Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

John HAD to have a kindle....................
I mean he just HAD to ( even though I haven't seen him read a book in months and months and he STILL hasn't started the Ken Follet's triology )  If you haven't read them - you have to ask for them for Christmas An amazing read !!!

John got his kindle.

John says - This is going to be great for emails !

Who buys a kindle for emails?

Last night I walked into the office and he was playing on-line poker - no money involved - just the game - but he gets very involved with it - smashing his fist on the table - calling the other players vile names -
I kept expecting Kenny Rogers to show up and tell him to fold 'em.

Anyway - he was playing poker on the computer - AND he had the kindle on with another poker game on at the same time!
He was playing 2 different games on 2 different devices!  Simultaneously !
This is someone who cannot multi task - absolutely cannot
If there's 2 bags at the door - one garbage and one recycling - he takes them out one at a time.
If he has to carry Soda upstairs - plus a bowl of water - he makes 2 trips
He puts things away one at a time ( I stuff pockets and basically put things on my head and under my chin and armpits to multi task )
But poker?
Bring it on - I bet he could play 5 games at once.
Bringing a towel AND a roll of toilet paper into the bathroom?
Not happening.

John says - I won 60,000 dollars last night
Suzan says nothing
John says - Did you hear me?  I won 60,000 dollars last night
Suzan says - It's monopoly money for crying out loud
Suzan says - I really don't care if you win a million fake dollars either

It's winter officially - we have snow out there and it hasn't melted yet - soooooo
I decided to make pancakes - and tried really hard to make a snow flake as the " topper "

It came out looking like a flower as you can see ( if I'd actually tried to make a flower it probably would have looked like a snowflake )

John says - Why is there an amoeba on the top of my pancakes ?
Suzan says - It was supposed to be a snowflake - but it looks like a flower
John says - No it looks like an amoeba
John says - Do you know what an amoeba is?
Suzan says - OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT AN AMOEBA IS !!!!!!!!!!
Suzan says - Bet you can't spell it
John says - A M E B A

Then I ran to wikipedia to find out what an AMOEBA was]

An amoeba (also amebaamÅ“ba or amoeboid) is a type of cell or organism which has the ability to alter its shape, primarily by extending and retracting pseudopods.[

Oh yeah - I sort of, kind of, vaguely remember that from elementary school - never thought of that word again and honestly?  Never thought I'd need to.
( oh the folks are dumb - where I come from - they never got much learnin'  ♪♫ )

BUT - O.M.G. - he's right - it IS an amoeba - it altered it's state from a snowflake to a flower.....................

Does he get points for getting it right just by coincidence?
( I'm not giving them to him - just wondering about the rules of the game )

I've decided that instead of quitting the blog or going on an hiatus - I'm simply going to blog less in the New Year - why didn't I think of that before?
Why is everything always ALL or NOTHING in my world?
Probably Monday - Wednesday and Friday -
At least until this house is further along -

I HATE the term " followers " so I try to avoid it as much as I can ................I prefer to use Blog Friends or Readers or such................
But this week it slipped out.
I was sitting at the computer reading out all of the comments ( on my stressed out lack of blogging skills )
( they were unbelievably heart warming )
I sighed and
Suzan says - I have the most incredible followers
John says - WHAT?
John says - Did you just call them your followers?
Suzan says - Well that's the terminol-
John interrupts - It sounds like a cult for God's sakes..................
Suzan says - Don't be ridiculous John - it's just terminol-
John interrupts - and in a squeaky voice - says
" Oh my followers - come gather round -  look what I did this week - come lavish praise on your leader "

John says - You'd better not be writing down what I just said
Suzan says - I'm making a grocery list - you're getting very paranoid.

I did a long post on ISIS - one of my rants - and then I worried that they could trace me so I quickly deleted it -
I could just imagine one of their representatives showing up at my door with a scimitar.
If there's one thing I don't need in the midst of a house renovation.........................

( just leaving this little commentary makes me a nervous wreck - the ugly bastards )
Do you think they have wives?
How can anyone on this earth be attracted to such garbage?

I reinstated an accidently deleted blog post.
One of my readers ( not a blogger ) Beth - sent me an email showing me how to find a cached post
( so keep in mind that nothing is ever deleted really - once you hit publish it's out there forever whether you want it to be or not )
Which led me to doing a little more research until I found this site !
The post is reinstated completely ( minus the comments - I couldn't quite figure that out but apparently it's supposed to include them too ) I'm just thrilled I got the post back to be honest with you.
Beth thanks again - you're my hero!

