Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Before and After - A chair

Good morning everyone !

Sorry about not having up IWLTW yesterday - the fewer posts have officially begun LOL

But I DO have a small makeover for you

Behind those shutter doors is the den - the doors have not been installed yet so it takes a little resourcefulness to get them to stand up ...............

As I struggled to get them in position and put the furniture against them, I hear a tapping on the other side of them

John says - in a very patient low voice - I need to go to the bathroom
Suzan says - Can't you wait a minute?  I just have to take a few photos
Suzan says - Just one little minute?
John says - NO - I NEED TO GO.............NOW

So before the incredible Hulk smashed everything to smithereens - I moved the chair out of the way - and the stool and the trees and opened up ONE door - which should be plenty of space really - and watched him sidle out the door holding his stomach in.

John says - LEAVE IT OPEN - I'M GOING BACK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as Soda scampered past him - looking very relieved to have escaped.
I love it when he acts all aggressive and manly like.

It really is like an insane asylum here - Nurse Ratched at your service :)
But it's a loony bin for furniture painters so I'm ok living in it.

This is one of the chairs from the Dining Room set I recently purchased - kind of a test run..................

Nothing wrong with it at all if you love wood and even the fabric was nice really ( and impeccably clean )

But I had this piece of fabric on hand - and you know how it is...................

One thing leads to another and before you know it you have a chair covered in black and white buffalo check !

I'm in love with it - doesn't it look Parisen?  I HAVE to find a way to keep this set - and sell ours - no matter what the Incredible Hulk says.....................and if the truth be known he loves it - I just have to find a way to make him love it more than ours.

It would just be so perfect for the dining room - the colors blending with the kitchen and all

I have to work on him over the holidays !!!

John says -  It looks delicious

Which is a very weird way to describe a chair - but I think it means he loves it as much as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding - which is immensely.  So I may just be half way there....................

Such little effort goes a long way in transforming a piece of furniture !
( it takes a lot more effort to change a human being's mind )

Have a wonderful day everyone
Much love,

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  1. Could it be a man actually is realizing that wood is not the end all be all? And I think I speak for all Americans when I ask what exactly is Yorkshire Pudding??? We hear about it, but have no clue. But, back to the is perfect. Can't wait to see the whole set.

    1. I never tasted one until I met John - but I've since come to learn that they are basically " popovers " with drippings or gravy poured over them - they're fantastic !
      We very seldom have roast beef without them !

    2. yummm. give me any bread with gravy. I showed your chair and door set up and read him your post and he said "She must be your sister!" Duhhhhh. Doesn't he remember that I blame all projects on you for inspiration sista?

  2. well I love it, a lot!

  3. It is quite delicious Suzan! I love it...the back is beautiful and the fabric is perfect. My brother in law makes Yorhskire Pudding and it is delicious! He will be home over Christmas and I hope he makes some while he is here. Have a wonderful Thursday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. What a difference. The chair turned out gorgeous! Trap John in the den again, get all the chairs finished and placed around the table, and he'll see just how perfect they are.

  5. Suzan, your chair turned out beautifully. My hubbie would have a heart attack if I mentioned painting any of our wood furniture. Its a good thing I love Cherry Wood or I would be living in a miserable place. LOL

  6. I love the lines of the chair & once you add the buffalo check fabric, it really stands out. It is a perfect match for the kitchen (you planned this on purpose in order to sway John about keeping the set, didn't you?) :-) I didn't know what Yorkshire pudding was I need to find a restaurant that serves them as they sound wonderful. Can't wait until the whole set is done!

  7. Yum.. that sounds delish Suzan!!
    I love the chair too!
    Have a great weekend! V

  8. Too funny! The incredible hulk. The chair looks gorgeous and I hope the hulk will find it in his heart to trade dining sets. Love the view into your kitchen! It's snowing here. Hard. Started last night and it looks beautiful out there. Have a great day!

  9. I have been wanting to do the same exact thing with the frenchy chairs I have , thinking of a ruffle too , maybe too much.. It will be my first "new " project for the new year. I tend to work on projects for everyone else and mine go by the wayside. I have had the table almost 2 years and the chairs over a year. That's it! I'm getting it done

  10. Tremendous make-over!! And I'm giggling at "The Hulk"!

  11. Great makeover on the chair. Love the check fabric... so simple and classic. I just had Yorkshire pudding for the first time yesterday at my office Christmas dinner. It was delicious!

  12. Wow...I love it! And yes, it would be perfect in your kitchen! If John is anything like Phil, just replace the set one day when he's gone. He'll never even notice.


  13. You made that chair just beautiful Suzan! And you can tell John that he surely has Sam's sympathies! Oh...and I have a yorkshire pudding pan...two of them actually!

  14. I'm painting my pine chairs white. I did one and asked hubby what he thought, at first he wasn't sure, then a few hours later he said he really liked the white... now 7 more to do!
    Maybe you should switch them with your old ones, one chair at a time?

  15. I hope you will excuse me while I FALL IN LOVE.....

  16. Such a pretty chair. I hope you get to keep them. I love Yorkshire pudding. Delicious.

  17. Oh- Yes- It DOES look delicious.I LOVE It! Listen next time you lock him behind those doors give him a bucket and a roll of TP and pretend you can't hear him. He'll know what to do! xo Diana

  18. I love the chair, it turned out perfectly! (of course) I am disappointed that John is giving in so easily on this, I love it when he badgers you a bit and then loses anyway. Maybe he is just learning to accept that you are always right, and your "followers will always agree with you".... heehee

  19. Well, if anyone can change his can, girl! lol Oh how I've missed visiting you and giggling over your "warped" posts. lolol! You always find a way to make me laugh, and I adore you for that. Wishing you and your family a happy, blessed Christmas, sweet friend! Hugs!!!

    xoxo laurie

  20. It looks a gazillion times better! I'm a sucker for buffalo check, and I love how it coordinates with the kitchen floor. Somehow or another, I'm guessing you'll talk John into keeping it. I'm glad someone else asked about Yorkshire pudding. I was clueless!

  21. It is just gorgeous!! You could just park your butt in the chair and never move! How could he get rid of it then? Wait...maybe that's not a good idea....

  22. So why don't you keep John locked up behind the shutters and chair while you sell your dining-room furniture? I'd keep Soda out, though ;)

  23. Suzan, great job with the chair.. You've really given it a new, more exciting life. I saw you link at The Handmade Hangout Link Party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  24. Suzan,
    I vote with andi filante. Finish all of the chairs and replace your existing ones with them. John will probably not even notice until around 2017. Then you can say, "We've had these chairs for two years," while batting your eyelashes at him.


  25. Lol... just pretend you don't anything. He will survive (men does).

    Happy New Year.

  26. I absolutely love your transformation. This chair is gorgeous and I love your fabric choice! Thank you for sharing and great job! PINNED!

  27. Perfection! I love it and the sweet pillow too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party Best of 2014.


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