think you should go to a place in the sun, sand and waves. Have fun with body
    surfing the waves and then having a A HUGE Margarita and go dancing with the
    hubby, aka John. Wouldn't he just love that!!!!!

    Have a great weekend Suzan!!!


  19. LOL, Thank you for the giggles first thing in the morning!
    How about Costa Rica? A lot of Canadians visit and have retired there and it's fabulous.

  20. LOVED the poetry this morning, Suzan. Florida is gorgeous and so is Hawaii. We spent 5 days on the island of Kauai. VERY laid back and beautiful - tropical. South Padre Island, TX is nice, but not lushly tropical.

  21. You are too funny, I am surprised that you have the mind to make a rhyme. I have been to several of the places you mentioned and taken cruises. I have NEVER seen that couple. Just super sized humans making second trips to the buffet. LOL!
    Never been to Kenya, would love it. I am fortunate enough to have visited all of the developed Hawaiian Islands. Either of those would be awesome. Skip, Honolulu... just saying!
    When do you move into the new house?

  22. So cute and clever! You're not in danger of losing your mind if you can still write poetry Suzan! The United States of Danni welcomes all weary packers.....which means John probably doesn't qualify LOL! Come see me!

  23. Loved the poem, you are such a witty one! Let us know where you pick,
    With you anywhere will be a fun time!

  24. Fun poem . . . actually all your posts are fun!

    I am curious where you choose to go on a vacation. For the first time since 2002, we will NOT be going on a family Christmas vacation - for a myriad of reasons this year. So we are looking for a location for May. How is Montreal in May?

  25. That was a fun post and I loved your poem. You're a clever lady. Wishing you a great week.

  26. Suzan, You are too funny! I have had those same thoughts about vacations!

  27. I can always plan on you making me laugh all day


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