Monday, December 29, 2014

My most viewed posts of 2014 !

Does anyone really care lol ?

But since it seems to be something bloggers do - here you go !
( and actually it was fun to do - I've forgotten so many of them )

My Bedroom makeover ( the first room to be finished when we moved in )
You can see the post Here

Here's the seller's MLS photo

My wallpapered Kitchen Buffet
You can see the post Here

The before

My Painted Stone Fireplace
You can see the post Here

Seller's MLS photo

This little cottage from I WANNA live there Wednesday
You can see the rest of this charmer Here

another Hutch makeover
You can see the post Here

The before

Another furniture makeover ( and this one was a doozy - a real HOMETALK controversy for me - with hundreds of comments over there on whether people should paint furniture or not )
You can see the blog post Here
But if you want to see some killer comments - you can see them at Hometalk Here

My outdoor kitchen ( reusing a piece that the previous owner's had in the " mud room "  )
You can see the post  Here

The before

This dresser makeover
You can see the post Here
( which reminds me the seller's dogs scratched one side apparently - and I'll be making a house call to repair it - I'm like a doctor don't you know ! )

The before

My White Slip covers were a hit !!!
You can see the post Here

My Painted and Stencilled Paisley Floor in the den
You can see the post Here

The before ( these floors were a disastrous nightmare )

Another hutch ( you guys love hutches !!! )
You can see the post Here
( not sure if it was the hutch you loved - or the " ODE " I wrote to go with it - but there were a lot of hits )

The before

An antique door that I repurposed for kitchen storage was popular
You can see the post Here

the before

The post on our last home was written up towards the end of 2013 - but still generated a LOT of views, making it one of the top viewed in 2014 !
( I still live there, secretly, in my heart )
You can see the rest of it Here
And I'm glad I wrote up this post because I forgot about my chandeliers - they still have to be installed in this place !!!!

And the number 1 post of the year?
My humble kitchen makeover !
You can see the post Here

The before ( seller's MLS photo )

Oh and my Before and After's page made it to 45,000 views so technically it was a page that got the most hits - not a project at all !

I just realized it's supposed to be the top 10 - I think I gave you 15 ( over kill - it's always over kill with me)

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone back tomorrow with another I WANNA live there Wednesday - I missed posting one last week
Much love,

I'll be at these fabulous parties - join me !!!

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FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS                                   LIFE ON LAKESHORE DRIVE
SAND & SISAL                                               STONE GABLE
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CLASSY CLUTTER                                                THE 36TH AVENUE
PIECED PASTIMES                                                I SHOULD BE MOPPING THE FLOOR


  1. You are so frickin' talented and industrious, Suzan. You really accomplished sooo much this past year - I think your recap is definitely post-worthy. Cheers to the new year!

    1. You're too kind Rita - thanks SO much - because I always feel I haven't done enough!!!
      Happy New Year to you as well

  2. My favorite...your finished kitchen. And that fireplace. Makes the whole house worth buying.

  3. Love all the above. Happy happy new year to you and John!! xoxo

  4. It was a good year!! Hey,, don't forget to send me the html code!!!!!

    Happy New Year Suzan!


  5. Beautiful round-up of the 2014's best. You've been a busy girl this year! Love your kitchen!

  6. Suzan, of course it matters! I enjoyed your year in review and it seems to have been a good one. Wishing you another one in 2015 with lots of adventures and blessings!

    1. You're so sweet Lynn - thanks so much !
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings only the best!

  7. Haha!
    I just save all your pictures on my computer!!
    I love to look at them again and again!
    You are such an inspiration!

  8. Nice 2 C the past photos and sure am looking forward in seeing your new projects for 2015.

    Wishing you and John a Very Happy and healthy New Years.
    Happy New Year Wish

    My Happy New Year wish for you
    Is for your best year yet,
    A year where life is peaceful,
    And what you want, you get.

    A year in which you cherish
    The past year’s memories,
    And live your life each new day,
    Full of bright expectancies.

    I wish for you a holiday
    With happiness galore;
    And when it’s done, I wish you
    Happy New Year, and many more.

    By Joanna Fuchs

  9. What fun that was to look back. I've just spent the last twenty minutes scrolling up and down comparing befores and afters. I love them all. Wish I had an eye for decor like you do. Now I'm going back to read the originals. :-)

  10. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Love all your pictures… Have a very Happy New Year!!

  11. Suzan, what a amazing job you have done on your new home. Everything is gorgeous.
    I loved everything that you accomplished. My hat's off to you!
    Have a Happy New Year.

  12. What a fun walk down memory lane, Suzan! I still can't get over how you wave your magic wand and...OK, I know it's not magic, it's darned hard work! But you persevere and the transformations are absolutely gorgeous! Here's to a wonderful 2015 for you and the choirboy. Much love... :-)

  13. It's fun to look back to see all that you accomplished. You of course were prolific in your creations.

    I don't think I will make it to a look back, but I hope to make a 2015 Wish List.

  14. Great accomplishments on the house as well as the painting projects! xoox

  15. It's fun to look back, Suzan. Proof that you've been a busy lady in 2014. Kudos to you for all that you accomplished this year.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Pretty impressive top 15 list! My favourite is still that beautiful stenciled floor! Happy New Year!

  17. Wonderful project. I was wondering as I was scrolling down if you had forgotten about your beautiful kitchen!

  18. A trip down memory lane, I like your's better than mine. I just want to wipe the last 11 months from memory. But I have grown so much personally from our little adventure. I certainly know what my limit is before I hit rock bottom now! I swear knowing you we dealling with uck and yuck and crap made me feel not so crazy. Love everything you and John have argued over and done to your place. xo Patty. ps the bookshelves are still standing and your kitchen just sings with personality 😃

  19. what a wonderful year you had! Your house is coming along swimmingly. I would love to cook in your kitchen.Your paisley floor is incredible!

  20. All great posts! Can not wait to see what you have in store for 2015. Thank you for partying at THT.

  21. Love your pot rack! I am in the process of trying to figure out a pot rack because of lack of cabinet space in my kitchen. SO wish I space foro something like this!

    1. Thanks so much Carmen !
      Lack of space - the age old dilemma that I've always suffered from !
      Good luck !

  22. So many beautiful projects! Nice to see all of them. :)


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