Monday, December 22, 2014

Different eyes............................

See different things.............................

Last Thursday morning I awoke to this outside my bedroom window
And I saw beauty.

I saw a little girl jumping up from bed to wake up her brothers
I saw them bundling up and running outside to play
I saw a Mother laughing from the window and shaking her head " no, no " as we urged her to come play with us.
I saw all of us having porridge beside the radio that always sat on the kitchen table - listening with hearts pounding for our school to be called out for a " snow day "

I saw wet mitts sitting on radiators and snow boots lined up in the entrance way by size
and poorly insulated windows crystallized with our names etched on the glass..................and cocoa simmering in the kitchen.
I saw snowmen and forts built of snow - and bumpy home made skating rinks in the back yard.

I saw flannel nighties and flannel sheets and slippers knit with my Grandmother's hands - with furry pompoms
I saw soup on the stove and cookies in the oven
And home made decorations on the tree

I saw letters to Santa - " Chatty Cathy - please Santa - Chatty Cathy "
I saw hills the size of mountains and toboggans that fit 4 - I saw us all hanging on to each other for dear life - unsucessfully.
I saw skates and thick woollen socks and cheeks as red as apples.

I saw fidgeting in Church and the glee of running out when it was over - because the REAL miracle was just outside it's doors................
I saw a little girl kneeling by her bed - on too cold floors - praying for her family - her friends - and another snow day.
Prayers were simple then.

I saw my roots - from as far back as I could remember.............continuity - you know that feeling that although everything is changing rapidly - too quick sometimes even for me to register - there's still this - it's as sure a thing as death and taxes - but prettier - far far prettier.

And so you may have your beaches and balmy temperatures - and most of the year I may even envy you for that..................and complain non stop about the cold and the " white "
But in December?
When this happens?
I feel just the tiniest bit sorry for those who have never known it.
It's heavenly - truly almost holy - and what Christmas is supposed to look like in my part of the world

In a time when there is so much evil in the world - and climate change is actually changing the map of the planet  - it was completely rejuvenating.
When I awoke  I saw magic.
And a walk down memory lane where I bumped into a little girl who stilled believed in it.

Oh and by the way if you're wondering what John saw?

John says - what a bloody horrible mess out there.

Different eyes.

See different things...........................

Have a wonderful day everyone -
Much love,
From Snowy Montreal

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  1. Beautiful! No view here today. Zero visibility! Joys of living Down South :(. Give John a big hug for me or bake him some cookies. Warm hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Truly beautiful pictures, Suzan, and a wonderful remembrance of Christmases when we were children. I had a Chatty Cathy doll, too. :-D In fact, I talked SO MUCH that my dad nicknamed me Chatty Cathy. Thankfully, we do get snow here in North Carolina most winters. We had a white Christmas, a really White Christmas here in 2010, and it was magical. I get what you're saying -- poor John. ;)

    Merry merry!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Ah, Suzan, you tugged at our heart strings again with such a beautiful glimpse into memories of Chrismases past. I feel the same way when we have snows like this around Christmas time. When the are still occurring in February, then I'm kinda with John. LOL

    Beautiful post! Merry Christmas to you, friend!

  4. You have no idea how much I'd like to see that snow. I grew up in NJ and always dreamed of a white Christmas. Some years we had it and some years we didn't. Like you I carefully listened to see if we'd get a snow day off from school. Now I live where the chances of a white Christmas are pretty slim although we did have one in 2004. I think it was the first white Christmas ever and people went crazy with excitement. It's in the 60's today and just doesn't feel like Christmas to me. I've been here 30+ years and it still seems strange to me. Enjoy your snow!

  5. You had me! Teary eyes . . . emotion filled heart . . . remembering white Christmases when we went on family ski trips for Christmas . . . and then in a flash I was cracking up with John's comment.

    I love to read your blog!!!

