Monday, December 8, 2014

Thank You Tina !

Good Morning everyone !!!

Tina from WHAT WE KEEP kindly agreed to do a guest post for me this morning so that I could tie up the loose strings of my melt down ( yesterday's post )
If you don't know her, you're missing out on one fun lady ( yuck - doesn't that make us sound old ? ) 
Take it away Tina !!!

There is another John in Suzan's life.
 John Denver.
We are those squirrel-y, know every word to every song girls.
She has a sign that she made with the lyrics to Annie's Song.
I have a music box that plays Annie's Song.
A Canadian and a Texan...yes, our world is small-
but in the magical Land of Blog we really do find our people.

Suze asked me to guest post for her while she and her John finish 
killing each other/building the mantel.

What to do...
Of course, JD came to mind immediately.
One of my favorite Christmas songs is his 
"A Baby Just Like You".
I used some lyrics to create this quick and easy pillow.

I used a scrap from a linen curtain, a cottonball dipped in CitraSolve and a spoon. 
I created the wording on PicMonkey.
Always remember to reverse the image before you save it in PicMonkey
I printed it out using a LaserJet printer.
It must be LaserJet.

Lay out your fabric on some paper towel on a hard surface.
Tape your image down with painter's tape. ( Ink side down.)
Pretend that you are simply removing your nail polish and load up your cottonball w/CitraSolve.
You don't want it too wet- too much will smear the image.
This is one of those things you learn as you go- a few blunders in the beginning are to be expected.
Rub firmly but gently over the printed paper, then take a spoon and burnish the image,
again being careful not to smudge by applying too much pressure.

And there you go...

Let your fabric dry- this is really quick since it's a solvent.
Don't light your funny cigarettes around this stuff, ladies.

Grab a pillow that you already have and attach the printed fabric to it.
Since this is so temporary, a few dots of hot glue or some decorative pins does the job.
Pop on some fresh greenery and then stand back and admire your handiwork.

This type of pillow is very trendy right now- and not inexpensive.
You really can create this look for next to nothing and no sewing skills are required.

Five minutes. 
I hope you'll try it!
There are so many simple ways to use this process.

Our SuzyQ will return shortly with tales of her John and their hilarious conversations.
This mantel making process promises to be a doozy! hahahaha
I love those two- like our very own Lucy and Ricky.

Merry Christmas everyone!

A guest post AND a John Denver post ?
Blessings to be held dear.
Thanks so much Tina - LOVE your word art - it's gorgeous ( like everything you do - PLUS you know how to take a photo........................)

Have a wonderful day everyone ♥


  1. I was lucky enough to see John Denver back in the early 70's in concert. We were front and center and I was smitten. He was so down-to-earth and such a wonderful, real person. My heart broke when his plane went down. I felt like I had lost an old friend. My favorite is probably Annie's Song although there is not a single one of his songs that I don't know and love.,,,and Calypso:
    To sail on a dream on a crystal clear ocean,
    To ride on the crest of a wild raging storm
    To work in the service of life and the living,
    In search of the answers of questions unknown
    To be part of the movement and part of the growing,
    Part of beginning to understand,

    His lyrics just have always touched my heart.

    Thanks, Tina. Didn't know you were a JD fan, too! Have a great day and hurry up, Suzan, we want to see that mantle and, hopefully, now with John splayed before it with a hammer in his head.....just saying...... xo Diana

    1. I love Calypso, too. Do you sing it at the top of your lungs like I do, Diana? ;)

  2. A fun guest post Suzan. The word art is so sweet but I've never heard of Citrasolv before. I hope Lucy and Ricky are behaving today and that their project is nearly complete. Have a great day.'s -19 here this morning!!

  3. Tina is truly a dear and I love this project and the song! I also hope she will tell us what those two little dear are behind the pillow because they are darling.

  4. I am so glad you offered to help Suzan out by posting today. I have not seen this technique before so I am going to try it, maybe for some Valentine's Day projects. Christmas is already in full swing so all of my projects are on hold till after the holidays. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! xxDazee

    1. Thanks, will love all the things you can make. :)

  5. love the phrase you chose, tina! thanks for sharing the quick, easy steps!

