Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Perfect gift for under 20.00

1) One of my daughter's ( Ashley )  loves birds ( she did not inherit that from me since I have an irrational fear of them )
2) She also loves anything vintage ( she most definitely inherited that from me - or maybe I inherited it from her - not sure which came first ) 

3) She wanted to start a snow globe collection - so I've been all over the " net " looking for the perfect one - you know, that Christmas gift - the one that speaks to a heart?

They're expensive -
Really expensive - upwards of 50.00 with a lot of them actually being closer to 100 so I was waiting ( and waiting ) for Christmas to get a little closer and the sales to start before going to a speciality shop nearby to pick one up.

Last week we were at Target - and John - ( that wonderful long suffering incredible man of mine ) 
found this !!!

For 24.99 !!!
Her name may as well have been printed on this really - I was beyond thrilled to grab it - 

AND I love that it has the year on it - it makes a collection even more meaningful -
THIS is the year it starts !

It couldn't be more perfect..........................except it DID get just a little bit more so when we flew in yesterday for some last minute stocking stuffers - and lo and behold - it was marked down to 17.99 - 
Which they honored !

So for 17.99 - I found THE one - ( and I know everything else I got her will pale in comparison - no matter what I spent on them )  this is going to be THE one - I just know it !

We all try so desperately to find that ONE gift ( among many I know ) but that ONE gift that will light up the face of someone very close and dear to us - for Lindsay it's anything to do with Horses - I've lugged home sculpted art from Paris for her even - soooo easy when someone has a passion about something - but Ashley?  There was never anything in particular she was interested in " collecting "
Until this year.

I found gifts I knew she needed - gifts I knew she'd appreciate - but I hadn't found THE one.
This will be the one that she takes out of a box every Christmas with aniticipation - this will be the one that gets a place of honor long after I'm gone - ( I know that sounds maudlin - and I don't want it to ) because at the end of the day Christmas is all about the memories, right?
And I'm just so thrilled that I get to be a part of starting a new one ...................

I'm also thrilled that she barely glances at her Mom's blog lol
( it wouldn't be safe on facebook - but here our secret is ! )

And if it's not too late - and any of you still have wrapping to do - I wrapped everything in brown paper this year ( dollar store )
One roll and a half wrapped all of these - for a dollar !!! ( well technically 1.50 ) 

Which allows you to embellish them any way you like - ( I didn't even add tags - just wrote on the paper itself ) 
I added some cookies for the little ones that I also found at Target for 1.00 each 
The mandatory Lolli Pop ( we're Lolli and Pop to the little ones ) so at least one of the gifts HAS to have one attached to it - and hearts created from Candy Canes - all of which can  be seen this year on the plain paper ( they're usually lost in the busy-ness of colorful paper 

I'll attach small ornaments on the adult versions !

And that's it for today - if you're looking for a last minute gift - get yourself to Target - snow globes are just so perfect don't you think?

Now excuse me - there's far too much wrapping to do - and like usual I waited far too long to do it
Have a wonderful day everyone

Much love 
from me........................
to you

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  1. The globe is beautiful, Suzan. I think anyone whol loves birds will be all over this. Cute wrapping with the brown paper. I'm borrowing the candy cane heart idea. ;-) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Deb

  2. I'm glad you found the perfect gift. And I love the wrapping paper! It turned out so nice like that... brown paper, who knew!!

  3. That is awesome that you found the perfect gift for a reasonable amount of money. Which goes to show everything does not have to cost a lot of money to be the perfect gift.

  4. The perfect, perfect gift, Suzan. Seriously- she will remember it and love it forever. Have a Merry Christmas! xo Diana

  5. I asked my future daughter-in-law what she wanted for Christmas and she gave me links for clothes, which I bought her. But, I wanted to get her something that she would love and be reminded of her first Christmas with us. I like to buy what I call "Forever" presents at Christmas time. She gave me more ideas and I bought her a necklace that I know she likes. My hope is that through the years, each time she wears it, she will think of us fondly.

    Have a Very Merry Christmas

  6. How perfect Suzan! Trust me, she will always remember this gift. I just posted about some special gifts from my mom -- gifts of love. I love birds, too, and I've never seen a snow globe like this; it's so pretty!! John did well! :-D Our son is having a really nice Christmas this year, too. He received two gifts early because he needed them, and he's already posted them on Facebook and THANKED US on Facebook, tool. Yes, it does warm our hearts for sure. :)

    Merry Christmas, Suzan, to you and all your loved ones.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  7. Definitely the perfect gift for her! Clever you!!

  8. Oh Suzan what an awesome find for Ashley. She is going to love this. You just gotta love Target to come to the rescue with the perfect find. Love this and I know she is going to love you for finding this for her and of course we have to give John a little credit for finding this one too. SCORE! Merry Christmas Sweet Friend.

  9. Yay John and Suzan! Love the snow globe AND your wrapping creativity. :)
    Happy/Merry Christmas, Soothing Solstice and other appropriate greetings.
    ~ Christina

  10. I think I smiled throughout this whole post!

  11. it's adorable. very savvy of you to get it at the lower price.

  12. I think you are a very wonderful mom, i love snow globes also and i get a different one from my grandkids every Christmas and i love them. Have a great Merry Christmas with your family.

  13. The Globes is so cute!!! love it....great price too! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! xoxo Tammy

  14. I used that paper last year. You can't beat the price. This year I found white and some red and white from Dollar tree and I love it. The snow globe is fabulous.

  15. The snow globe is gorgeous and love your packaging as well.
    Wishing you and John a Very Merry Christmas

    Merry Texas Christmas, You All
    Merry Texas Christmas, You All
    May your Days be Sunny and Bright
    May your heart be Happy and Light
    Merry Texas Christmas, You All

    Merry Texas Christmas, You All
    We have no jingle bells or sleigh
    To display on Christmas Day
    There’s not much snow down Texas way
    But we sure mean it when we say
    Merry Texas Christmas, you all …

  16. What a gorgeous snow globe! I wish I had known she wanted to collect them...I sold all 22 of mine at a garage sale for a song last summer. I enjoyed them for years though. It is fun to find THE perfect gift. I'm a little jealous that your wrapping is done.

  17. Sweet snow globe! I'd even like that. I'm happy that you found it for her - the perfect gift. I have done the brown paper wrap in the past and used stamps to decorate it. Yours look great!

  18. That is just beautiful. Although if she reads your blog you are We just had Christmas with the kids and I am ashamed to say I didn't get all of the presents wrapped so I just went with that and it worked.....I know next year will be better.


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