The Original Blogger Tips & Tricks

I love old movies - so it was no surprise when I noticed Black Beauty was on that I plunked myself down in front of the t.v. ( a very rare thing in and of itself )
I wasn't expecting the overwhelming flow of emotions that over took me.
Life was hard and cruel back in the day - for humans AND for animals.............
Apparently the lady who wrote the book ( in 1877 and passed away 6 months after writing it ) wanted to tell the story from a horse's point of view to gain empathy for them ( I suspect it was also so that humans could see what horse's asses we can be )
Laws were changed shortly after.
A woman with a pen and paper can move mountains......................we must remember that when we think
" I'm only ONE "

Which brings me to a quote I've kept in a frame for many years now

I am only one, but still I am one
I cannot do everything but still I can do something
And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do

Edmond Everett Hale

I framed that for inspiration when I walked 60 kilometers for breast cancer......................our little team of 10 women raised over 30,000 dollars !

I promised myself that I was going to volunteer at an Assisted Elderly Home in the Fall - and it didn't happen.
One more item of guilt to add to my growing collection.
I'm going to hell.
Good intentions make a pretty sturdy highway and the pavement on mine is 10 feet deep.

There's a chocolate bar sitting in the pantry with my name on it -
I open the door a few times a day and fight the urge to eat it - just to test my will power
Then I eat a loaf of bread.

Let's see now - have I covered everything?

Oh there's that small issue with the fireplace, isn't there?  I keep promising to show it to you BUT we took a little break because the perfect thick chunk of wood I had put aside for the mantel is warped and we need to pick something up!
I've stuck a fence plank on top and decorated it for you though LOL

It's upstairs in the bedroom and I'm sort of pretending it's finished ...............
I have all the pics ready for a tutorial - but it should be finished before I show you how we did it, don't you think?

You all have a wonderful weekend - make a batch of amoeba's !
big hugs


  1. Well even with a fence plank on top, it's gorgeous. And I always have good intentions and somehow they don't happen 99.9% of the time so I get the whole guilt thing. John's a and funny. Glad you're not quitting on us...three days are wonderful!
    Now I'm off to tackle more on my growing to do list. Deep breath! I can do this!

  2. I looked at the mantel photo and thought, "why can't I do things like that? It's stunning." Never even noticed the board until I went back and read what you wrote. Funny part is that I basically have the perfect mantel for me right now. I finally refinished it in the exact color I wanted recently after putting up with the wrong choice for five or ten years. Can't buy that decorator's flair for putting simple things together to create such beauty, though! Honestly, I'd show you mine, but it would send you into some kind of traumatic shock, and I really did try to decorate it!

  3. Oh my gosh Suzan, this post is sooo funny! You gave me a good laugh first thing this morning. :-D I love the part about John and multi-tasking -- poor John. ;) No wonder he's paranoid. That is so funny about the Kindle; every man I know wants every new electronic device that comes out on the market. What is it with that; it must be in their DNA. By the way, my in-laws are reading the Ken Follet trilogy; they read just about all of his books.

    Your whole post is funny, but my favorite part is about ISIS. I know what you mean about being afraid they'll find you; maybe I should take this out of my comment. I get what you mean about finding a happy medium with blogging. It's really difficult for me to find the right balance. Sometimes, I have to take a few (or three) weeks break.

    I enjoyed your chat today -- hope you have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor (A Follower)

  4. I'm so glad you've decided to keep on bloggin' as your posts are so enjoyable to read! Full of funny snippets of 'men from Mars/women from Venus' conversations, together with the wonderful furniture transformations & decorating ideas, plus the reno tips guaranteed to help someone else through their own process. If Less is what it takes (and honestly I don't see how you kept it up for so long posting five or so nights a week) then your 'followers' will be happy to make the adjustment with you!
    P.S. Tell John at least one of your 'followers' is in awe of his amazing poker win & his ability to multitask with the Kindle! LOL Happy Friday, Suzan!

  5. Always, always, you make me smile and laugh and be happy that I visited!

  6. I'm so glad you have finally realized you don't have to blog EVERY day!!

    A blog friend ~

  7. Making amoeba pancake would be a great way to give a little Science lesson to the kids, hahaha

    You can't avoid chocolate and eat a loaf of bread (though I'd choose bread over chocolate any day if it was French or Italian).

    I'm usually all or nothing too...working on moderation better. Wish me luck. Maybe I'll make it a NY's Resolution (but prolly not). ;)

    Have a wonderful holiday if I don't see you before!!

  8. Please don't quit blogging - ever! Your Friday posts are the best. I think I'll make amoebas for breakfast tomorrow because it is Saturday! Whoo hoo.
    I can't wait to see the rest of the mantel. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. The mantle is beautiful, you are so talented,you cut back all you want, just please please, don't quit.I am glad John found something fun to do. Merry Christmas to you both.

  10. I think I can actually hear him squeak it "Oh my followers-come gather round.." .I'm still laughing. That was the best part of this whole wonderful post. lol

  11. Darn it, Suzan, it's hard to read when I'm laughing so hard that tears are clouding my vision! I think your snowflakes look lovely. And they're too symmetrical for amoeba anyway (or is it amoebae or amoebi or whatever).

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    One of your many devoted and humble FOLLOWERS (obsequiously bowing even as I write). LOL

  12. I want pancakes! Had to get that out of the way before I commented on John Boy. Good grief, that man! He does make me laugh- I can just imagine that accent taunting you, Suze. LOL Your fp mantel looks wonderful!

