Monday, December 8, 2014

Red and Rustic

G'day y'all ( tous mes amis )

( I'm pretending I'm an Australian Southerner who speaks French  today - my keyboard won't allow me to type in Chinese or I'd really impress you )

I tend to stick with blues and whites and silvers ( for the last few years or so anyway ) so this year I decided to change things up drastically
( translation - I can't find the boxes with all of my blues and whites and silver - have no idea where we put them - all I could find were Reds - which are soooo 5 years ago in my world ) 

But red suits this little cottage perfectly ...................( I'm really trying to convince myself ) 

A few years ago John came home with his very first ( and only now that I think of it ) dumpster dive item - an antique sled - who would ever throw something as beautiful as this in the garbage? 

2 years ago I simply placed a tray on it and filled it with? ( if you guessed sparkly blue balls you're right ) Why do I always feel a little risque calling ornaments balls?  Is there another word for them?  Help!!!

But this year it rests on the mantel instead 

Now just to let you know I've changed the mantel 3 times - because " the man " made comments about the first 2.

John says - A sled on the mantel?
Suzan says - I'm not changing it again - live with it
John says - Wouldn't the sled be better on the floor with gifts on it?
Suzan says - Yes - it would - but WE DON'T HAVE THE FLOOR SPACE !!!!!!!!!!!
John says - But it looks ridiculous on a mantel - it's not natural
Suzan says - It's not natural how you pick apart every single idea I come up with !
John says - I don't do that at all
John says - You listen to your bloggers more than me anyway 
Suzan says - I DO NOT ( but I do ) 
John says - You probably saw one on someone's mantel

If any of you have seen a sled on a mantel just don't tell me about it, 'k?
Anyway this post is about RED - not my mantel !

Ok - Pic Monkey - do your magic

I wish I could Bokaherize the living room actually

I added the " Welcome " sign I bought this summer ( for the garden gate - but it ended up on the back
door )

John says - Why would a sled say " welcome"
John says - Very strange
Suzan says - Well I may put it outside, beside the front door

These conversations go on while " Joy to the World " is blasting away in the background - very festive in these here parts !!!

I added some ( ahem ) balls to the branches as well

As much as I love my blue and whites and silver - I love how traditional the red looks
( Translation :  where are those damn boxes ???  )

A kuttke ( that's what happens when your fingers are not aligned on the key board properly - that should be
A LITTLE spray paint took care of these pine cones

My red sequined tree ( that I had completely forgotten about )

Some faux something or other in metal cans ( hey they're red ! )

It tells you something about my character that I'm able to shop in my house for anything I want - in any color.
I don't think I'd have to hit a store for years ( except for Ikea - 2 of these lanterns - 3.99 each !!! )

A Santa's boot peaking under some fresh cedar branches from the backyard -  that a dear friend once brought to one of my parties ( filled with a poinsetta plant ) but now gets filled with candy canes usually

and stocking hangers ( can't find the stockings either so some red berries are entwined in it instead )

And of course there's my wreath on the ladder - which has red and white lights

And all of it - every single last piece of it would STILL be changed if I could find the boxes I really want !!!

You DO know my living room is mostly black and white, right?
Which begs the question

What's Black & White & Red all over?

I'm living one big giant cliche ........................

Have a wonderful day everyone
I'm still working on my DIY faux fireplace


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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Love the pops of red and I love what you did with the sled!! So sweet!!


  2. Looks so pretty Suzan! I love the sled filled with sparkly ornament (balls)!! xx

  3. I love the red. It all looks so cute and festive. I know that if you find the blue and silver you will have that out in know time. I can't wait to see your faux mantel.

  4. Love the red but then I'm a red loving person! I love blue too, so if you find your boxes and change it up, I'll love that look too. (Aren't I easy to please?) I hope you have a wonderful week! Can't wait to see your faux fireplace!

  5. Red and rustic looks pretty good to me! In fact, seems like red is THE Christmas color this year. It's everywhere! I usually try to find different purple ornaments to add to my collection - but not this year. Can't find any. And I'm even using red and white for my outdoor décor. Don't want to scare the neighbors by using purple. What would they think?

  6. It is all beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the mantel.

  7. :) Luv the black and white and red all over .