  6. Did you get the Chatty Cathy? I did!!! Yep, we're related!!

    1. I got a Chatty Cathy one year! My sister got Chatty Baby. I wonder if those were THE toys of the season.

  7. I enjoyed this sooo much I read it twice, beautiful, and poor John needs to open his eyes lol!!!! Did you read this to him, he would be so proud I'm sure, its beautiful,

  8. Just beautiful Suzan. I remember all those things too, Life sure was simpler then. There's beauty to be seen every single day if we just take a moment to notice. Thanks for noticing Suzan. Merry Christmas to you and John... and Soda too.

  9. Merry Christmas sweet friend. We are suppose to get a little of the white stuff starting tomorrow and into Christmas. It will be nice to see the white pretty snow for Christmas.
    Then it can go away lol! Have a wonderful time with you sweet family Suzan. Hugs and kisses.

  10. Oh John, John. I never tire of your enthusiasm.

  11. That was me too. I saw the same things as you did. :) Except I didn't get a Chatty Cathy.... my friend did though. :( Beautiful post and reminiscing to fun childhood memories. Thanks Suzan!

  12. Thank you that was a beautiful reminder of our childhoods. I still love snow,i pretend like i am sweeping off porches and stuff so, this 66 yr. old can play in it. lol

  13. So beautifully written and photographed--I enjoyed every bit of your posting today!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. Breathtaking! I would love to have snow at Christmas time! I envy those who do. Your qords were as beautiful as your pictures Suzan. Thanks so mch for sharing. Have a lovely week and a blessed and beautiful Christmas.

    Hugs, Vicky

  15. Beautifully and heartfully written Suzan. On the other hand, on a work day, I have to drive in that "bloody horrible mess". It doesn't take the magic away though. :))))))
    ~ Christina in Cleveland
    PS I grew up in Florida so only saw REAL snow for the first time 11.5 years ago. :)))

  16. What Beauty. Doesn't seem like Christmas unless there is snow covered surroundings.
    Here; having 60 deg. temperatures and will also be in the 60's for Christmas Day.
    So enjoyed your beautiful photos.
    I can also see John's point of view as he is probably the one who has to shovel out the driveway and sidewalk, etc. so to him; it is a mess

  17. Oh Suzan, that is beautiful.
    I have never seen snow, but you have just shown me a 'classic Disney movie'. Thank you for sharing. Those photos are beautiful. I almost believed I would walk out my door and see this too. (That won't happen as I live in outback Queensland in Australia. No snow here ever).

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. VERY beautifully written and photographed! Those memories were mine as well when reading brought to mind years spent in Alaska. Thank you! And John's reaction?...priceless.

  19. So beautiful. And I feel sorry for myself for never experiencing it at Christmas (or hardly ever...sigh) Enjoy it for me, will you? Hugs,

  20. You sure captured how small children feel about the snow. Snow suits, boots, mittens, coats. Your photos are gorgeous, love to see snow. We've been up into Canada a few times when we lived in MT. Hubs was over road truck driver and I loved going with him. Got to see some gorgeous scenery as we traveled around your country. Spent most of time in BC but couple times I was with him we traveled north and east. Got to see that big mall, boy was that an experience.
    Your reverie got my memories going too. I was born in Cleveland, OH so had snow memories at young age. Then at 10 we moved to Tucson, AZ where unless we went up to Mt .Lemon there was no snow. 20 yrs, in Tucson then 21 yrs, in San Diego, CA, We'd go up to mountains to play in snow quite often in winter, loved it. Then we moved to MT for 7 yrs. lots of snow, even on August 21st. 92. Then we moved to KY for 5 yrs. where we had very wet/cold winters and snow. Now we live in western CO (10 yrs.) where we've had cold winters and lots of snow until this year. Lots of it up in mountains but none down here in valley. Boohoo, I miss the cold/snow. Love it. Our dog misses snow too, he loves to play in snow drifts, burrow with his nose, his paws get full of snow but snow is much better than rain/mud, ugh. Am curious to see how our chickens react to snow if we ever get any snow. We live out in country few miles west of Grand Junction. I'd love to move back to MT any day. Dumbest thing we ever did moving away from Montana.
    I way behind reading posts so will let you go, hope you and yours have a wonderful happy Christmas.

