Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Faux Fireplace

Or 101 things to use fence planks for.......................

DIY faux fireplace

We have a ton of wood here because of all the renovations - and though some of it was bought for different projects - they didn't happen and so I decided:

Suzan says - Do you think we could build a faux fireplace for the bedroom?
John says - No - the room's small enough
Suzan says - How much room does a little fireplace take up?
John says - I KEEP telling you I'm NOT a damned carpenter -
Suzan says - We once made one for every room ( to cover radiators - they turned out brilliant - does anyone else remember past projects with sadness that they weren't blogging then? )
John says - That was different
Suzan says - We have all kinds of wood here - we'll make it a weekend project - c'mon - it'll be soooo nice.
John says - We already have 2 fireplaces in the house - we don't need 3

But he soon saw the error in his ways - when I explained at supper time that we'd already had breakfast and lunch and we didn't NEED a third meal.

We are not carpenters as John so eloquently put it -
This is a faux fire place for dummies - seriously - D.U.M.M.I.E.S.

Counter sunk holes?  Fuggedaboudit
Hidden screw holes?  Ya gotta be kiddin' me
Perfectly measured wood?  Overrated

Truly, a ten year old could make this one ( which is right around our skill level )

First we cut the 3 main pieces of wood ( make sure you have a WHITE furry blanket to work on that you later spill stain on................)

We simply attached the three pieces using brackets...................

Suzan stands over him and says - Please make sure you get the brackets straight
John says - Why?  What does it matter?
John says - Are you going to get dressed today?

Suzan says - Maybe - maybe not - these are my " work " pajamas
John says - I hate them
John says - Can you go blog somebody while I'm working?

I think they look very Christmas-y myself.
Okay - here's the 3 pieces bracketed together

At this point you could call it a day - do a little magic on it with moldings and such and just have a mantel you can attach directly to the wall  ( which was my original plan )

But I decided I wanted to box it there was actual depth to it -
Here comes the fence planks again ( you must be so sick of seeing fence plank projects by now - but I promise you they are no officially finished lol )

We cut out the niches to allow it to fit flush against the wall - the larger one for the baseboard - the smaller one for the quarter round

and then we attached it with carpenters glue and nails -

This is what it looks like from the back - pretty rudimentary to say the least

But when you turn it around, it's starting to look like a fireplace !!!

And so far it's been 2 steps -
Bracketing the 3 main pieces of wood together................
And attaching 4 fence planks to box it in.

Now we're ready to dress it up and at this point it becomes more a personal taste job - we put picture molding around the " legs " in 2 sections -
These hide the places where the fence and the planks of wood meet..................
There's also a thicker chunk inbetween the two....................
A fence plank was cut down to size and an applique applied to it in the center.
Again using carpenter glue and nails

Then I took at least 20 photos of the small Christmas tree plants I bought from Ikea -
Seriously - when I went to grab the photos for this post - they were right smack in the middle of this sequence - talk about a blogger with A.D.D. - I need to be medicated I think

Okay back to the fireplace -
Next I framed out the fence plank in the middle with the same picture molding - making it look more like a raised panel

and the same on the legs ( I can't think of what else to call the side pieces !!! )

And at this point it was ready to be stained or painted or bleached or whatever you prefer !

It's not completely finished yet - the footings on the bottom have been a source of a nightmare or 2 for us but they'll get done - as soon as we're speaking to each other again :)
Those medallions in the top part of the frame?  Not attached yet.
Oh and we haven't finished the mantel on top either - I have the wood - I just haven't painted it yet - so for now you get to see an almost finished faux fire place - because I've delayed this post long enough now !

I painted it with Paris Grey and the trim is done in a white wash of Pure White ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint )
A very light hand was used - almost dry brushing it - to keep it looking old and antqiued

And here it is in the bedroom

Build your own fireplace

With a third mantel to decorate for Christmas lol

And even if it's a DIY for Dummies - ( and it really is ) this dumb blonde is happy to be this far along in the project !