  8. It's all coming together beautifully!!! Geez Louise does John sound like Jim!! I told him yesterday be quiet or I will rearrange the kitchen cabinets!!! The look of panic on his face was priceless!! He can't stand for anything to move around in this house. And every surface gets decorated for Christmas!! of course I am the one suffering on that front. Your Christmas decor is gorgeous and I have a sled like yours that I bought for my 43 year old son when he was maybe 7 or 8 that I saved. I decorate it on the front porch. Jim thinks it's dumb. Can't wait to see your mantel., you know what I think about that!!! XOXOXOXOX Karen

  9. Such lovely images, Suzan! If I had a smallish sled, I would put it on the mantel. And about John. I married into a family of people like John. Everyone is so LITERAL. LOL (Why would a sled say 'welcome'??) Grrrrr. If I asked our son (who got the literalness in his genetic makeup) to pick up his room, he would say, 'But's too heavy!!' Oh these people. I wish you a wonderful Tuesday, Suzan. Just ignore John. ;-)

  10. I love the red Suzan! So pretty. I love the wreath on the ladder and the branches with the red balls. I'm going all out with red this year.. I pretty much have never had a color scheme but decided it was time :) I hope you'll visit when you can.

  11. Well, the red looks gorgeous! The sled was in the trash??? People are nuts! It's such a neat piece for your house- I love it!

  12. Love the pops of red and your mantel is looking real good too!

  13. I love it all...and be sure to tell us,step by crafty step, how to build a fireplace.....:)

  14. Gorgeous!! I love the sled on the mantel and have been looking for one of my own for a few years now--decorating possibilities are endless. I too can shop from my own home and it is good to hear that someone else can't find a treasure or two every now and then! I call the "sparkly blue balls" sparkly blue orbs. Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas!

  15. Ok Suzan,
    I have to tell you when you post such postings with the back and forth foreplay between you and your hubby John, I laugh, laugh, and then PICK SIDES.... You know I love you, I truly do, but your hubby is so funny I am going to side with him....I know us girls, lady code stick together, I am still laughing inside at your music "Joy to the world" in the back ground and the ruckus of the sled convos still in action.

    Here's something to swing by your hubby from a blog friend of yours....I took as lead one year and hung it on the stucco siding by the front door with a wreath hanging from the stead. It looked totally French and everyone that visited the front door was charmed by a sled greeting them

  16. Hi Suzan!!!

    Looks gorgeous!!!

    A sleigh on the mantel looks great and I really love the, "Welcome" on the sleigh too!!! Makes it feel more homey!!!

    Now if only I could remember what you did with the Blue and Silver Balls!!!


  17. Loving the sled. Your pics are all stunning. I especially love the one with the Eiffel tower. One day I dream of Christmas is Paris! G'day to you as well!!

  18. Love the red touches but sorry you can't find your 'other' Christmas stuff. Love your sleigh, seriously though, who throws something like that out?! (besides my sisters when they moved Mom out of the house....). Gold star for John for grabbing it out of the garbage. I just paid 60 bucks for one off Kijiji and I had to drive into the city to get it. But it's so worth it, I love it. I think the red it lovely, hope you can live with it for this year. Patty

  19. Oh, I totally love the pop of red throughout.
    My sled I deck out with greenery, along with an old pair of ice skates and a pair of old mittens.
    Your home looks lovely all decked out for the holidays.
    No floor space for a tree, consider getting a wall tree. I have one which hangs on the wall but I have it so that it actually looks like it's standing on the table but yet it is actually hung on the wall.

  20. Why do I have the feeling that you will be doing another "Blue Balls" (hahaha -that doesn't sound right) post as soon as you find those boxes? Dumpster dive? LOL! It's good to be back!

  21. I also used to decorate with red and after seeing your pictures, I'm "this" (imagine my finger and thumb quite close) close to hunt for my red "balls" in the attic!

  22. it looks lovely. you made me laugh out loud a couple of times w/ your post. i can totally relate. regardless of red or blue, you have great style. enjoy the season- MJ

  23. All the pops of red look great Suzan, and I'm still loving your wreath on the ladder. Sooo pretty!

  24. Okay- Found your sled post. I LOVE it. Everything looks great from your red sequined tree to your wreath, Suzan. My son's favorite joke when he went to Catholic elementary school was "What is black and white and red all over?" A bleeding Nun. Yes-I know- not nice at xo Diana

  25. Well, Suzy I think that everything looks wonderful and my fav is your little, WELCOME sled.....I think John is silly! Have a glorious Christmas and New Year!

  26. Love everything you did....but that fireplace has my heart! I LOVE it! Ya'll did a great job on the aesthetics of the piece! Love all the molding! Tell John he is super......and smile!
    Anxiously waiting for the next installment.......

    Oh P.S. I LOVE the 'welcome' sled! It's decorating at it's best! And ........Black and white with red is such a delight for the eyes...ya did good!


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