Friday, December 26, 2014

A Friday Chat about this and that

A little late because I'm not sure if anyone's bothering with blogs today but here you go !!!

In the news last week it was written that apparently they found proof that Mars is able to sustain life - and possibly already has.
We didn't need scientists to tell us that - isn't that where men are from?
Next they'll find an old tube of mascara on Venus, watch .................

I want this sisal rug so I'm putting it on here in case I forget
But I'm NOT going to chat about it other than to tell you I have no idea where it would go in this house - I just want it.
( 79.99 Ikea- for the size I want - don't ask me how I know the size I want when I don't know where it's going )


I was reupholstering a chair the other night -
John was watching Wheel of Fortune

This chair had 3,482 staples in it from the old fabric - as I sat there mumbling and cursing trying to get them all out - cutting my fingers to shreds

John yells out - She just won 42,000
John says - Pat just took off his jacket to give to her
John says - She's not even at the bonus round yet

I scream " OW " as I pull out a staple I walked on by accident with bare feet -

John says - You don't care about anyone but yourself


Suzan says - I don't know this woman !!!
Suzan says - I just stepped on a staple - it went IN my foot

John says - Shhhhhhh...................PLEASE - I want to see this.

He obviously cares more about a strange random woman and what she's won on a game show - but I'm not going to point that out.  It's petty don't you think?

And I was doing the above work in the space between the living room and the den - the foyer I suppose actually -
Later on - while I was watching 90 day fiance ( don't judge - it was that or a House Hunters show I've seen 10 times or a morbidly obese woman give birth - them's the options )

John says - We moved from the last place because you didn't have an area to work on your furniture.
John says - We have 9 rooms now - why the hell are you working in the foyer???
John says - It doesn't make any sense at all
John says - You have to get rid of stuff - it's beyond ridiculous now

Suzan says - Shhhhh.............PLEASE - I want to see this.

90 Day Fiance.
Please tell me someone else out there watches this or I'll be even more embarrassed than I already am admitting this to you guys.
AND if anyone of you DO watch it - please tell me you're fascinated by the Danielle and Mohammed story line.
Is this for real?
Can anyone really be this blind?
She's a 41 year old single Mom - he's a 26 year old man from the middle east.
He hasn't touched her.
He barely looks at her as she clings to him, smiling adoringly.  It's desperate and tragic and I can't stop watching it.
He didn't kiss her at their wedding ( claiming some kind of bogus religious reason ) nor did he look at her once...............kept his face straight ahead angrily -  while she stole little shy glances in his direction.
BUT I guess he'll get his Green card.
Immigration should be like Soccer - Red Cards should be used in cases like this.  And there should be one stuck to his forehead.
Way to go Danielle........................

Maybe the government should be testing people's " emotional state " before allowing them to bring people over?  What if he's a terrorist?  Can it really be that simple to get " in " ?
Am I being paranoid?
I'm not going to comment further because really it would just be mean spirited..................
And I really am embarrassed that I watch it but there's nothing else out there to watch - t.v. sucks.
Big Time.
I actually watch it visibly upset -the frown line between my brows has become noticeably
deeper since it's started.
AND I think Mohamed should be deported.
That's just one story line of many - awesome stuff - it's no Carol Burnett show but you know - I need something to get a paint brush out of my hand.

I spend more time moisturizing my body than actually washing my body - something's wrong with that scenario.
A shower can take 10 minutes - which is basically my attention span - but moisturizing?
It pees me off to have to do it to be honest with you...............

Has anyone noticed that the Canadian eh? at the end of a sentence is creeping into American T.V. ?
I may be tuned to hear it being from Montreal and all - but I swear it's coming to a neighborhood near you, soon.  It's amazing how often it's used by our neighbors.
Pretty good observation, eh?

It was over 6 degrees celcius here ( that's over 40 degrees for Americans )
John is beyond thrilled with the heating situation.
I am beyond thrilled with the lack of bone searing cold situation
Soda is beyond thrilled with the walking situation
Happy Campers one and all.

Suzan says - If this keeps up I can get a face lift with the savings.
John says - Or I can buy a Boxter
Suzan says - We'll never save enough on heating for a Boxter - a face lift is more reasonable.
John says - I'll give you one - how hard can it be?
Suzan says - You'd have to improve on your miter corners considerably before I'd let you do that - I don't want big flaps around my eyes.

Now, wouldn't that make a great episode of Extreme Cheapskates on TLC?
I'd even let him give me a tummy tuck.

It's mostly green outside - hardly a drop of snow - after boasting last week and showing pics of a winter wonderland

It now looks like this

And that little bit of white clinging to the edges?
that'll be gone by this afternoon, I'm sure..................
Winter in Canada?
Well the old winter scene she ain't what she used to be..................
Ain't what she used to be
Ain't what she used to be
The old winter scene she ain't what she used to be
Many long years ago.....................
And the Maritimes?
They may as well change their name to Alabama and Mississippi - really - with temps upwards of 60 degrees fahrenheit.

