Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Wreaths

Good morning everyone !

I had a bunch of garland that we used to use outside on our veranda in the city - it was a little " beaten up " from the elements - and since we no longer have an outdoor veranda in the front - I decided to repurpose them into wreaths.

I simply cut them with wire snippers to the desired length and folded each end into each other and voila !

New wreaths for the kitchen

The great thing about making them this way is you can customize the size of them - I wanted small ones for the kitchen buffet -

The pine cones were already a part of this garland - but it would be nothing to add some to these -
Or anything at all for that matter !

I hung them by placing a tack on the inside of the doors and draping the ribbon over ( so I wouldn't damage the front of the doors ( who cares about the back of them, right?  lol )

And so a new obsession was born, just like that

One ( oversized ) garland made all these - they're just waiting to have red berries attached to them

I think I have 4 more garlands - so this shall be named " The Year of the Wreaths "

Have a wonderful day !!!
Much love,

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  1. Hi Suzan. That looks so beautiful. Love the wreaths.
    Have a great week
    Hugs from here

  2. The wreaths look sweet hanging on your china cabinet. It sounds like you'll have lots of wreaths. Sunny and cold here today. Have a great one!

  3. What a great idea. I hope you are having fun decorating. Have a great day.

  4. Ooo, I have garland! I need wreaths! I think I will now be decking my windows with easy to make ones. Thanks for a brilliant idea!

  5. What a brilliant idea and the wreaths look amazing!

  6. Great recycling job!! Clever you ~

  7. Pure Genius and so very clever of you. Your wreaths look great on your kitchen buffet /hutch.

  8. I love that idea. Your wreaths are beautiful and I am heading to the basement to get my garland that I decided I wasn't going to use. :) And the color in your pics today is wonderful. ;D

  9. They look great, Suzan. I am not doing all the outside decorating this year that I usually do. I usually do garland all over the porch railings. Not this year....too much going on and I am already behind the 8 ball. Perfect use for garland that you no longer can use elsewhere. I am doing wreaths on my windows this year instead of all the garland. Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

  10. Darn it! Why did I donate all my old garlands?!!! You are amazing, truly, and the little ones so sweet. Patty

  11. They look so good! I've been sitting here thinking about whether or not I'm putting wreaths outside or not! What a great idea to use garland...you are a clever girl!

  12. I may do the same thing...yours look fantastic

  13. I need a few extra wreaths... great idea Suzan!

  14. I like our idea of hanging the wreaths on your hutch at different heights.

  15. I love how you were able to repurpose your garland and that you put wreaths on your glass doors. So pretty.

  16. You know I love it when you craft!! These are gorgeous and now I'm pretty mad at myself for selling all of my old garland at my garage sale last summer! damn.

  17. great idea---and they look so pretty displayed on the cabinet!

  18. I like your 'Year of the Wreath!' The wreaths are all so cute and I'd better get busy or Christmas will be upon us without a single wreath up in our house! The buffet looks lovely, Suzan!

  19. danke für die bilder und einen schönen 2. advent wünscht angie

  20. I love the wreaths Suzan,
    I am making wreaths today and tomorrow will see what takes place and how inspired I am to what the outcome is.
    I love wreaths hanging in groups as you have done on the doors of your cabinet, it feels so inviting to a beautiful Christmas.

    See you soon dear friend.

    I am doing a tour over at my place with 4 other wonderful bloggers.


  21. Great idea - your are such a cleaver lady. I couldn't open up your post about the trees - it was blank.
    Have a great week.

  22. Great idea Suzan. Love them hanging on your cabinet! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Hy Suzan! The last two posts of yours didn't show up on your home page, even if on my blogger dashboard I can see them..Do you have any idea of how could I read your posts? Thanks. Cristina

  24. Great repurposing job on the garland! and I have a question....every time I visit your blog, its jumpy. It goes up and down, but not on anyone elses site....I tried clearing out my cache but it still does it. Am I doing something wrong? lol

    1. I think blogs take on the character of their owners LMHO !!!
      Next it'll become neurotic................
      But I've had that happen to me on a couple of other blogs too - have no idea what that's about Christine :(
      And clearing out a cache? NOW you're getting far too technical for me lol

  25. I can NOT believe that I didn't think to do this!!! I have been wanting to have wreaths in the windows over the candles. I have several garlands that I am not using so now I will be making wreaths!!!! Yours looks awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  26. What a great idea!!! I have some garland left, and I know exactly what to do with it. The wreaths look gorgeous!


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