  6. Well hello Tina so happy to see your sweet self over here at Suzan's helping her out with this post. How fun is this and how creative girl. Love this. Love your saying you picked too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. An entertaining and obviously talented blogger like you, Suzan, should not give up the fight. I manage to screw up my blog regularly - don't know what the heck I'm doing half the time to be honest. I take particularly crappy pictures -- much shakier and blurred than any of yours I've seen -- and I'm far too wordy and serious, and I sometimes rant about the nazi right that seems to have taken control of the USA. All MAJOR MAJOR sins, but I don't give a rip, when all is said and done, and neither should you. Keep doing what you're doing, I love it and so do legions of other peeps, otherwise you would not have so many fans. Do you know how many I have? 13. LOL! You have a couple thousand, Girl!!! You are doing something right, obviously :) Maybe you just need to go out and buy an actual Christmas tree -- plant it in front of a window outside where you will see it a lot, and put 10000 lights on it. Us folks who live in the northern climes need our Christmas trees this time of year.

  8. Suzan, Tina did a beautiful job on the little pillow and I am on my way over to tell her so, but since I'm always up for a good fight I couldn't wait to see which one of you is still standing, but NOTHING!! I am disappointed but I understand, so you can put you mind at ease, since I'm the ONLY one you have to please. I can't even count the many times I've screwed up. All of my pertinent info got misplaced to the end of the blog so no one knows where it's at so, therefore, I haven't had any new followers for a long time. (I'm sure that's the only reason)!! Never fear we all will keep coming back and please don't quit blogging. Where else would I see a good fight?!!Happy Monday..Judy

  9. I loved John Denver and still love his music,he was a gifted entertainer. Thank you for helping out and being such a good friend can't have too many of those you all have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you, Marlene! Suzan is a love- there's not much I wouldn't do for her.
      (Besides dump ice water over my head)

  10. Love the phrase that you chose from that song Tina. John Denver is a favourite in our house too. I've never tried to transfer anything, but I think maybe I can handle this. Love those sweet deer too!

  11. Love that Tina guest posted today. I have never heard of this method and I really want to try it. I am pinning this for sure and some day...when I have nothing I have to do, I am trying it. Don't know how long that will be, but I will! Wishing both you ladies a wonderful week...:)

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thanks, Vicky. Hope you have a wonderful week, too!

  12. Wow, what a quick and easy project. Definitely going on my "must try" list.

  13. Tina makes it all look so easy! I bought a bottle of Citrasolv a few years ago and never even opened it!! Anyway, her pillow is sweet and someday when I've caught up with my never-ending unfinished projects, I'd love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing, "girls"! :o)

  14. Awesome project, explained excellent from Miss Texas.

  15. I would love to try this one day when I get a new printer. Such a pretty pillow. Way to save a marriage Tina!

    1. Haha- thank you, Karen. We can't have our world collapsing with a loss of the Suzan and John Show, ;)

  16. Tina is such a talent with graphics and typography and pillows and towels... well, you get the idea - I love her work.

  17. Love your pillow Tina! Wish I could find that dang Citrasolv - I've looked everywhere for it here in Canada. Lucy & Ricky/Suzan & John - EXACTLY! They need their own show on YouTube, don't you think?

    1. Thanks, Marie! You can order the Citrasolve on Amazon. It's about $15, I think but it will last you a lifetime. I have used my bottle a lot (2.5 years worth of projects) and I still have more than half left.
      Yes, Suze and John SHOULD have a show! LOL

  18. It seems easy and it's lovely. Any idea what French product I can use to subsititute the Citrasolv?

    1. I don't know, sorry! Any help here, Suzan?

    2. Can you order from Amazon Magali?
      That's your best chance I would think !

  19. Cool idea I'm going to try it! Thanks. I too love JD songs, earth loss such a kind spirit and talent.

  20. " the magical Land of Blog we really do find our people..." - I love it! And, yes we do!

    John Denver was the only concert I went to as a teen. Nose-bleed section. Splendid performance, though.

  21. Thank's so true! I saw his concert in San Antonio as a teen- I thought I was going to die- I was so excited. :)


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