Wednesday, December 10, 2014

French Provincial Table and Hutch !

Good morning everyone !

A couple of years ago I came across this on Craig's List - ( minus the buy me please - I added that lol ) 

Don't ask me how I saw the potential but I did ( can you imagine posting a photo like that when trying to sell something? ) 

I turned it into this

I was in the works to represent a line of paint at the time ( they shall remain nameless ) and that was a custom color that I created...........................Tiffany 

The set sold ( mutliple offers actually ) very quickly.

If you think the pic of the table was bad - what about this lol?

I removed 3 layers of fabric AND the foam and started from scratch

Until they looked like this

You can see the original post where I transformed this HERE
And if that decrepit set could end up looking so pretty 

Than this one we just picked up should be a piece of cake !!!
It's pristine !

I LOVE the detail on the back of the chairs 
And can you see that hutch in the background?
We have that too
Not sure when I'll be able to get to it - but I'm itching to start !

Suzan says - This is far superior to our set - maybe we'll keep it - and sell ours ?
John says - NO !!!
Suzan says - But wouldn't it make sense - if it's a better set 
John says - NO - I LIKE ours - there's nothing wrong with it

Poor John - really - for a man who can't stand change - to be with me must be excruciating lol
Because I think I'm keeping this one.
We'll break it to him in the New Year, shall we?

I think the faux fireplace should be ready tomorrow - tutorial and all - we just have to attach the " footings " 
( which have been a nightmare - the only part of the entire process that we keep messing up on ) 
We're " Mitre Morons " really - even with a circular saw that does all the work for you.

I stained it - and you won't believe this but my Hero didn't like it stained - HE had to talk me into painting it 
The whole world's gone topsy turvy I tell ya 

But at the end of the day the wood look just wouldn't have fit in our bedroom - he was right
( that doesn't happen that often so I thought I'd mention it ) 
I plan on making one more for the living room - and that one will definitely be wood.
Any guesses on what color it got painted ?
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Anyway - why on earth am I showing you this?
This is a post about tables !!!
But stay tuned for Fireplace Friday LOL - ( I hope )

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Much love,

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  1. Oh my goodness! The table and chairs are going to be gorgeous! I still haven't painted mine - just no time! I hope it turns out half as good as yours.
    The mantel is looking good! Hope to see it tomorrow!

  2. I was reading this and thought to myself, "Please tell me she got that hutch, too!" So glad you did and can't wait to see what you do with it! xoxo

  3. The table set makeover is so pretty and I like aqua, although it won't fit in my decor at all. It will be interesting to see what you do with the new set and if you get to keep it. Looking forward to 'Fireplace Friday'. Did you get some snow from that nor'easter?

  4. Love that table you redid, Suzan. It was a beauty. I just dealt with the same thing with some chairs that I recovered. What a flipping mess.
    Can't wait to see your new set painted. Did the owner about have a heart attack when you told them you were painting it.....or didn't you tell them? lol

    Can't wait to see your fireplace!!!! xo Diana

  5. It is a nice dining set. My husband probably wouldn't notice since I would throw a table cloth on it for a few weeks! I just bought a compound miter saw. I've always had difficult with miter cuts so wish me luck!

    John was right! Much better painted!

  6. You are a No Reply again and when you click on your link it goes to Google+ with no way to contact you and no way out. Just wanted you to know. xo Diana

  7. I can't wait to see what you do with this table and chairs. I love the design of the chairs! I totally do not have the vision you do when you look at something like that. I think I'm too left brained, but I do appreciate it when I see it done. :-) You did a beautiful job on the first set. What on earth had they done to those chairs???

  8. That looks a lot like my new dining room table! My chairs a cane-back, though.

  9. As they say in blog world, what a difference some paint can make. I'd have never thought was same set if hadn't seen original finish, ugh. Love the aqua and white and the chair style is fantastic. The new set does look really good, why did they get rid of it, did they say?
    The fireplace is awesome. Having a fireplace surround for headboard would be a great idea. Is that what you're going to do with it?
    Ugh yuk. did you wear a mask/gloves when you tore those chair seats apart? Hope so, really gross, how do people let things get that way?
    Right now I'm having to grit my teeth as I've been working on making holiday items for craft show on Saturday. We didn't find out about show til almost time to turn in photos, fees, etc., even had to buy a business license. My house is such a mess, but just can't spare the time to clean. Have to set up tomorrow so last minute things are hovering. Glad we get to set up tomorrow. Don't think I'll want to do this again at Christmas time. No tree set up in house, no cards done (won't be first year for that), getting too old to try to do too much. I get very cranky when I'm under too much pressure so try to avoid it. Don't want to bite off customers'll see about that one).
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the new set, keep or sell? Maybe in the holiday craziness your hubs will say ok keep it, (will cross my fingers for you.)
    Better get my butt back to work, have to figure out how I'm going to put a reindeer banner together. Any ideas? Have a great weekend and enjoy season

  10. Oh Suzan, the table is wonderful! I adore the aqua color and with the white, it is over the moon wonderful. The Hutch is going to be ah-mazing as well!
    ~ Christina

  11. Love the first set, can't wait to see the and eagerly waiting for the mantle. John being right, hmmm miracles do happen for him too. It's happened to my John a few times, LOL


  12. Love that table that you's beautiful!! Can't wait to see the magic you work on this newest table.

  13. Change is good Donkey...Shrek said it first! Looking forward to fireplace friday!!

  14. I love the new table, chairs, and hutch. They will be beautiful painted. I can not wait to see hoe they turn out.

  15. What!!$%^# A man and his paint? You've shattered my world. That photo of the before on the seat immediately made me think "ohhhhh someone got the hot seat!"


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