I've been diligently working on the heels of my feet - not pretty - anyway I've finally got them like a baby's -
Soft - smooth - no rough patches -
There's a reason they harden up - it's to allow you to still walk after 55 years -
I'm in agony - they feel bruised and sore - let this be a warning to you !

I was offered a beautiful large " frame " ( picture frame ) to review -
I told them the only way I would consider it would be if they offered one to one of my followers as a giveaway as well -
Never heard a word back
See Suzan being loyal
See Suzan tooting her own horn
See Suzan wishing she had that

Someone once told me - a lonnnng time ago - that it's very seldom a woman will have strong hair AND strong nails - for some reason it's one or the other.
Not sure what the statistics are for that - but it's certainly true in my case.
My hair is super thick - and grows like a weed.
I had it cut just past my shoulders at the end of August - and it's almost to my boobs now
and would actually be past my boobs if it weren't for gravity.
( yes they DO hang low and they wobble to & fro - I can tie them in a ribbon - I can tie them in a bow )
My nails?
Thin as paper.

I find as I'm getting older I'm looking more and more like a movie star.
If I don't get enough sleep and I put makeup on, I look just  like Sweet Baby Jane -

And if I happen to get too much - I have a pillow " line " across my cheek leaving me looking like Al Pacino in Scar Face
Sad - it's just sad.

It happens every year but it NEVER ceases to amaze me - the build up for Christmas - the excitement - all that work - and with a snap of fingers, it's over
I hope you all had a wonderful Eve/Day though !
I'm hosting a boxing day brunch just to have it last a little longer lol - and then I think I'll sleep for 14 hours or so...................

And lastly - a HUGE thanks to everyone who chose to do their Christmas shopping online this year - it left the stores " mob free ".
I've never seen anything like it actually - even Toys R Us was somewhat reasonable !
Although I shop online through out the year - for some reason I prefer to shop in stores for the holidays and this year was just wonderfully stress free - no terrible line ups at any of them................

Gotta run - there's 2 dozen eggs to scramble !

Much love,


  1. So glad I popped in and got my Friday started off with a laugh. I always enjoy your Friday! I agree about's like this huge build up of anticipation and preparation and then all over so quickly. I miss the spirit and feeling that Christmas brings. I wish folks lived like that all year. Oh...I almost forgot! I watch 90 Day Fiance too...although I always forget when it's on, so I missed the wedding. I totally agree with you about Danielle and Mohammed. And Danielle's family totally crack me up. They are so redneck and act like lots of folks around here. They are all suspicious of the situation I know. Poor Danielle is just so smitten with him and has no idea he is just using her. The show intrugues me! Anywho, have a wonderful Friday and weekend! Don't step on any more staples with your baby soft!

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Happy Boxing Day Suzan. Yes, we are in the banana belt here the last couple days for sure. It got to about 10 yesterday and most of our foot of snow is gone. It's still mild today and sunny but the wind is wicked and makes it feel colder than +6. We had a good Christmas and I'm obviously a bit bored today as I'm checking up on blogs. Life continues on as you say, all the work for the one day then it's pretty well back to normal, for us at least. We are going out for breakfast tomorrow then will hit the stores. Probably only a few stores though as we don't really need anything. It might be a bit crazy out there though. Take care.

  3. honestly,,, I want to comment on each thing that you said that made me laugh or smile but I just can`t type that long, my heart hurts for that newly wed woman, what was she thinking, what were the people who made the show thinking, just for shock value TV, so sad, she was used in so many ways, very sad,

    enjoy that brunch!!

  4. I agree with you on the moisturizing ~ it's boring, but it has to be done, unless you want to walk around looking like you have some awful skin disease! I blot dry whilst still in the shower, slather it on, then get out.

    Whenever I'm getting ready to "sand" my feet, Jim always offers to lend me his electric sander. Thanks, honey. Go sand yourself!

    I've got thin hair AND thin nails... ***sigh***

    Happy Boxing Day!

  5. Popped over for some belly always deliver sweet Suzan! xxx, T.

  6. Caught a bit of 90 Day Fiance and never believed a bit about Danielle and Mohammed. Think he's there for the green card only!!!
    How many are you feeding with three dozen eggs?
    Happy Boxing Day!!!

  7. 90 Day Fiance - what a joke! Yes, deport him immediately. Jus' goes to show how desperate some women are .... Hope you had a fun Boxing Day brunch with everyone, good eats and laughter. Chilling out today, greatly needed. Patty

  8. Suzan, I've never heard the comment before about hair and nails, but it's the same with me...I have the fast-growing thick hair and my nails break if I look at them. And I'm wondering why you're scrambling 2 dozen eggs.

