Monday, December 1, 2014

Kitchen Curtains

John says - Is that the table cloth hanging on the door?

Suzan says - Yes it is - do you like it?
John says - Why not? We've got pillow cases on windows and blankets hanging off walls
Suzan says - It's not a blanket - it's a duvet cover - and I created a bed nook with that - I would NOT hang a blanket randomly on the wall !!!  ( the guest room HERE )
Suzan says - You've got to think outside the box sometimes honey

John says - It's ridiculous now..................really - why can't we just use the table cloth as a table cloth?

I knew it, you know.
I knew that would be exactly what he would say ( bet most of you knew it by now too )
But I did it anyway

Now we have an ongoing issue in this house -
John leaves his winter coat thrown on either a living room chair or one in the den ......................
He doesn't see the sense in putting it away since he'll have to put it back on ( get it?  much like the reason I'm going to stop making the bed )

He asked if I could bring him the newspaper he'd left in there..............
I walked into the room and let out a blood curdling scream

I thought somebody was up in the window - ( does anyone remember that horrific scene in Peyton Place? )
He sat in the kitchen roaring his head off.....................

John says - Well if you can keep raiding the linen closet - I thought I'd take something from the coat closet.
John says - You keep complaining that I leave it laying around.
John says - You've got to think outside the box sometimes, honey.

When I came back in the kitchen he was holding the camera.

John says - Here you go - go blog about it.

And so I did.
But I'll get him back -
Not sure how yet but I most definitely will.
When the kids finally have us committed I want my own room.
With windows to hang duvets and pillow cases and table cloths from.

It's December 4th - winter's practically over !!!
Christmas decorating has officially started !
Have a wonderful day " y'all "
Much love,

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  1. I love that garland shot! And of course I love your kitchen, but I think I've gushed about that enough. LOL (well, not as much as I'd like, of course!) I'm with John about the coat issue, Suzan. I don't want to put my coat in the closet because it's FREEZING in there. I keep it over the back of a chair (even worse than hanging it, right?) so that it's warm when I need to use it. Of course if anyone is expected to arrive, the coat goes into the closet, so we can pretend we're neat. LOL

  2. Yes, why not? I love the black & white check "curtains." Great idea!

  3. I've missed you, Suzan! I"ve been so busy that I've barely gotten any blog posts out, and haven't had time to visit other blogs, so I thoroughly enjoyed coming back to read this hilarious post. I'd be tempted to leave my coat out if I had to hang it on a hanger, but coat hooks make it a little easier. However, they are in my mud room which has no heat, so I need to thaw my coat out before I put it on! LOVE the last photo!

  4. I can't stop laughing reading this, he sounds so much like my husband and the sort of things he would say. I think it looks great and certainly doesn't remind me of your table cloth :)



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