Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Furniture Window Shopping ( here we go again )


As you know I'm constantly on the look out for pieces of furniture - here's a few items I spotted that stand out as exceptional ( in my little mind lol )
Some I love for the purpose they were built - but some I imagine repurposing altogether.

Isn't this gorgeous ?  I absolutely LOVE the hutch ( I love all of it - but the hutch stands out, doesn't it? )
I don't care what style of home you live in - this would fit !

This next unit was listed for FREE !!!!!!!!!!
I would have turned this into a bathroom vanity - with all that storage - paint it - add a mirror and a sink in the middle and it would be perfect, don't you think?
However, had I known about this in time I would have grabbed it just for the cabinets alone - painted them black - added shelves and put them in my kitchen !

I think this piece would be gorgeous painted black and distressed ! ( so much so that I'm seriously contemplating it ) and filled with books - old books - new books - torn books - just books

I could see this being a really cool bar ( painted of course lol ) circa Mad Men !
Mojita anyone?

A mini hutch - painted - distressed and filled with mason jars ( to hold herbs and spices !!! ) 

An electric fire place - I want to grab this and paint it so bad - which I can because I bit the bullet and bought it !  The seller was kind enough to meet my price.
I think it's beautiful and could so easily look like a built in unit

With a pull out shelf 

It'll either go in the office or dining room - neither of which has been worked on yet - so we'll just have to see.  Knowing me it'll be moved up and down until I get it right LOL

The dining room would be great because I can store dishes in the upper cabinet and use the pull out as a sideboard when having dinners - 
( AND a fireplace in the dining room wouldn't be too shabby ! ) 

It would also be great in the office - to store office supplies - and then I could work on the blog with a little ambience.

Pretty details on the fireplace section

Suzan says - Do you think you could pick up a fireplace for me?
John says - What the hell?  How many fireplaces does one house need? 
Suzan says -  Phhhtttt - you can never have too many fireplaces.................

But secretly maybe he's right this time?

We have this one in the den ( which now has an electric fire in front of it - we still have to insert it )

There's the gas fireplace in the living room

and the " faux " one we built for the bedroom 

So I guess I have to admit that this is borderline obsessive now - 
BUT it's an old cottage - doesn't that lend itself to fireplaces everywhere?
Especially one that can look so old and " stately " ?
For 75.00 ?

Looks like 2015 is going to be pretty much the same as 2014 - 
Let the arguing begin !

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope your year is filled with Health - Peace - Happiness and Prosperity - in that order
Love you all

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  1. Glad to see that the adventures continue! We are on the lookout for a dresser to convert into a bathroom vanity, lots of fun to see what's out there isn't it?

  2. A Very Happy New Year's to you to, Suzan! Love the fireplace...I don't know....can one have too many? I think not. (Sorry, John. You lose this one).
    Health, peace, happiness, and prosperity back at ya!

    1. You're a no replier again - maybe 2015 will be the year that google + fixes this little problem LOL !!!
      Thanks so much !

  3. Happy New Year, Susan!!!! Wonderful pieces no matter what you decide. John wouldn't be John unless he squawked a little. He's just showing you LOVE! I will wait anxiously to see the lovely finished products.

    1. Happy New Year Gail !!!
      He's just showing me love LOL !!!
      Thanks for the visit
      Much love,

  4. I never see any beautiful pieces like you see up in Canada! I love all of them, but that desk is gorgeous! And that free piece...unbelievable! Can't wait to see how you transform the new fireplace! I know it will be spectacular! Have a blessed New Year's Day!

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. Just cathing up as I did not have wifi/tv for days! Love your latest acquisition. It will be perfect to warm up your office while blogging or the dining room (can't wait to see what you do there). Storage, warmth, a little server for drinks etc. Happy 2015 to you and John. Dave and I have already had opinions on hanging pictures, mirrors, etc. and it's only 11 hours old. xo Patty

  6. Happy New Year Suzan. Happy new year filled with lots of painting projects and re loves of these old pieces that you find. You are the furniture whisper and can make these old and out dated pieces into new beautiful loves. I feel you can never have enough fireplaces in the house so you go girl. Happy and Healthy 2015 to you sweet friend.

  7. Happy New Year Suzan! I hope 2015 is good to you and yours. I have a few projects planned myself around my house, and finally the time to do them! Now all I need is motivation haha!!

    1. Happy New Year Kim! What are your projects? painting?

  8. You have started my New Year with laughter and cheer. I never thought of an electric fireplace! I do have a mantel in every room just because. Happy Painting!

  9. for 75 bucks you can`t go wrong and you can probably sell it if it won`t work in your space, Happy New Year to you and John!

  10. The fireplace is great, and I agree that there's no such thing as too many! Oh, that vision for a bar, though...I can just see it now ;)

    1. Thanks Julie !!! Isn't that " bar " great?
      Happy New Year !!!

  11. That secretary desk (first pic) is to die for!!!

    Bonne Ane'e!!

  12. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You know I think you're a genius. Happy New Year


  13. their pictures are beautiful !!! love greetings and happy 2015 !!! angie

  14. Happy 2015! So glad to hear somethings don't change.

  15. That's a really great fireplace you just got Suzan. I've never seen a combo like that - perfect for a dining room. Happy New Year to you and John. Hope it's a great one for you. xx Pam

  16. Just tell John you're adding "romance" to each room. Right? lolol Love seeing the world through your eyes, girl. You make me laugh, bring a smile to my face, and make me just want to hug you for that. lol Bless you and John in this coming year, Suzan!!!

    xoxo laurie

  17. For $75 you really couldn't pass up that fireplace. It will be gorgeous after you work your magic!

  18. I love that you are starting out the new year window shopping! LOL! I would still like a fireplace here. Happy New Year to you girl!

  19. I wish you a very Happy New Year full of smiles, health and creativity!!!

  20. You really have a knack for finding great pieces. I can hardly wait to see what you do with your new fireplace! Happy New Year!

  21. That's funny that you are showing me hutches. We just decided that we need one. Or two, We have seen a few on Craigslist reasonably priced. I just wish we had a truck, because without one, it will be difficult to get it home. We don't know anyone. I know...I'm fussing. We will figure it out. Best wishes in 2015 to the both of you!

  22. I have to agree... A Cottage can neer have too many fireplaces... I'd love to have that one in my bedroom.... I would paint it, though! Happy New Year!

  23. Happy New Year to you too Suzan! I love all of your fireplaces.. and Iove when you window shop too... so many great ideas!

  24. Suzan……How did you get John to go along with an older house? My retired electrician sweetie pie says that no matter what I do to the old house I love-- in a nice neighborhood-- it will, in the end, still be an old house. Which, as you and I know, is exactly the point of buying an old house in the first place. I'm beginning to wonder if he is just afraid i will ask him to pull wire and do carpentry, and he doesn't feel up to that at his age. Do you think this is likely? I'm still checking on this old house on the 'net and going to see if I can soften him up before someone else snags this prize. Any ideas? I love your fireplaces, btw….and hope John gets used to them…….before you decide to move them out…..LOL

    1. Hi Marje - all our houses have been older homes ( none in as bad condition as this one - I wish he HAD stopped me )
      Good luck with changing hubby's mind !!!
      Fingers crossed for you


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