    If you choose to reply please do so to email address used for this comment. thx

  21. Gorgeous photos! I love how you told the memories. Good thing the imaginative ones have the more realistic ones to keep watch. xoox Merry Christmas to you and your family, Suzan.

  22. I grew up in Michigan. You sure brought back some happy memories! Thanks!

  23. Susan,
    Your memories were told so beautiful!! I too love the snow at Christmas but down here south of Boston MA we haven't had any really jus flurries here and there. I know our turn will come always does. Your photos were lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  24. What a beautiful and beautifully written post. I felt the same thins you spoke. Imagine not ever knowing such a wonderful thing.

    I so remember Catty Cathy

    Merry Christmas my dear friend. Give Soda a Christmas kiss for me


  25. Such a beautiful post....from a beautiful soul. Bless you for holding on to those sweet memories and tucking them deep in your heart, Suzan. It's amazing how many of those memories triggered the same ones in my heart.... :) Merry Christmas, dear friend.

    xoxo laurie

  26. Loved this, Suzan. Brought back memories for many of us, I'm sure. I love snow around and on Christmas but by January I am thinking of Spring. Merry Christmas, Deb

  27. Thanks for sharing a beautiful poetic walk down your memory lane! I live in MN so I have many of the same memories. I think like you and see the beauty--I think like John when I have to go out and clean out my drive way and/or get on the road and drive in it. We are having an unusual winter with single digit temps and 7" of snow in Nov. and today all the snow is gone it is near 40 degrees F and raining! It is not often we have a brown Christmas but this may well be one of those years. I will enjoy your snow for Christmas!

    1. Thank YOU Diane -
      We're having a weird winter here too - snow came very late - and now they're calling for a very warm week so it'll probably be gone by the weekend !
      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - brown - green or white !

  28. Loved this post!! We are going to get some snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
    Wishing a very Merry Christmas!!

  29. Suzan, I LOVE this post! It is my sentiment exactly about snow...every time it snows! LOL! You are a master of words for sure!

  30. Oh my gosh how I remember waiting for our school closure to be I loved snow days!! What a wonderful post Suzan!! Merry Christmas to you and John and all the rest of your clan!

  31. What gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing your white Christmas with this Texas girl who rarely sees snow! Merry Christmas, Cecilia

  32. Wonderful memories all of them! You, a Chatty Cathy too? Hilarious! Merry Christmas to you and Jogn and all the familiy. Patty/NS

  33. Thanks for sharing your snow day. I think I may have been that little girl too.

  34. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and have lived in southeastern North Carolina for about 9 years. I miss the snow...slightly. It's nice to be inside where it's warm and cozy and watch the big fat flakes fall and swirl around. Outside, when it was very quiet in the middle of the night, I loved hearing the sound of the snow gently hit the ground. These, of course, are the romantic memories. For John, I say, yes, it's a mess. The gray on the unscraped roads...cold, bitter cold...shoveling... Oh, shut up, John!!! Going back to my happy place...snow heavy on the trees, white like big wads of cotton...making snow people...lying in the snow making angels with my sisters...little bird and cat foot prints undisturbed by boots and tire tracks...icicles hanging from the eaves...catching snowflakes on my tongue... If the 3.5"+ of rain we got yesterday was snow, we would have had been snowed in! And, in the south, immobilized! Out of commission! For days! Best wishes to you and John in the new year!

  35. What beautiful photos you posted that brought back so many memories from long ago with the lovely white snow fall of Christmas. I wrote about such a memory in my blog this week. I long to see snow falling but alas I live in southern California where there is almost constant sun...Have a Happy New Year :)

  36. Lovely words, memories and pictures of snow:)

  37. What a lovely post! I also saw everything that you described and it brought back such wonderful memories of a time so much simpler and easier. Thank your for the memories!


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