Easy DIY project - faux fireplace

We had most of the supplies on hand - but even if you had to purchase the wood it would cost ( roughly )

Plank of wood - cut to size - 20.00
4 Fence planks - 12.00
Moldings - 10.00
Appliques - 10.00
Plank of wood for mantel - 10.00
Working alongside your better half and getting 2 days of the silent treatment because of mitered corners gone wrong?

And approximately 60.00 :)

Suzan says - I'd LOVE to make a small one for the guest room
Suzan says - John?
Suzan says - JOHN?
John says - Good-night Suz- anne....................

Update - To see how I created a faux marble mantel you can click HERE

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Much love,

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  1. Your guys are quite the carpenters. I think it looks great and look at the money you saved by using your extra supplies. The mantle looks very pretty. Good job!

  2. Suzan that is just beautiful and your extra touches, like making the panels look raised, make it even more so. John is such a dear for helping you with all of these little projects that make your house a home! "Go blog somebody"....crack me up!

  3. Adorable! I always wanted a faux fireplace for our room. But I kept buying furniture and now there is no room. John cracks me up.

  4. Looks great! I would prefer not to see those medallions added, though. I think it's decorated just enough with the trim and the raised thingy in the middle section, and IMHO it doesn't need anything else. Is there any room at all in the guest room (which one?) for a faux fireplace???

  5. Ooo, it looks so pretty even not completely finished. Seriously, when will our husbands learn to just go with our vision? They love it in the end. Lol. Good luck with getting one for the guest room!

    1. PS
      For not being carpenters, y'all do a damn good job. Not sure I could pull that off !

  6. very very cute Suzan - look at you scooping me on another project!!! I'm planning one for my living room. If I ever get my mojo back again that is!


  7. It was worth all the spousal spatting to get this done! It looks fabulous! There is nothing like a fireplace (even a faux one) in a room. Beautiful, Suzan!!!! xo Diana

  8. Looks just lovely, you often underestimate your abilities!

  9. I think John actually loves doing all these creations ans is just pretending to be annoyed, lol, you're the brains and he is the brawn, lol, you are a great team, its beautiful!

  10. Wonderful tutorial for another pair of dummies who (well, me) want to make a wood surround for our brick fireplace. Your faux fireplace is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  11. So pretty, Suzan! I love the reflection that the mirror gives in the hearth!

  12. Over the top gorgeous. Loooooove this Suzan. Your rocked it out on this project. Swooning!

  13. That is Absolutely Awesome! John is quite the carpenter as he done a wonderful job.
    Susan, it really looks great, the paint color, all the little details as well as the decorating. It's gorgeous. Susan; don't you have room in your bathroom for a small fireplace as well? :} Gosh, being they are so easy to build, you could almost have a fireplace made for every room of the house :}
    You guys rock.

  14. See this is why John has to listen when you speak. This unbelievably gorgeous and it adds so much warmth and coziness. Love your decoration. You rocked this one


  15. You two are such a team, Suzan. I love this. It turned out sooooo beautiful.
    Hugs from here

  16. I love this so much! I want a faux fireplace somewhere...maybe in my master bedroom. I am so limited on space, but this doesn't look too big! It's gorgeous and I love the way you decorated it for Christmas. Have a lovely week.

    Blessings, Vicky

  17. I love this!!! You are so brave Suzan... asking John for another fireplace :-)

  18. Suz-anne... the faux fireplace looks great!!

  19. I love it..things like this is what makes all the charm....mirror in back of the wreath??
    I want one for our bedroom, too.

  20. Your mantel is amazing, much like yourself 😀. Is Soda wondering why there is only candle heat from it do you think? I need your little evergreen trees. Really I do! Wish we had them here. Snuggle up and admire your brilliant team work! Patty

  21. Very very nice. I love it. Your decorations are really pretty as well. You two are such a hoot! Guess what?? We have snow coming tomorrow night. I'm almost excited to see some bright white on the ground but I must admit it's been great for travelling the past week without it. :)

  22. I love that! It looks amazing already, now I want one! That looks like something the hubby and I could handle, now where to put it?!