  9. Hello Friend,
    I had to come for some laughs and as always, I got some. :-)
    Love Ya!!

  10. If you go through that many eggs for one brunch, you better get yourself a chicken coop out by the pool girlfriend!

  11. A late "Merry Christmas" and an early "Happy New Year" to both you and John! And thanks for all the giggles! By the way, you need to work s l o w l y and g e n t l y with your heels! Not all in one sitting!!! I've been a little too impatient once or twice with my heels; it doesn't hurt while you are doing it, but the next day WOWZA! My New Year's resolution: PATIENCE!!! AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

    1. Hope your Christmas was wonderful !!!
      PATIENCE ?
      I have to google the definition - have no idea what that word means LOL

  12. Too always! Whatever Happened to Baby of my all time favorites. Suzan, you need Netflix to keep you from watching crazy TV.

  13. The weather has been abnormal. It was 50 F yesterday when I left work and not a trace of snow to be had anywhere in Milwaukee County, WI. The fake ski hill that was made out of a mountain of garbage can't even make it, it's too warm out! Right now it's raining - RAINING - and New Year's Eve is just a few days away. I'll take it, of course - near anything is better than that awful winter last year and the Polar Vortex thing that probably is responsible for a mini-population boon in the northern hemisphere. Now you've got me wondering if aina hey is a Canadian import; I used to think it was a Polish translation for my great-grandfather Villeneuve's middle name (Antoine). I must investigate further.

  14. Umm so your tv choices alone are entertaining, I would've gone with the birth, only because no one else would watch it and I'd have the room to myself. 6 degrees is my version of bone chilling, remind that if I ever visit to come in summer. Hope you had a lovely Christmas we always do a fun Boxing Day potluck with all the leftovers. :) if I'm not about later happy new year to you xxx

  15. Extra: Pat also gave the woman you don't care about his shoes. Odd. 90 Day Fiance...train wreck. Gross, but can't stop watching. I watched briefly, recognized it for what it was, shook myself out of that looking-into-the-headlights stare and moved on, probably to House Hunters, which I had seen several times since we were afforded the luxury of cable TV that we didn't ask for 37 days ago which will probably be terminated at the most inopportune time. Then we can go back to complaining how there is nothing on TV, just like we complained about the free cable. That's really odd about the stores not being crowded when they should be. Twilight Zone. After all the hype, I picture the store employees, and the extras they hired to accommodate the masses, wandering around their impeccably clean store is disbelief. We don't celebrate Christmas, so no gifts to buy, and we didn't personally need anything - thank goodness - so we didn't notice it much. We did, however, have to make a trip to Michael's looking for a sprig or two of sunflowers for a project I was making for my mom. Not easy to find in mid-winter, even in North Carolina, but we did find something that would work. Thank you for the laughs! P.S. Thin hair; thick nails.

  16. I watched the wedding - JOKE! or, at least I hope it is one. Just to let you know, it is not automatic about the Green Card. I have a friend who is an Australian native and though married to a US citizen for 4+ years, still does not have his. He is here on a Visa and is thinking about getting his citizenship (will cost ~$1000.00 US) or renew his Visa ($400.00 US)...He came over for the wife, not the Green Card. And I have another friend who is a nationalized citizen (he came from Rwanda for asylum) and after 5+ years was granted citizenship. He married his Rwandan wife and she also had to go through 5+ years before she was able to earn her citizenship...Just saying: it is not that easy to get it. But...I sure hope that relationship is fake, really! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you Katie - for clearing that up !!!
      It's sickening to watch actually and don't know why I put myself through it - the last one is on tonight - guess what I'll be doing LOL ???
      Happy New Year to you :)

  17. Hi Suzan, I enjoy your ramblings/what's on your mind/venting.....the world needs to smile more! Your Mars and Venus remark made my evening........Happy New Year 2015!

  18. I was sitting quietly waiting for the household to wake up when...I read your "wobble to and fro" and laughed out loud. You're to blame for waking them up, not me!

  19. Girrrrrlllll... There are so many more embarrassing shows than just "90 day fiancé!!!"
    1. Tiny house nation
    2 my 600 lb life
    3 my 600 lb life where are they now?
    4celebrity marriage boot camp
    5. Married at first sight
    And I am hopelessly devoted to all of them!!!!!

    1. I'm guilty with the 600 lb life - except I have to turn away when they operate.......
      Little Couple - check
      The Duggars - check
      The only one I have to get up and walk away from is Kate + 8 - love the kids - can't watch her ( and couldn't even before she was a diva - while she was still married and slapping her husband around )


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