Monday, December 1, 2014

My love of branches continues !

There were branches laying around the property and before I knew it I was snipping away and dragging them into the living room.

Most of you know my love of them - ( and John's hate of them HERE - it's quite funny actually )

But they work well with Christmas berry garland thrown in for good measure

Oh and I discovered that an old ladder is the perfect place to hang a wreath - the wires from the lights look a little messy I know, but this is sooooo pretty in the evening that I'll try to ignore it in the day .
The mandatory branches remain in place.

I then snipped some evergreen branches and put lights in them...................

Christmas decorating starts in earnest this week I suppose - I have a lot to make up for since we couldn't decorate last year..................because well - it looked like this, remember?
This was taken a week after we'd moved in...............

It's far from finished - much farther than I thought I'd be a year later - but at the very least there's some areas I can place a wreath and garland..................

That pedestal with the candelabra on it?
That's holding up the shutter doors that still haven't been installed.
There's a lot of things just precariously placed where I want them to eventually go lol - but the den sits cosily behind them.

Have a wonderful day every one !
Much love,

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  1. You've done an amazing job in such a short time. I would love to see after pictures in colour though. Please?


  2. It is looking so wonderful my friend. Pretty and then more pretty!!!!

  3. I love branches too. I have a crock of them on my mantel and have some on both porches. John should love them...they're free! Have fun decorating for Christmas. We got started yesterday (and by we, I mean me).

  4. I love the natural look of branches - so beautiful :)

  5. I love your branches! Thanks for showing what it looked like a year and today. You have done so much work!

  6. As soon as I saw the word branches I thought of poor John. They do look great and a recent wind storm has kindly dropped lots of them in my yard. I plan on gathering up a mess of them and bringing them in!

  7. I'm loving your branches and decor for Christmas. The wreath is really pretty all lit up. I love using red berries here and there too. As for the house? You've come a very long way, baby. :)

  8. Hello,
    I have to chuckle, because my 14 year old son brought home branches from Grandma and Grandpa's to decorate his room with. :-) They do add to his display of rocks, feathers, drift wood and other trinkets he has collected and displayed in his room. :-)

  9. I love branches, too ~ and like John, my DH just doesn't get it...

    Keep calm & branch out!!!


  10. Now that has to make you feel good - looking at how far you've come since last year. The house is looking amazing and you are one stylish lady so pour yourself a BIG glass of wine, put your feet up and ENJOY :-) Gerry xxx

  11. love it all...the shutter doors are on my Gotta Get List...and I love your use of branches..:)

  12. Gorgeous! And I love your photos. I'd love for you to come link up with us at Talented Tuesdays tomorrow at 10am EST!

  13. I love branches too! In fact, my Christmas tree is not a tree at all, it's branches... Will send you pic when it's up :)

  14. Your home is lovely! But I just have to ask. :) Do you colorize certain things, like the wreath etc? or is your home really that black and white? Jus wonderin. :)

  15. As always, I love all you've done...even if it's unfinished! The vision is there and you've come a long way, baby! The branches look great - how come I can't make them look like that? But I have to confess to being afraid of bringing a nasty scorpion in so I'm skipping the branches. :) I'm done decorating. Hurray!

  16. I love branches too. Yours look very pretty! I am in love with the wreath on the ladder though...gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of your decor.

    Blessings, Vicky

  17. So pretty with the branches and the wreath and berry garland. The before and after is just amazing. Meanwhile here we are still putting along with the house, shacked up in the trailer going quietly crazy : ). More Christmas decor pictures please! Patty

  18. I'm with you when it comes to branches. Not only are they a natural element, they are so sculptural.

  19. Everything is looking really pretty. Love all the natural touches. I've been collecting some weeping birch branches to hopefully make a wreath. We'll see if that happens. That before and after is just amazing!

  20. Some day, we'll be buying a house, so I am on email lists that show houses in our area. I have seen many of them with scads of knotty pine paneling. It seems that if they wanted it on one accent wall, they wanted it on every. single. wall. in. the. house. So, this might also be what I will have to deal with some time down the line. I will have to remember the before photos of your place and keep mumbling the words "There's no place like home. There's no place ..." You've come a long way, and it looks like you still have a way to go, but you will succeed to the point that you will be starved for something to occupy your free time! It looks so good.

  21. love the twigs . . . love the look of your house this Christmas . . . love the way you used the ladder . . .

  22. Everything is looking fabulous. Love you decor and I love the branches too.

  23. Oh, I had almost forgot how it looked like last year! Such an amazing transformation!

  24. It is looking great, Suzan. You have brought that place a LONG way. I am sure it has seemed overwhelming at times but LOOK at all you have accomplished. Love it- love you- xo Diana

  25. You really have made this YOUR home Suzan. Everything looks so beautiful girlfriend!

  26. Looks lovely Suzan and look how far you've come in your reno!!!

  27. Susan, I have a love affair with branches also. I have drug a few in this season as well. Love the wreath on the ladder! Certainly looks magical at night. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. Everything looks great Suzan! Love the ladder with the wreath!



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