    1. Oh you could SO do this Rhonda - super easy !!!
      Thanks so much

  23. It's another Simply Suzan Spectacular! That is gorgeous, Suze! Tell John we are very impressed and can't wait for his next project. Get him all puffed and plumped so he'll WANT to build another one!

  24. It's, love, love it!!!

  25. OMG, you guys crack me up... "Can't you go blog somebody..." LMAO!!! The faux fireplace turned out great though!


  26. Thanks for the details.....I may just summon the courage to do one myself in the new year.

    'High 5' to John (and you) for a job well done!

  27. Suzan,
    This was the most timely post. I just bought an unfinished faux fireplace at a garage sale. It had been finished at one time, but started falling apart. I saw so much potential in it. LOL I wish I could send you pictures of it. I'd love some ideas on how to finish it. I have a small electric fireplace that will fit right into it and then I too could decorate a mantle. Love it. Great post.

  28. I would love one of these below the mirror in my dining room. Love it Suzan & John - great idea! You did a beautiful job styling it for the holidays too...I love the trio of European houses.

    1. Thanks so much Marie - that trio of houses was bought at the dollar store many many years ago !!!

  29. Love, LOVE, L O V E I T !!! I can't even type right, so how I think I could possibly make this, I don't know, but I am going to try.

    1. LMHO !!!
      Thanks so much -
      And if we could make it - ( and you have to believe me on this one ) than ANYONE can !!! Good Luck !

  30. I am loving this Suzan. I've wanted to do this for years but I keep saying I will do it when our living room reno is done.....which hasn't even started. I love all the details you put into this! It turned out perfect!

  31. My Dad built a fake fireplace for our Florida house in the 70's. It had a little rotating light in the center that looked like (ha) "fire." The bricks were plastic, and I have my Christmas photo in front of it. BAhahaha! Thank goodness the ugliness of the fireplace distracted people from my uneven bangs.
    Your version is a MAJOR advancement in the art of faux-fire! Beautiful!

  32. You are doing a wonderful job, it looks lovely.Hope you get another,when John starts talking. Your'e a pretty awesome pair.

  33. I think I need a faux fireplace in my bedroom now! I'm wondering if my neighbour would like to play John's role there... He's usually the one who gives me a hand with my project and every time I try to explain him what I want he looks up at the sky, I don't know why!

  34. Congratulations to you and John on such an amazing project. Love the shape, the colour and the total overall look in your bedroom.
    Merry Christmas ~ Kerryanne

  35. Suzan, You did a beautiful job on the mantel. I love it!! The whole time I was reading and looking at your pictures, I kept looking closely at the molding and thinking WHO did that mitering!! It was so perfect!. Ha, at the end I read about the challenge. Mitering is so hard for me,too. Great job!!

  36. wow, appears everybody loved this one. It turned out very fancy and lovely. Good job you two. Appears John did get supper!

  37. Not a carpenter my foot! I would say you are amazing!

    1. Seriously Mindi - if we could pull this off - absolutely anyone could lol - I mean it when I say we're not carpenters !!!
      Thanks SO much though !

  38. Hi Suzanne,
    Know this is an older post but it got buried somehow in my email. Who knows?
    What are the dimensions of your fireplace? Is there anything you would do differently? How have you attached it to the wall or is it standing on its own?
    Once again you and John have created another work of art. You are both so talented.

    All the best from bloody hot London, Ont,

    1. Hi Cathy - I don't have the dimensions on hand and I'm too lazy to go downstairs and get a measuring tape but it's roughly 45 " across - 48 " high - and 6 inches deep................we didn't attach it to the wall because I change things around a lot and didn't want to be committed to one spot !
      The ONLY thing I'd change is that I'd have painted it white from the get go ( it's now white and looks so much better ) other than that I used scraps of material I had on hand so that it wouldn't cost us anything :)
      Thanks so much
      And it's Susan ( with a Z ) - not Suzanne LOL !!!


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