Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 106

Good morning everyone !

This week's house is in Hudson ( we looked at a couple of homes there last year when we house hunting )
It's a beautiful area - filled with artisan boutiques and nature and quite a desired location

4 beds - 2 baths - 2 half baths
3025 sq. feet
Built in 1855

This is simply gorgeous - I can just imagine it decorated for Christmas as I go through the rooms !

I'm in love with this kitchen - I couldn't even pick a favorite thing -

The windows !!!

The library - LOVE the interior window shutters

The dining room - ( this home just gets better and better )

The office ( with separate entrance - perfect ! )

Master Bedroom

Beautiful cast iron fireplace


Every now and then you come across a house that's perfect in every way

I think this just might be that one

The back is just as beautiful as the front

OMG !!!

159 years old - unbelievable !!!
If I could just find a way to get 899,000 people to send me a dollar each it could be mine .................

Have a wonderful day everybody !
Much love,

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  1. Where should I send my dollar? I love it, Susan. I could do without the wallpaper and some of the decorating but the house itself is gorgeous!!!!! I love it! xo Diana

  2. I could so live there!!! Maybe we could all buy it and take a week each.......no wait.....I don't want y'all in my bathtub...lol. Oh well..........sigh.........

    1. lmao Lisa !!!
      I just want to get in there and decorate the massive trees I'm putting in the dining room and living room !!!

  3. This house is flawless, this house is HUGE. I love gingerbread trim, I hate painting gingerbread trim. If I had $899k and a guarantee that I would not be responsible for cleaning or ever having to paint the trim I would be there today.

  4. That is a really beautiful house! I love the sweet little dormer windows, the turreted front veranda and the wonderful screen porch on the back. Beautiful yard and property! Thanks for sharing this one. Have a super day!

  5. Wow, that would make me move....now to get the moola!!

  6. I'd send you 50 if it gets me rights to one of the rooms every time I visit!
    Love this home great find
    Barbara Ann

  7. Soooooo beautiful it is like a big gingerbread house. Love it. Gorgeous surroundings.

  8. Good grief it's perfect! Honestly, I feel like crying it is so beautiful. If you wish upon a star ...... Patty

  9. I'll put the word out to send you a dollar:):) This is a gorgeous home, so spacious but warm and inviting! I would kill for that dining room! Downsizing has its perks but room size is NOT one of them:( Thanks for sharing this beautiful home.

  10. I'd move to Hudson for this house! She's a beauty! LOVE the driveway ... driving in makes me think getting to the house and the house shouts "TAH DAHHHHHHH!!". :)
    ~ Christina .... still in Cleveland

  11. I'd be happy living on that porch! I'll give you $10 , if you let me sleep there once in a while.

  12. Susan
    It's beautiful....the rooms are so big and I just love the floors and windows. Who wouldn't want to live there!!

  13. okay, I wanna live there too! But, I need a magician to can pick it up and move it to a warm climate. I know the perfect ocean cliff in Montecito where it would look perfect.

  14. Gingerbread! Unusual windows! Slate roof?! Brick! Solid! Imposing! Porch! Cupola! The kitchen cabinets! The shutters! Inside! Fireplaces! With mantels. Wood floors! Crown and other moldings! Ceiling medallion! Wood doors! Chandeliers! The odd little pink curtain covering the unusual window shape and placement! Sloped ceilings! The pond! The canopy of trees! How lush! And the green couch with the fringe on the bottom is kind of cool! Yes! I agree! I want!

  15. Hi Suzan!!!

    I asked and asked my uncle who lives near Hudson to show us homes such as this and he didn't even come close!!!

    This is an absolutely gorgeous home!!!! There's nothing that I could see that I would change. They have it done so beautifully and all the vintage furniture was just adding more to the, 'I want!!!!!' voice in my head that was screaming in my head!!!

    The house was just done with such beautiful taste!!! I've never been in love with a house like this before......It must be real love!!!

    My only question is, 'Why would anybody be selling a beautifully home like this????

    Oh, and before I go.....The bedroom with the beautiful specially made pink curtain(?) was my favorite look!!

    Have a great weekend!!! Keep warm!!!


  16. this is my dream house now if it was only in washington state

  17. I love every single room in that house! I think it's the first time I say so!


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