  13. I sure enjoyed this post, and happy you are not going anyplace. I am happy to be called a follower, really, why not? One has to lead (you) and some follow, that would be all of us good folk that like you a whole bunch!!! (grin)

  14. The chocolate bar and the bread had me peeing. Like really. It was as if you are looking into my life. Sad. But nonetheless hilarious. Thank you for the chuckles :)

  15. Your amoeba looked very tasty, I just might have to make some. Can't wait to see your fireplace. Post something when you can, don't worry, we'll be waiting to hear from you. Hilarious that John has 2 games going at once. Now all I can think about are pancakes and maple syrup and butter. Damn you! ; ). Patty

  16. Seriously when I saw the title said Friday Chat, I was so excited. You have to keep blogging because I'd miss the chats if you went away. :)

    Your pancakes are cute! Flowers...that's what they remind me of.


    Man I hope we don't go to Hell for our good intentions. I'll be right there with ya!

    Your mantel is gorgeous.

    "I am only one, but still I am one
    I cannot do everything but still I can do something
    And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do"

    That quote was on my desk when I taught. :)

    Have a happy weekend.

  17. I want pancakes! And snow! You are always way too hard on yourself dear. I love that you and 9 other women raised so much money for such a great cause! I also love your mantle. LMAO over the fact that John may be cussing at Sam on online poker! LOL!

  18. I hate that &*%"y quote anyway; the way to hell is paved with BAD intentions, the good ones are like a kind of halfway house (or purgatory if you're a Catholic ;-).
    If there is such a place as hell then it will be full of ISIS supporters, who wouldn't know a good intention if you spelled it out for them. Maybe if we all make a comment we'll be safe, they can't pay all of us a visit - can they?!
    LMHO over the chocolate/bread thing, we really must be related!
    Colin started doing some online betting, where they gave you free bets but then you had to bet on something winning and also losing at the same time (no don't ask how that works, my rubbish explanation should make it clear I haven't the faintest idea what he was doing :-D) Anyway he assured me that with this system it is impossible to lose money, unfortunately you're never going to win much either. I am allergic to gambling, probably because I have no skill and very little luck. However way to go John with the multi tasking!!!
    I must admit I did wonder why you felt you had to blog everyday, much as we all love reading them most of us don't feel obliged to reply every time. I'd much rather get less than do without all together!
    Snowflake, flower, amoeba - who cares? Just bring on the pancakes...
    I just watched a documentary on Edward VIII (the one who abdicated for Ms Simpson) and his role in conserving animals in east Africa. He became aware that the practice of going on safari in a car and shooting thousands of animals at close range was not only unsporting but actually endangering many species and used his influence to get the Serengeti turned into a national park (who knew?). The pictures of the wholesale slaughter of so many beautiful creatures for 'fun' made me feel sick and ashamed of the human race. I've always said that until the animals also get to carry guns I can't see anything to admire in people managing to shoot them and the only possible justification is you're hungry and intend to eat them.
    That only leaves the mantel :-D It's looking good, but then I always knew it would...

  19. You know I love your posts....and I love your conversations and I love you! I think your mantle looks perfect-even with a board for the top. You have come so far, Suzan, this year. No need to feel guilty about not volunteering when you have spent so much time on unexpected setbacks and projects. Happy Christmas to you- xo Diana

  20. Suzan, I really do not believe that it applies to you, but have you ever heard the saying that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions?" I think that if we didn't have intentions to start with, things wouldn't get done half the time. So, you intend to help somewhere... and it didn't happen at the time, it doesn't mean it won't happen later. It's all in the timing. LOVE the amoeba and I'd be a follower in your cult any day !!

  21. Amoebas sound good! I'll have my wife, the biology teacher, prepare the petri dish!

  22. I'm certainly glad you decided to continue blogging, you blog about so many things that I always enjoy stopping by to read about your latest adventures. Your mantel looks like a winter wonderland!

  23. Hi Suzan!!!

    NOT BLOG!!!! Do you want me to come back there and have a little chat about not blogging?!!!!

    I couldn't do without your wit and charm!!! Slowing down is great, but, please don't quit altogether!!! Where would I go to get my Montreal fix?

    BTW.....THOSE guys would never get women to marry them and that's why they have to kidnap teenage girls and force them to marry them. Those poor girls!!!! How many are pregnant by now and scared out of their wits? SICK!!!

    Well, I guess that's enough for my rant!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


  24. Suzan, I honestly don't know how you do it. Just tell yourself you post too much. It's more than we lowly earthlings can keep up with so just slow down so we don't have to read 3 or 4 posts each time we try to catch up on what you're up to. Breathe. Chill. Drive John crazy just a little more. Then do a post and we'll still be here to read it. To quote the Fab 4...Life's what happens while you're making other plans. Enjoy each day and share when you can.


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